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Sims Reality All-Stars- Finale

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We have lost somebody who has been in many sims reality shows before. That person who wasn't just another person on the forums, but a dedicated, loyal person. He has brought us many interesting sims in the past and he has help many people with odd jobs that needed to be done. We'll miss you M13Vulpecula (or Vul/M13 to us)
From the Sims Reality Show Community

Edit- We used to lose that person but he eventually came back so the first message does not really apply anymore.

So many reality shows have been on the Sims 3. Shows like No Privacy, The Mole, Simvivor, and the Locomotive. On this show, we shall bring 11 contestants to play a game of Survivor for the first half of the season and a game of Big Brother (U.S./Canada edition) for the second half of the season.

Welcome to Sims Reality All-Stars.

In case you do not know how to play a Big Brother game, go here-

In case you do not how to play a Survivor game, go here-

For the Big Brother game, it is pretty much the same. For the Survivor game, it will be a little bit different as there are some "changes" of how I will do it my way.

First of all, everybody will have a challenge to do. The top finishers of that challenge will be immune and will not have to go to tribal council. The bottom finishers of the challenge will go to tribal council and they shall vote somebody out. There will be no Redemption Island because I am not a huge fan of that twist. There will no exile island because it would basically be pointless in this universe. And as much as I hate to say this, there won't be any hidden immunity idols as I do not know how to convert them to Big Brother (unless I do them the No Privacy way which I probably won't do because I want there to some sort of gamble by playing them No offense to JPS btw)
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