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KaytayRoall's Creations Showcase (Last Update 3/24/16)

KaytayRoallKaytayRoall Posts: 923 Member
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Hello and welcome, one and all!
I have been around the forums for a couple months now (mostly lurking, but sometimes posting) and I've decided it's about time I make my own showcase to show off my creations. I'll be starting with stuff already in my studio, then posting new stuff as I add it! I'll also share pictures of works in progress.

So make yourself comfortable and have a look around! I hope you will find something that interests you and I would love to hear what you think. I'm open to suggestions, too!

3/24/16 - All up to date again!

Post 1 - Welcome, Announcements, Contents (You are here!)
Post 2 - Index - A full list of creations in the thread and links to their posts
Post 3 - Tutorials and Links
Post 4 - What am I up to now? - Current contests, events and other things I'm involved in.

PS. All my creations are CC and CAP-free. I always forget to mention that.
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  • KaytayRoallKaytayRoall Posts: 923 Member
    edited August 2016

    Modern Beach Party - Details - Download
    Family-Friendly Modern - Details - Download
    Cascade Retreat - Details - Download
    Modern Might - Details - Download
    Whismical Ivy Starter - Details - Download
    Humble Hideaway Starter - Details - Download
    Viridian Basic Starter - Details - Download
    Bluebell Starter - Details - Download
    Self-Sufficient Cabin Starter - Details - Download
    The Modest Victorian - Details - Download
    SJ's Midcentury Modern - Details - Download
    Coastal Cabin Starter - Details - Download
    Seafoam Haven - Details - Download
    Cozy Tudor Starter - Details - Download
    Oakwood Mini Manor - Details - Download *Collaboration with Tanubanue

    Community Lots
    Brews and Baubles Elixir Consignment Store - Details - Download
    Tomes, Artefacts and More - Details - Download
    Hau'oli Luau - Details - Download

    The Bartlett Brothers - Details - Download
    The Mayfield Family - Details - Download
    The Holt Family - Details - Download
    The Lyons Siblings - Details - Download
    Gray Richardson - Details - Download
    Jah'ayme Xiptra - Details - Download
    The Reilly Family - Details - Download
    Haley Albrecht - Details - Download
    Periwinkle Boone - Details - Download
    Bryony Gaea - Details - Download
    Jared Holden - Details - Download
    Abigail Barnes - Details - Download
    Catalin Torres - Details - Download
    Marshall Hill - Details - Download
    Rowan Hill - Details - Download
    Supernormal Roomies - Details - Download
    Edwin Brewer - Details - Download
    Jakob Ravi - Details - Download
    Rose Hart - Details - Download
    Leilani May - Details - Download
    Supercreative Collective - Details - Download
    The Shelley-Hunt Household - Details - Download
    The Keahi Acrobats - Details - Download
    Clover Ayers - Details - Download

    Cameo - Details - Download
    Motley - Details - Download
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  • KaytayRoallKaytayRoall Posts: 923 Member
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    Other Links
  • KaytayRoallKaytayRoall Posts: 923 Member
    edited March 2016
    What am I up to now?

    For once, I'm not trying to enter any contest or participating in any other events at the moment. Which is good because I'm swamped with homework more often than not. So when I get time to go in game, I'm just sitting back and enjoying playing my game and working on whatever strikes my fancy. That said, I plan on putting some effort into finishing the multitude of unfinished WIPs that are gathering dust in my library right now. So here are some sneak peaks at what might be showing up here in the near future:





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  • KaytayRoallKaytayRoall Posts: 923 Member
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    Okay, now that the setup's done, time to post some creations!

    First up is a build that for me really started me down the path to my love with building. I had just started poking around the forums and saw the many amazing things folks made. I decided to step up my building game a bit myself when I bought Dragon Valley and needed a consignment store for it.

    Welcome to the Brews and Baubles Consignment Store!
    Lot Size: 20x20
    Description: A consignment store made to fit in with the architecture of Dragon Valley. Features ambitions and elixir consignment registers, a reading nook, public washrooms and an elixir work area. Also has bees and alchemy insect and gem spawners.









    Exchange Link:
  • anettesbanettesb Posts: 39,166 Member
    edited July 2014
    wow that store is amazing.... do you got more in that style?

    maybe a few homes?

    or a bakery? or a toy shop? or a supernatural lot witht he rabbithole where you can learn alchamy?

    if you do then try take a look at my treasure hunt....

    thank you
    click siggy to take part.

    old my-page here you find my uploades and about me
    but please no friend requests,

  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 159,068 Member
    edited July 2014
    It is great that you have set up a showcase thread for your creations :) It will great to visit your thread and see your creations.
    Brews and Baubles Consignment Store is great! :) Very nice exterior of it! The texture and patterning of the exterior is great. The store suits Dragon Valley world well. It looks great how you have done the windows. Nice archway entrance to the build. It looks nice how you have placed the flowers on the edges of the building. The wishing well looks great there. It is great that you have placed hives on the lot, for sims to enjoy harvesting honey to use when making elixirs. Nice furnishing of the interior of the store. The shade of green of the curtains looks nice with the white of the walls. The grandfather clock looks great in the corner and suits the type of build. It looks great that you have placed the potions bottles on the register counter. Very nice window reading alcove. Sims will enjoy sitting relaxing on the comfortable sofa or arm chair there, reading a book from the book case. The floor rug looks nice. Great alchemy area. Sims will enjoy brewing up elixirs on the alchemy station and cutting gems on the gem cutter. It looks great how you have placed the bookcase on the side of the area. The books decor placed on the ground are great touches in the room. It looks great how you have placed the different types of bottles and jars on the coffee table there. Nice patterned floor mat that you have placed there.
    It is a great place for sims to visit to do shopping and creating alchemy elixirs :)
  • KaytayRoallKaytayRoall Posts: 923 Member
    edited July 2014
    @anette Thank you! I think asking for more is the nicest compliment you could have given me. :) Unfortunately, I haven't done anything else in that style and don't know how to go about making rabbitholes. That being said, I will be sure to take a closer look at your treasure hunt and see if I have anything suitable. I did have an idea for a converted barn home... hmmm. Thanks again for stopping by to comment! :)

    @rosemow Thank you for your kind words as well! The details that you pick out from pictures never ceases to surprise--and delight--me.
  • KaytayRoallKaytayRoall Posts: 923 Member
    edited July 2014
    Next up, I'm going to introduce you to the Bartlett brothers. They were created as entries into cmbaker's Design That Home contest.

    Age,Traits & Skills:
    Cornelius - Young Adult - Angler, Athletic, Loner, Loves the Outdoors, Brave - Fishing 6, Atletic 5
    Trenton - Young Adult - Artistic, Handy, Childish, Good Sense of Humor, Mooch - Painting 2, Photography 2, Street Art 2, Handiness 2, Charisma 1, Guitar 1, Social Networking 1, Writing 1, Inventing 1

    Cornelius and Trenton were born into a rich family, but when they grew up and showed no signs of independence, their parents kicked them out. They didn't go far, retreating to the family beach house. Cornelius loves nothing more than the solitude of fishing and never fit in well at high class social events anyway, but Trenton could charm anyone with a joke and is used to getting whatever he wants, although he tends to be flighty and can't even stick to one hobby. Can these two very different brothers pull together to fend for themselves?










    Exchange link:
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 159,068 Member
    edited July 2014
    Cornelius and Trenton are very nice sims :) It looks nice how you have done their faces. Their hairstyles suit them.Very nice pictures that you have posted of them! Very nice sunset picture with Cornelius fishing and a boat in the distance! It looks a peaceful sight. Nice picture also of him running along the beach with the background of the light house and the moon. The brothers look like they are having fun playing frisbee! Trenton perhaps wouldn't like being hit in the head though!
    They are great sims. :)
  • KaytayRoallKaytayRoall Posts: 923 Member
    edited July 2014
    Thanks, rose! I'm no expect with CAS, but I'm glad you like them! I'm sure Trenton would have preferred not getting hit, too, but I laugh every time because of Cornelius laughing in the background.
  • KaytayRoallKaytayRoall Posts: 923 Member
    edited May 2015
    I should probably get this thread back up to date, but I have a brand new creation that I'm very excited to be sharing. It has been a couple months in the works, far longer than I expected it to take, but without further ado, I present the build that was meant to be my entry for Ivanna420's April Monthly building challenge (check it out over here:

    Lot Name: Modern Beach Party
    Lot Size: 30x40
    Description: A lavish one bedroom, two bathroom, modern home built out over the water, this house is meant for those who live to host. Features a party room with dance floor, bar, DJ booth and karaoke machine in addition to ample deck space with pool and hot tub. The view is one to remember. Built on Cay to the City Island, but also places well at Palm Beach, Pirate Island. No CC or CAP.
    Exchange Link:









    Link to more pictures: 3 - Contests/Monthly Building Challenges/Tropical Retreat - Modern Beach Party?sort=3

    During my final round of testing, I found that it is a bit complicated to place a pre-built lot on the uncharted islands, which is why the description includes and alternative. Here's what worked for me, if you want to place it on Cay to the City. First, of course, you have to unlock the islands, either by cheat or meeting the requirements. Then, go into edit town mode and change the lot type on the island to any commercial lot type. This will automatically sell the lot so your sim no longer owns it and allowing you to place lots from the bin on it. Change the lot back, place the house from your library, then have your sim buy it. Hope this helps, in case anyone has trouble with it! :)
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 159,068 Member
    Modern Beach Party is a very nice home! :) Very nice exterior design of the home! The skylights and the wooden texture of the exterior looks very nice! The infinity pool is very nice! It looks very nice how you have done the decks! It looks nice how you have done the steps! The sunken sitting deck is very nice! Sims will enjoy sitting on the seats there in the sunshine, enjoying the sea air. It looks nice how you have placed the fountain in the corner nook. Nice hot tub area. Sims will enjoy relaxing in the tub. Nice outdoors cooking, dining and bar counter area. Sims will enjoy sitting at the table having a drink from the bar and eating meals that they have cooked on the BBQ . Very nice furnishing of the interior of the home! It looks very nice how you have placed the windows in the build! It looks a very nice light filled home. Sims will enjoy the sunshine coming in through the windows as well as enjoying looking out through the windows at the sea views. The party room is very nice! Sims will have fun dancing to the music from the dj booth, looking out at the evening skies through the windows there. It looks nice how you have placed the plants on the edges of the dance floor. They will have fun singing to the karaoke machine! Very nice sunken living room ! Sims will have very nice views whilst relaxing having a chat on the sofa. It looks very nice how you have created the long U shaped sofa seating. The green colour of the seating is nice. The whole home has a very nice and calming feel to it, both indoors and outside. The greenery and plants behind the sofa and on the upper wall looks so very nice! Very nice light filled kitchen! It looks very nice how you have placed the plants in the middle of the island counter! Very nice window dining area! Sims will enjoy the sunshine coming in onto them whilst eating their meals. It looks so very nice how you have done the split levels through the home! The sauna room looks very restful and calming! Sims will enjoy having a relaxing sauna there. The wall texture suits the type of room. Very nice master bedroom! The blue colour scheme of the room is peaceful, soothing and suits the location of the build. Sims will have very nice views through their bedroom windows.
    The home looks so very restful! It looks very nice how you have placed plants and greenery through the home, and the windows create a very nice light filled home. The split levels look very great! The outdoors and indoors and the exterior design of the home are very nice! :)
  • soocoolsimsoocoolsim Posts: 4,604 Member
    Hi @KaytayRoall , just followed a link to this thread. What a lovely build. Great use of different heights and sunken rooms. The pool area is awesome. Love how creatively you used items... framing of the walkway with the angled post, mood lighting, taking full advantage of the views. Everything looks so clean and modern, yet inviting. Very nicely done. Way to go! :D
  • cianeciane Posts: 16,712 Member
  • KaytayRoallKaytayRoall Posts: 923 Member
    @rosemow Thank you so much for your kind words! :) I don't know where you find time in the day to look at everything with such a keen eye for detail and write up all that you see so nicely.

    @soocoolsim Thank you! :D That build took me forever, but I'm so very proud of it. I swear I tried every single kind of pillar (and a few other things) on that walkway to make it look right lol. Thanks for taking the time to comment. :)

    @ciane Thanks! I tried to plan ahead a bit when I created the thread. Although I guess it is still a bit bare-bones. I do have a couple things in my studio I haven't made posts for yet... Hmm...
  • KaytayRoallKaytayRoall Posts: 923 Member
    edited August 2015
    I just realized I haven't posted everything I made for the Jammin' July Gift Exchange here yet. I'm so bad at keeping this thread up to date...




  • KaytayRoallKaytayRoall Posts: 923 Member
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  • KaytayRoallKaytayRoall Posts: 923 Member
    The Mayfield Family
    If you're interested in the short introductory story I wrote for them, it can be found here.


  • KaytayRoallKaytayRoall Posts: 923 Member
    edited August 2015
    The Holts
    Their story can be found here.



  • KaytayRoallKaytayRoall Posts: 923 Member
    edited August 2015
    Lot Name: Family-Friendly Modern
    Lot Size: 40x40
    Description: This roomy modern home is made for those with their family in mind. There's plenty of room with 3 bedrooms, each with an attached bathroom, and a large nursery and playroom. The courtyard features a pool, hot tub and BBQ area. The front yard has a greenhouse, fire pit and two-car garage. Inside is a family activity room, a lab/study and a gym. And for those times you want to impress guests, there is also a formal living room and dining area.
    Exchange Link:

































  • HeledrielHeledriel Posts: 462 Member
    The house looks amazing! The way it is built looks really intriguing and the soft wood and stone just fit perfect together! It looks super light and spacious, I love the open kitchen <3 as well as the colours you chose throughout! a really great building! :mrgreen:
    I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best.
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 159,068 Member
    Cameo and Motley are very cute cats! :) The colour of and markings on their coats are very nice!
    The background story that you have written about Eva, Barry and Holly is very nice! It is a special sims household with Eva being a fairy and the toddlers being plant sims. Eva is a very pretty fairy! :)
    Ethan, his sister Tessa and Asterope will be a great family to play as well. It is nice reading the background story to these sims as well. It will be nice seeing Asterope as she grows up as an alien.
    Family Friendly Modern is a very nice home! :) The exterior design and layout of the home is very nice! It looks very nice the type and how you have used the windows in the build, to create a very nice light filled home ! The tree look very nice placed along the front of the home. Very nice outdoors areas! The glass greenhouse is so very nice! Sims will enjoy growing and harvesting plants there. Very nice pond water fountain feature! Sims will enjoy sitting on the seats around the firepit, toasting food, chatting, and looking at the nice sight of the water fountain. The upper balcony with the sunken middle area is very nice! Sims will enjoy sitting relaxing on the loungers there, enjoying the views. They will enjoy doing star gazing using the telescope. Very nice pool and hot tub patio! Sims will have fun swimming in the pool or enjoy relaxing in the tub. The flooring of the patio is nice. Very nice outdoors dining nook for sims to enjoy cooking meals on the BBQ and eating the food at the umbrella covered table, enjoying eating outdoors in the air. Very nice furnishing of the interior of the home! The textures and colours of the interior walls in each of the rooms are very nice! The wall patterning in the dining and living rooms looks very nice! Very nice dining room! It looks nice how you have alternated the coloured dining seats, and the items are nice touches on top of the dining table. The wall picture complements well with the wall pattern. I won't post about each of the rooms, but am enjoying looking at the pictures of your very nice home! Each of the rooms and areas of the build are very nice! :)
  • KaytayRoallKaytayRoall Posts: 923 Member
    @Heledriel - Thank you so much! Light and spacious was exactly what I was going for! :) Oddly enough, I never much cared for modern-style architecture until I started doing a lot of building in the sims and discovered that style was great at accomplishing both of those things. Also, it lets me get away with using an over-abundance of windows. :D

    @rosemow Thank you as always for you kind words. I had a bunch of fun writing the stories for both families and got totally carried away with it, but that is the sort of thing my brain does while I'm playing, I just don't try to share it very often.
  • KaytayRoallKaytayRoall Posts: 923 Member
    I just realized there was one more gift I made for the exchange and forgot to post here! They don't have a story, but here are...

    The Lyons Siblings
    Kirana and Tay are brother and sister. She's a friendly, nature- and heat-loving natural cook, who always seems to make messes where ever she goes. He's an ecologically-minded vegetarian with a creative streak, who loves a good laugh and is easily impressed and just as easily distracted. It's probably good they each have the other to look after them, isn't it?


  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 159,068 Member
    Kirana and Tay are very nice siblings! :) The orange and red colour scheme of Kirana's outfits looks very nice! It looks very nice how you have used blue and green colours for Tay's clothing.
    They are very nice sims to play in the game :)
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