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How do I get a Rainbow Gem?

My sims's imaginary friend is FINALLY an imaginary friend. She has to turn him real via the rainbow gem (according to the message thingy). I got the spawner thing but how does it work? What do I do?


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    Greetings Rosie :)
      Depending on which neighborhood/world you play the location of gems varies.

    Some things I've learned:
      Check the consignment store. It's rare, but I have bought rainbow gems there.
      Use the "testingcheatsenabled true" cheat by holding shift+ctrl+C so the cheat box appears at top of screen. Enter the words without the quotations.
      You can also pull up a list of game cheats by typing the word "help" in the cheat box. Again, no quotations.
      After typing in the testing cheat, pull up the cheat box and type in the words "buydebug" without quotes. Enter.
      Go into buy mode and you will see a question mark appear next to category choices. Open that and pull up the gem spawners. Add the Egypt Mix gem spawner to a lot. It will eventually generate a rainbow gem.
      Alternate method: Also in buydebug, the first tab of tomb objects offers some treasure chests. Purchase any treasure chest and place it on any lot. While still in buydebug hold down the shift+Ctrl key and you will get choice of deciding what kind of treasure the box will generate and how often. Choose one time or regular, choose the number of objects up to 5, and finally choose the type of treasure.
      If you select Gem High Value it will generate Rainbow Gems for you sim to take from the treasure chest upon opening it.
      Have your sim talk to someone about their IMF. This usually makes the offer to purchase potion from science lab generate. Once you receive that option have your sim send the rainbow gem to the lab via the mailbox. When the potion is ready for pickup there will be a notice and if your household has the funds then your sim can go the science bldg and pick up the potion. It will go into your sim's inventory.
      Back home have your sim ask the IMF if they want to be real and then hand the IMF the potion.
      You can also have your sim purchase a chem table and keep them busy discovering potions until he/she learns the Metamorphosis potion. I think the cost is 3500 or 4500 simoleons which will be deducted from the household funds. Once your sim has the skill, they can create the potion whenever they want, as long as you have the funds.
    Hope this helps. Happy Simming :D


    <3 Blessings,
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    rosie5147 wrote:
    My sims's imaginary friend is FINALLY an imaginary friend. She has to turn him real via the rainbow gem (according to the message thingy). I got the spawner thing but how does it work? What do I do?

    Assuming you put the right spawner on your home lot (or another lot) you just wait for a rainbow gem to spawn. Spawners generally spawn a variety of gems, so it might be a while before the rainbow gem turns up.

    If you have WA you can try tomb exploring. I've found quite a few that way.

    As MissCee states above, your sim can discover the potion at the chemistry table. This turns out to be the cheapest way to turn an IF real. The rainbow gem is fairly valuable (cut ones can be over $3k) and even after giving it to the science facility the potion costs $4500. At the chemistry bench the first discovery of the same potion is free, and after that (for the same sim) costs $4500. The downside is that discovering the potion can take ages.
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    Thanks! I used the treasure chest idea. Sadly, I can only use it once. At least I got my rainbow gem!
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    I actually used lifetime happiness points to purchase the 'collection helper' tool. i then gifted it to an adult in the family and had him look everywhere in the town for it. Eventually i found a rainbow gem, but im not sure how rare they are. And for anyone asking, the family live in Bridgeport, but you can probably find it in any town just by looking around.
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