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Some of you guys are giving sims 4 way to much of a break because of sims 3.



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    GreenCatsGreenCats Posts: 9,318 Member
    edited June 2014
    Getting invisi-posts again in this thread.
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    CaecusLacrimaCaecusLacrima Posts: 803 Member
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    RAE2786 wrote:
    simsace wrote:
    XxAirixX wrote:
    Not really. I think they made all the decisions that they made for a reason. Things always come and got and get removed or replaced. That isn't anything new.

    If you want a more active town that lags less, sometimes sacrifices have to be made. If anything, I think people are giving Sims 4 no chance because you don't want to let go of the old game.

    Sims 3 didn't do as well as Sims 2, so they doing what they think most fans want.

    and as it's been pointed out multiple times, you don't need to loose open world for a more active town, that was bad routing/programing causing the issue. again, why should we have to compromise because of the programers incompetence?

    And yes stuff does get removed, but nothing this major. Open world and Cast were sims 3's biggest selling points.

    I feel like the majority of people that say "open world doesn't need to be removed to run better, it's all routing and what not..." have absolutely no idea how game-coding works.

    Oh yes because Gurus have done such a great job with TS3 in the past that we didn't need modders telling us how to fix our game. :roll:
    Why did Twallan introduce Overwatch and the ResetSim option? Those were made to correct ROUTING issues!

    Are you forgetting what a great job they did on TS and TS2? Does one bad era suddenly erase all that? Maybe, just MAYBE, they were being a bit too ambitious with TS3 and as a result it fell apart?

    I don't know about you, but TS4 appears to much more like TS and TS2 than TS3 EVER did. So yes, I do believe they are trying harder this time around.

    Next time, lay off the sarcasm.
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    juncedajunceda Posts: 2,614 Member
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    Stop trying to make people not to buy the game please!!!

    The sooner EA makes enough money selling TS4 the sooner they will be prepearing TS5 and sims will have a new chance

    I can play at last TS2 TS3 and TS4 So great that toddlers are here!!!
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