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Animaga's Manplant'in Legacy Challenge: Revived and Revised (under construction)

The Manplant’in Project - A Legacy Challenge

For those of you who have been around for a while, you may remember this challenge from 2009. I played it at the time and had a ton of fun with it. 11 expansions, many stuff packs, and countless worlds later... I thought it might be time for a reboot of this "Living off the land" challenge. I hope you'll agree :)

Basic Concept:
It’s ridiculously easy to make money as a Sim these days. Careers pay big, and before you know it… your basic shack become a mansion in no time.

But what would life be like if we went back to a simpler time? When the fields of Riverview were overflowing with fresh crops… and the fish were (almost) always biting. When man lived off the earth and the things she provided for him. Join us in Riverview for a slower-paced, more family-oriented legacy challenge.

Proposal: Your challenge (should you accept) is to journey with a family through 10 generations without taking a career path. All funds must be gained mainly through gardening (selling produce) and fishing (selling your catch). There are a few other ways of bringing income into the home, but that will be explained later. There are also some restrictions and rules to follow. If you’re still interested, read on.

Standard generation rules apply:
Your founder begins Generation 1 - if you create a couple, you must choose one of the pair to be your founder sim. (NOTE: A large portion of the scoring will be based on this one founder sim when they reach elder status)
A child directly fathered by/born of your founder begins generation 2 (you select the child)
A child fathered by/born of the founder of generation 2 begins generation 3 (you select the child)
And so on and so forth…
Generation 10, however, doesn’t officially “end” until your Gen 10 heir reaches the age status of Elder and you record their harvest score. That is when your official challenge is complete.
NOTE: If you choose to continue with your legacy past generation 10, awesome! Get to building an even more expensive dream home! And continue to share your scores with us :D

Founding sims DO NOT move out of the home until they have passed on (this also includes their spouses). At which time you may move their headstones to the family graveyard.

Not Permitted in this Challenge
-The first and most obvious - no cheating of any kind! No money hacks, no skill building cheats, no aging off…etc. If it feels like cheating, it probably is ;)
-Televisions and Computers aren’t permitted to be used by ANY of your sims. You may, however have a radio on your lot. Enjoy! (exception is the smart phone – they can call and text and use the social interactions like “show funny video”, etc)
-Your family sims may NOT use televisions or computers on any community lots either.
-Writing novels and gaining income through royalties is NOT allowed.
-No Sim living on your founding or dream lot can have an “official” career. All income must be obtained as stated earlier. This means no one can register for the “gardener” or “painter” careers. We’re living off the grid, my friends!
-Money Trees are a no go, kids. Don’t plant them, don’t harvest them. NOTE: If your sim accidentally grows one by planting an “unknown” seed, you must dispose of it immediately. (Believe me, I feel your pain on this one!)
-Life Fruit can be harvested from the community lot to SELL only. Eating it, either as the fruit or in Ambrosia, isn’t allowed. (Growing/harvesting on the founding/dream lot is allowed only for gaining experience, fertilizing, and completing opportunities – NO eating NOR selling)
-No use of Death Flowers for elders – you can plant them on the family lot for experience if you wish, but they should never be kept in the inventory of an elder.

Not available for sale
Again, any fish or plants grown/harvest/planted on your Founding or Dream lots. All those items must be put into your family fridge for personal use and cannot be sold to bring in family income.
Any paintings, bottles of nectar or living creatures collected in excess of the number allowed for sale per young adult/adult/elder sim (remember, each sim may only have ONE side job).

The Bread Winners
Any ADULT Sim living on your founding or dream lot, may bring income into the home as long as it’s in one of the ways permitted:
Fisher/Farmer - adult/young adult only (no elders)
Painter – any young adult/adult/elder sim
Musician – any young adult/adult/elder
Nectar Maker – any young adult/adult/elder
Organism Collector (insect, reptile, etc.) – any young adult/adult/elder

Time to Move
Children of your founders who aren’t chosen to be the next generations founder MUST move out of the lot once they reach the age status of Young Adult. These Sims can no longer provide income to the home. Ideally, you want to put them into a home in your town so their family members can still interact with them. (You don’t have to do this, but it’s an option.) You can get them engaged or “going steady” before moving them out and then use “Edit Town” to move their fiancé in with them in a different home, but you MAY NOT have them marry before they move out (this provides a simolean boost to your family that is not allowed in the income rules).

Scoring is going to be a little different here. Your score will be the combined number of plants harvested or fish caught from ALL your founding sims through 10 generations. Scoring only applies for founders and not their spouses. In Generation 1 you need to choose the “official” founding sim for scoring purposes if you choose to create a spouse. Record your gardening and fishing totals when your founder reaches the age status of Elder. Elders stay in the household and can continue to contribute to the family via help with maintaining the family lot, taking care of grandchildren, and continuing to pursue their side jobs. Elders CANNOT contribute the family income by harvesting/fishing from the community lot.

Bonus points –
-500 points for each founder/official heir sim portrait you capture and display on your lot by the end of Gen 10. (10 total possible)
-50 points for each PERFECT plant you have planted on your dream lot at the end of Gen 10. ** This can add up - there are around 60+ total plants available in the game.
-100 points for each "Mastered Skill Certificate" you have displayed on your lot at the end of Gen 10.

I think that pretty much covers everything important. If you have any questions feel free to ask me. I’m currently still “testing” the challenge myself but everything seems to be working out without my family staying dead broke all the time so any feedback on your progress would be great!

I’m really having fun with this and I hope those of you that give this challenge a go enjoy it as well.

Animaga ^_^ (& kitkat)


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    Getting Started
    Creating Your Founder(s)
    The look of your founder is totally up to you.
    You may also choose to create a spouse for your founder (wife/husband). **NOTE, scoring will be based on only one founding sim, so you must designate your “official” founder at the start of the challenge
    Your founder sim (and spouse if you create one) MUST be humans, but marrying supernaturals is not prohibited as long as the other rules for income are followed.


    Set aging to normal.
    You CAN age up your child sims by using Birthday Cakes if you feel they have all the skills/advantages they need and are ready to move to the next life stage.

    Check "Opt Current Household Out of Celebrity System"

    For those with the Seasons EP, change the default season settings as follows:
    Spring - 6 days
    Summer - 10 days
    Fall - 6 days
    Winter - 6 days

    Founder- The only trait your founder(s) and all subsequent heirs MUST have is TECHNOPHOBE. (**You may NEVER have a computer or television on your founding or legacy lot. NO members of your active family may use computers or television, and they may not use functions of their smart phones other than calling and texting.)
    ALL other traits must be randomized by rolling the dice. No cheating, my dears You can't stack the deck by selecting those many traits that might help with the challenge. You are at the mercy of the randomizer even if you have done all the parenting steps that would allow you to pick your child's trait (see note below)

    Heirs – Again, each heir MUST have the Technophobe trait. ALL other traits must be randomized. You can roll the dice on traits first and then change ONE trait to Technophobe during the sim’s life once it is available as a choice.
    NOTE: You CAN use the “Lifetime Happiness” reward system at any time in a sim’s life to change ANY randomized founder/heir sim’s trait EXCEPT Technophobe if you wish.

    b]Going to work [/b]
    Just like any other Sim with a career your farmer/fisherman must also get up with the chickens to earn his/her living. Between dawn and dusk (no more than 10 hours total per workday), send your founder(s) to the community lot you created (or the one provided created) to harvest crops and/or do some fishing. **See below for restrictions on farming by generation

    Work Days Per Generation
    Gen 1 - 3: You may only visit the community lot to harvest plants or fish 1 day a week.
    Gen 4 - 5: You may now visit the community lot to harvest plants or fish 2 days a week.
    Gen 6 - 7: You may now visit the community lot to harvest plants or fish 3 days a week.
    Gen 8 - 10: You may now visit the community lot to harvest plants or fish 4 days a week.

    Work hours remain the same for every generation. You may choose which days of the week you “work” and which days you have “off.”

    If you continue playing past generation 10, all following generations follow Gen 8 - 10 work days.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Once a house hold sim reaches the age status of Elder they may NO LONGER visit the community lot to bring income into the home by farming or fishing. They may however pursue their side jobs. (see below for more information on side jobs)

    FISH and PRODUCE Rules of Sale –
    You may only sell fish and produce collected from the community lot on OFFICIAL work days (see the number of work days allowed per generation).
    All fish and produce collected from the family lot (Founding or Dream) must be placed in the family fridge for consumption or in family sim inventory for fertilizing.
    NOTE: you will need to be very careful to clean out your adult sims’ “backpacks” of any fish and produce harvested on the home lot or elsewhere during non-work days before sending them to the community lot on official work days.
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    Your Legacy Lot (Founding Lot)
    There are a few must haves that you will need to place on your founding lot before you actually begin playing your founder:
    1. Pond: any size you wish, and you can use testingcheatsenabled true/buydebug to place spawners - COMMON only though. You’ll have to hunt the world for those uncommon and rare ones just like real fishermen. (And no deathfish, robotfish, NOR EP/World Fish spawners on the legacy lot even though they aren’t technically listed as uncommon or rare)
    2. Space for your garden to grow: you can have a starter garden on your lot compliments of buydebug. You are limited to BASE GAME plants only (no life, death, egg, cheese, burger, steak, omni) to begin with though. All other plants will need to be acquired through seeds, harvesting on other lots, or through the markets.
    3. Starter Home:
    Shack which must consist of at least 2 rooms (Bathroom, Living Area)
    Bathroom requirements -
    Toilet, tub/shower, sink, mirror, 1 window (minimum), light source
    Living Area requirements -
    Bed (double), dresser, bookshelf, couch, table with 2 chairs (minimum), stove, sink, 3 counters (minimum), fridge, garbage, 4 windows (minimum), light source, 2 doors (entrance to shack and entrance to bathroom)

    For this challenge you will need space for at least 4 types of lots: 2 residential and 2 community:

    Founding Lot - This is where you will start your journey and begin growing your family.
    Job site - Where your legacy sims go to work! Animaga uploaded “The Green Fields” for use as the Job Site, for those of you that do not wish to create your own. I have updated the lot with some greenhouses for those that have Seasons installed.
    At the end of these rules, Animaga explains how to create your own job site should you wish to do so
    Family Graveyard - Those beloved legacy sims will eventually meet Grimmy, and you need a place for your remaining family members to visit their graves and mourn them properly
    Legacy Dream Lot - This lot, contains the home your Legacy will end in. The dream home thought up by your original founder(s). Being able to afford and move into this home is an achievement.
    NOTE: This lot must be 150,000 simoleans or more!
    SPECIAL NOTE: If you can afford it, the Grandpa's Grove venue is a great Dream Lot to aspire to.
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    Building your Fortune
    The primary source of income to your home MUST be through gardening or fishing. The young adult/adult sims in your household will harvest and/or fish each week for pay. HOWEVER, there are other options you may choose for your sims to pursue. Each family member is allowed only ONE side job and can practice it ONLY on days they don’t visit the community lot for harvesting or fishing. Allow them to rest and socialize on after "official" work days rather than pursuing a side job. EXCEPTION - they CAN read skill books related to their side jobs. (Elder sims do not visit the community lot and can pursue their side jobs on any day.)

    Option 1: Painting
    There’s more to the simple life than fishing and farming all the time! Here’s your chance to let out your creative side and get paid while doing it! There are a few rules you must abide by however…
    Paintings can ONLY be sold on the weekends - the art gallery is rather picky about their selections and only make bids on paintings two days a week. Lucky you, you’re never turned down…regardless of your skill level. There is, however, a downside. To ensure the value of your paintings stay high for re-sale, they will only accept 1 painting on each day.
    So, if you choose for your sim to be an artist they may only SELL 2 paintings per week - one on Saturday, one on Sunday. You may PAINT as many paintings as you wish through the week to get your skill up - just be sure when you go to sell, you take a good look at what you’ll be getting for them! Only paintings from sims that are currently alive can be sold as you have to negotiate with the dealer.

    Option 2: Tips from Playing the Guitar
    Throughout the traditional “work week” (Monday thru Friday) you may choose to send your sim to community lots to collect tips for playing the guitar for up to 5 hours of your choosing.
    The weekend should be reserved for practicing, performing, and building up your skill.
    NOTE: Remember that your sim cannot pursue their side job for money on days that they have worked at the community lot for money. They can practice/jam at home on these days for fun and relaxation though.

    OPTION 3 – Nectar Making
    First, you must send your sim to Champs Les Sims to discover grapes of nectar-making and to purchase a Nectar-making machine (no buydebug or cheats!).
    Hint- you need to have at least 1500 Simoleans to purchase the machine in your savings in ADDITION to the cost of your Visa and travel to make a start in this field.
    Rules for Sale – your nectar contact is only interested in promoting specialty vineyards that are creating small batches of wine. He will only accept 6 BOTTLES of nectar from your vineyard PER WEEK on Sunday before he flies back to Champs Les Sims.
    You MAY create more bottles each week for practice, home use/serving to guests, and/or to store to increase value, but you may only sell 6 per week.

    OPTION 4 - Collecting: Living Organisms
    Living Things Only – you may sell up to 3 collected living organisms (insects, birds, lizards, etc.) found outside of the home lot on Sundays only.

    Possible OPTION 5 - Alchemy
    This is still under testing and investigation... NO use of elixers that may extend life...

    **NOTE - sale exceptions apply to EACH sim practicing the side job (e.g. if you have two adult sim painters, they can EACH sell one painting each on Saturday and Sunday)
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    reserved/under construction
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    reserved/under construction
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    I'm still tweaking the specifics, but please chime in with your thoughts and suggestions if you have any :D I'm currently on Gen 6 of play-testing the revised challenge... I have not played with Alchemy AT ALL in any of my games, so suggestions in that area would be most welcomed... (want it to be natural to the game play of a primarily farming/gardening family and not give an unrealistic advantage if it is to be added as secondary source of income) :D
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