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60smusicluvr's Rockin' Creations: Brooklyn Brownstones 8/5/20

60smusicluvr60smusicluvr Posts: 1,981 Member
edited August 2020 in The Sims 3 Builders

I'm '60smusicluvr'. I've been playing the sims franchise since 2004, when one of my friends introduced me to the original game. I eventually purchased sims 2 after playing it at my cousins house for so long. My favorite game was the 'Mansion and Garden Stuff' stuff pack. I could have happily continued to play that one, if it weren't for our lousy computer and my sibling uninstalling the game. I got my own computer maybe one or two years later, in late 2011, when I finally went to the next level. It was The Sims 3. Now with all this time waiting, you'd think I would be ready to play. No, no! My passion was creating. I was delighted to make sims that I could actually customize. And then there was the ability to customize EVERYTHING. So, instead of enjoying my game, I spent a LOT of time on the old sims 3 forums. Not commenting. Just lurking like I did everything else. The free simpoints I had from my game would likely never be spent because there would likely be something new and better created for the sims 3 store every month and being the frugal one I am, I wasn't going to waste it on something I would later regret. But I really did like the kids themed stuff because there wasn't enough. But then something happened. It was called CYS or Complete Your Set and my simming experience changed. Nights would be spent ogling the daily deal thread and I would turn into a store junkie. Combined with the ad watches, I would be able to complete most of the store content (other than some of the worlds) without paying a single penny. It took a long time, but I eventually got everything I wanted. Of course my actual play time was put on hold to collect. That's why today I put all those objects to their fullest use. I'm always conscious of how much store content I have in my lots. I try to use as less as possible for the user friendliness, but gosh that really took a long time to get. You know? Anywho, I've gotten better and better over the years and I'm finally playing my game to the fullest. I've NEVER owned most of all the content of my favorite game before now. Not the original sims. Not even close. I owned maybe one or two expansions. Sims 2 I had a bit more. Thanks to my cousin, though, I knew what each one was like though. 3? I still don't have Outdoor Living, Roaring Heights (I'm Frugal, I'm tell'n ya!), a couple venues and little things here and there. But I'm happy where it's at and I don't feel like my sims are missing out anymore.

Personally,I like most of all designs except for things that are ultra modern, so you don't see that type of thing in my builds.

My strongest builds are cozy and colorful. I try to add kid friendly areas in my builds wherever possible.

I also enjoy making steampunk themed builds, so you see a lot of that in my studio.

Lastly, I enjoy making sims and making each one stand out from the next.

Thanks for following my story and I hope you'll continue to visit. :)
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