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60smusicluvr's Rockin' Creations: Brooklyn Brownstones 8/5/20


  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 158,486 Member
    The shabby chic theme furnishing of the row house looks so very nice! :) The patterned tiling flooring in the kitchen looks so very special! It gives such a very nice look to the room! The texture of the kitchen counters is nice, and the red windows and curtains there look great. Very nice living room! It looks a nice warm room for sims to enjoy sitting in front of the fire on the sofa or armchair, reading a book or listening to the piano being played. Very nice windows alcove for Sims to enjoy sitting at the table in the sunshine. The floral floor rug is a pretty touch in the room, and the fruit wall picture is nice. The type of dining chairs used in the dining room looks very nice. The wall patterning in the dining room looks very nice.
    The WIP is looking great! :)
  • 60smusicluvr60smusicluvr Posts: 1,980 Member
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    I started a new build! It's still a work in progress, but I'm pretty close to done. I just have to finish up the inside and play test. I think it has turned out really cute.

    The lot fits on 30X30. However, the house itself is much smaller. About 13X13, if I remember correctly. So, it's super tiny and the main attraction, I think, is it's curb appeal. Ah, shoot! Looks like I accidentally deleted the "Princess" themed tree house I had out in the back right hand corner, before I took these photos. It will be there, when I upload the lot to the exchange. Noticing I also deleted the shutters I had on the second story window. :#

    I wanted the house to have a cute, cozy look to it. Whenever I think cozy, most times I think of fences because it's safe, you know? So, there are lots of different fencing I used in the yard, including the two bush "fences" for the car and that small area, outside the front door and also the placement of rocks around the garden. One thing I'm noticing about using fences is that it really does look a lot more realistic the more variety you use. I count six (including the rocks and 2 heights of bush "fencing") in this lot. The more the merrier!

    A better view of the Koi pond I put out front. I find that when I'm having difficulty filling a yard, I can never go wrong with a cute, little pond.

    A close up. See the mermaid?

    The side view, in which I actually got the idea for the shape and general look of the house from Pinterest.

    The view of the garden. It consists of just 4 plants your sim(s) can use for gardening. The rest is just decor plants and the jelly bean bush.

    A birds eye view. As you can see there's still plenty of space to really make the yard your own. As I said in the beginning, there IS a tree house close to the garden, but besides that, you have the ability to add whatever else you want in the back and on the left side. For example, you could make an outdoor barbecue or add a slip n' slide!

    I'm still working on the inside. Here is a little sneak peek! I'm going for a more traditional look. It's proving to be a little tight, but I hope to squeeze a second bedroom in the attic and I'll probably have to use an all-in-one bathroom because the one I already created is connected to the master.

  • romagi1romagi1 Posts: 6,749 Member
    I do like the shape of the home and you are right the curb appeal is beautiful! Love the little mermaid down by the pond! :)
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 158,486 Member
    Your WIP is so very pretty! :) It looks very homely! The variety of different fencing looks very nice. The flowers and plants through the outdoors areas look very pretty! Very nice koi pond! The mermaid is a special touch there. It is great that there is a jelly bean plant in the garden. The furnishing of the kitchen and dining area is looking very nice :)
  • MiaSkywalkerMiaSkywalker Posts: 3,334 Member
    What a pretty little house! I love all that gorgeous landscaping. I was amazed when I saw all the yard available for customizing.

    The inside looks like it's going to be just as cozy and lovely as the outside. Can't wait to see the rest of it when you're done!
  • BreeMilesBreeMiles Posts: 8,231 Member
    Oh very beautiful sweetie! Not sure on the name, but here is one! Winddale Cottage!
  • 60smusicluvr60smusicluvr Posts: 1,980 Member
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    Thank you, @romagi1, @rosemow, @MiaSkywalker, @BreeMiles for your comments. :blush:

    BreeMiles, Winddale Cottage it is! ;)

    The view with the Tree House! (And the mail boy. I would recommend either moving the mailbox someplace else or cancelling the delivery, as he'll go around the entire house and set the newspapers by the art easel, where Sabrina Funke is painting).

    Oops! I forgot the outdoor lights! Here they are in the final version . . .

    A birds eye view (with tree house)


    At nighttime with Holiday strip lights. I spy Sabrina Funke fishing!

    Now, let's go inside.

    The kitchen, again.

    I had fun making this piano stand out from the rest. There's an all-in-one bathroom to the right of this picture and if you look at the bottom left corner, you get a peek of the Ballet Bar! :o

    Living room.

    The grown up bedroom is on the first floor (I don't say master because the kid bedroom in the attic is a little bit bigger, but that one doesn't have a private bath like the parents do!)

    The children's bedroom in the attic fits TWO beds! Wooh!

    Some Additional screenshots . . .
    The light on the upper left has been removed. I placed some other ones down that makes the piano look even better, in my opinion (not seen in the previous pictures of the piano. The lights were a last minute change! :D )

    Thanks for checking it out!
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  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 158,486 Member
    Winddale Cottage is so very pretty! :) I posted about the exterior earlier, and the furnishing of the interior looks so very nice! The design of the music corner nook looks so very creative! It looks great! The shoes rack and luggage cases in the entry area nook looks homely. Very nice design of the kitchen and dining area. It looks great the way the half wall separates off the areas, and the orchid is pretty for sims to see when dining there. Very nice sofa seat sitting nook for sims to relax and watch tv or read a book. The bookcases look great placed either sides to create the tv nook. Very nice windows desk nook for sims to enjoy sitting there using the computer with sunshine coming in onto them. The two bedrooms look so very pretty! The patterning on the walls , curtains, floor rug, lamps and beds looks so very nice!
    It is a very warm, homely and cottagey looking home cottage! ;)
  • romagi1romagi1 Posts: 6,749 Member
    Yay, you got it up! You already know I think the curb appeal is beautiful and I think my fav part of the interior is the entry nook! So cottagey! Got ya rec'd!
  • 60smusicluvr60smusicluvr Posts: 1,980 Member
    edited February 2018
    Artemis Sasaki is my latest steampunk sim. She spends most her days researching cases and snooping through her neighbors mail, but when she really wants to relax, she practices her favorite hobby: Martial Arts. She lives with her best friend, Twink, who has a lovely personality. *Ahem* Kidding! Still, with an aggressive and often piggy kitty, Artemis still finds room in her heart to love her. Much easier to take care of those pesky children that's for sure! ;)

    Move in Artemis and Twink, together, with skills or start a new save with Artemis Sasaki, today!



    Searching for a new case.

    Practicing Martial Arts.

    Out partying in her bathing suit, after a long day of work.
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 158,486 Member
    edited February 2018
    Artemis is a great steampunk themed sim! :) Her kittten headwear is a special touch! It is very nice pictures that you have posted of her with her cat! It is great that she works in the private investigator career and does her work on her steampunk themed laptop computer.
  • 60smusicluvr60smusicluvr Posts: 1,980 Member
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    Given that I generally do cutesy houses or steampunk, you might not know that I'm super into eclectic. I tried to do it a little bit with "Gentlemen Peculiar", what with all the little knickknacks inspired by different places, but I think this next home is more true to the look. I love to get inspiration from places like Pinterest for fun, colorful looks and going eclectic has so many different paths to go.

    For this particular home I went with a more modern design. In real life, I don't like ultra modern homes or even much care for a home that looks like the exterior I made here (which is not ultra modern, but certainly not the traditional type of designs you'd see on your morning commute), but I wanted the outside and inside to "match" as best I could, so I tried something a little outside my comfort zone and attempted using "placefriezes" for that fun, exterior look that I see quite often around here. I know with constrainfloorelevation, you can place stairs to get it leveled right and then make fun, L shaped stairs, but I don't think I'm quite there yet (and I don't believe there is a way to put a staircase on the first floor if there is an actual foundation on the second floor???). I remember a long while back I was looking for tips and tricks on YouTube, found a good source, but there were so many steps to it like moving the windows back down to the proper height. . . I didn't want to go there, so, ultimately, decided to just place the stairway on the outside of the home like I did with my steampunk roller coaster lot. Unfortunately, this means sims have to travel outside in who knows what weather conditions to make it from the kitchen/living to the bedrooms. :p On the bright side, I think it helps add to the look. That combined with the outdoor fireplace (fun idea I got from Pinterest) makes this build stand out.

    I was playing around with photobucket. I'm particularly impressed with how good this screenshot looks, after some quick edits.

    Another angle of the exterior.

    I always love to put some clutter beside the main entrance. To the right of this photo, there is a small closet filled with more clutter.

    Now, this next part is where the eclectic look really takes shape and the living rooms on Pinterest are my main source of inspiration and love for all things eclectic, so I tried my best to make that stand out here. I imagine I'll try and try again for all sorts of looks in the future, though, so it's not like this is a one and done. It's something I've been eager to do for a long time coming.

    Surprisingly, this is my first time playing around with the framed wallpaper. It seems it was built for just this occasion.

    Did I forget to tell you I took a lot of pictures for this build?


    And now we're getting into the kitchen.

    Now, the kitchen was one of the hardest to do. I always love a sort of rustic look and that's great for eclectic, so I used some different wallpapers that came with something from the store. I had to mix and match and then change the colors for each one, so they look pretty seamless. Counters? There are so many different looks I could do. It's hard to make decisions. It took me a super long time to pick the counters. I ultimately went with the ones from the tiki set from TS3 Store and I experimented with CASt forever. I needed some nice contrast, so I went with white and this cute, little, flowery pattern and then had nice wood tones elsewhere. The floor changed about ten times. LOL. I'll just leave it at that. The cabinets are the beach themed ones also from the store. Together, mixing and matching, creates this unique, eclectic look.


    Eclectic looks typically have different chairs around the dinner table. This one has different colors.

    The bathroom was the most fun to do, even with all the problems I talk about. . . I was concerned a little bit with how many times I used "moveobjects on." You know, you want most the things sims interact with to be fully functioning, so placing the mirror behind the top cabinets and then placing a shelf in front of it was a bit concerning, but sims interact with the sink just fine and the mirror, too! The cabinet full of towels (from the sunlit tides venue) was another experiment I wanted to try. I get lots of cool ideas from simmers here, but I needed to find out the best way to tuck it away. Initially, I had that space cut out for a separate room for storage space, so you'd divide it with walls. Unfortunately, once you put the door in, get it positioned right, you discover that because it is considered it's own room, the lighting won't be bright enough no matter how many lights you place or how white you make the cabinet. It will appear too dark. So, I had a "A-ha!" moment and got rid of the wall entirely. From there, I had to put a THICK door in to cover the missing wall space, so it doesn't appear all weird using "moveobjects on." Now that that's done, the bottom of the cabinet doesn't look right, so what to do? Normally, I wouldn't think to put a couch in the bathroom, but I needed something to cover that up and you see that in public spaces, depending where you go, so why not?



    Love this bathtub.

    So, the toilet is nicely tucked away for privacy.

    Upstairs is another entrance way. I kept it really simple. The door on the left leads to the second bathroom. It's a much tinier version of the one downstairs.

    On the left side of that door is the master bedroom. Outside, I thought it would be cute to make this little nook that looks like a place where sims can read or do whatever, but it's really just for decoration. ;) It's also got a toy chest, as you can see.

    The master bedroom was no fun to make. It took a long time to pick that bed and then once I got it I needed to recolor it. If you've used this bed before, you know that the stencils on it are stuck, so if you picked a pattern for the bedspread, it will overlap with the stencils. Pretty annoying, but I think I worked something out. The walls were even harder. At one point, my game got wonky and I hadn't saved, after separating the rooms, adding carpeting, finishing the bathroom and as soon as I decided my wall, it froze! :s I redid it all fairly quickly and even recreated most of the look that I had going in the master, but decided to recolor it, again. Bah! I'm pleased with the end result.

    A second bedroom is superhero themed for a little boy.

    I admit I did this last room pretty fast, so it's pretty simple looking. It contains almost all the entertainment for your sims in this house, as all the rooms before covered sims needs only and not skills.
    This final shot of the house shows an empty shelf. I would have decorated it, but getting lazy toward the end here. Lol. I put the basket of pictures beneath it to make it look like sims would place them on that shelf . . . Eventually. :p

    Well, I hope you enjoyed this walk through. :smiley:
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    Eclectic Dreams looks great! :) You have done the exterior and each of the rooms and areas in the home so very well! It looks great! It is a great eclectic mix of styles and types of furnishings and wall patterns and textures. It looks very effective ! It was great reading the background details and description of each area of the home.
    It is a very nice electric style home! :)
  • 60smusicluvr60smusicluvr Posts: 1,980 Member

    I recently got back into a save I've been playing on and off since my tree house upload. The Funke's moved in there for what was intended to be just a testing save, but turned into one that I actually grew to like. Now the two oldest siblings are getting ready to go to university. So, I thought it would be a good opportunity to get creative and work with some of the pre-built buildings that are already in that town. I'm starting with the sorority house as I thought it would be one of the easiest to do because it's just for girls.

    The outside is the same as before.

    Inside, is very girly with mostly combinations being of pink, purple and light green. Outside the bedrooms, kitchen and bathrooms, none of the rooms are dedicated to a single thing like the study, gym, dining, etc. Also, none of the fireplaces have been removed, but each have its own different touch to add some variety. I would recommend that you be very careful if you plan to light them! As you can tell with this one, it makes a frame around the television and the book shelves make it look like a single unit built in. Other than that, there's a nice open space for a pool table, a video game controllers, and virtual reality glasses.

    This fireplace was made to look like it was just used to celebrate a graduate.

    It's also home to the only table, so I hope your sims get along well with others or they're gonna have to find a couch!

    The Kitchen

    This room has all sorts of stuff including a chess table, computer, tread mill, candy and soda machines, a dart board and art easel, along with street art stuff and stereo.

    This floor also has a bathroom. Besides just one in the basement, they all look similar to this. It's not much, but has the necessities.

    Upstairs, there's a small dance floor with fun lights, a stereo, a ballet bar and gumball machine. You can see most of it through this mirror.

    This bedroom is for the nerdy sims. The hopscotch was made to look like a rug, but it still works!

    This next one's for artsy sims. There's a bunch of cute decor throughout, including the cute pillows! <3 It also has the only real dresser on this floor.

    This next one's for tomboys. There's seating, so that your sims can work out a play for the team on the whiteboard.

    This next one's for the rebels, daredevils, the politically active and soon to be dropouts. There's cones around the fireplace because these types of sims cannot be trusted!
    Not pictured is protest posters on the floor and a sleeping bag meant for decoration for sims that probably won't make it to the exam. That said, it didn't stop this sim from using it. :p

    Ok. So, now, we're gonna go to the basement. It's a bit darker than the rest of the house because it's meant for those sims that are a little less girly and perhaps even goth. I didn't want to go too dark, though, since I wanted it to flow with the rest of the house. That said, there is a small portion dedicated to only "misfit" personalities or occults with a different looking bedroom and bathroom from all the rest because we cannot be 100% sure all sorority sisters belong in the girlier groups.

    This is the main room. I guess you could call this the "woman cave."

    You may have noticed hampers in each of the bedrooms. :wink:

    Finally, the last bedroom and bath for "misfits."

  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 158,486 Member
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    Your makeover of the Sorority House looks so very nice! :) You have renovated it so very well! It is very detailed build with each room and area very specially designed and furnished! The colour schemes and wall patterns used give such a very nice look and feel to the build! Very nice uniquely special furnishing of each of the bedrooms! It looks very nice how you have designed the fireplaces in the build. The rooms in the basement level are very nice!
    You would have spent such a lot of time working on this very detailed build! The colours and patterns used look so very effective! Students will enjoy staying there whilst studying at Uni! :)
  • JessabeansJessabeans Posts: 3,714 Member
    Great renovation of Tri-Fruhm Sorority, you injected it with much needed life. I like how lively the communal space are and how each room reflects the personality of it's occupant.
  • 60smusicluvr60smusicluvr Posts: 1,980 Member
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    Well, I was planning on continuing with that save, but I got sidetracked with fantasy themed stuff :heart_eyes: , so I was downloading a bunch of things to start a save in Dragon Valley.

    Then, last night, I was like, "I would like to play world adventures", so I jumped into an older save with my sims Ethan Shaffer and Mack Ando and sent the latter to Shang Simla for the second time, I think (it's been awhile). I raided some tombs for the very first time and got quite a bit of it done, since his visa level allowed him to be there for eight sim days.

    This is one save, where I started cheap and built my sims up to a better home. They live in Isla Paradiso. I started off with that red and blue home that looks like a container and for a long time had most of the inside done, minus the bedrooms which had a very basic look to it.

    Today, I finished off the rest of it, since I had more than enough to make it look good. I didn't realize the roof was free. If I had known earlier, I would have at least tried to figure something else out, sooner.

    It looks like a completely different house, now, but the bones are the same. Changing out the roof makes a huge difference and paint, too, of course.


    I've had this inside done for a long, long time. I only changed out some of the artifacts from Shang Simla with ones that were probably better this time around and then changed the color paint on the wall.



    I changed the walls from grey to blue in here. Left everything else as I had done it alone.


    Bathroom is still small.


    Bedrooms are really simple, but better than I had them yesterday.


    I'll be uploading my renovation, tomorrow. One with Ethan Shaffer, Mack Ando and Luna, the dog, as they've all gained A LOT of skills and the other with just the house.

    I was playing them for quite awhile. Ethan is about two days away from aging to adult and Mack has ten days. They've both been a lot of fun to play for different reasons.

    In my game, Ethan joined the military and had a single date with Rosemarie Collins, his boss, who is not only married to somebody else but has several kids. I think I would have made it longer, but generally if a sim is nasty to my sim, I dump them regardless of how cute I may think they'd be together. An eye for an eye, I guess you could say. It's been such a long time, but I remember having them go out and it all looked to be a really great time. I think he took her to the movies and everything and then she told him that she had a lousy time. This was after they woohooed . . . So, Ethan quits his job in the military and tries to have a relationship with his newborn, Melonie. That couldn't happen unless I put them back on good terms, so they became just friends and Ethan and her now ex-husband are worst enemies, Melonie's a child and that's where it's been until now.

    Mack has a seemingly perfect life. He's a go-getter, that one. He started out making money in photography, but he also has a passion with diving. So, he eventually switched to the diving career. He thought it would lead to a more prosperous life. He has a great friend in Ethan and his dog, Luna. Despite all this, it has never been enough for him, so he travels the world. Unfortunately, with all the fun he's had, he wonders where all the time has gone. He still hasn't found the one, let alone had any serious relationship.

    Okay! Here are the links:

    Bachelor Pad w Sims

    Bachelor Pad ONLY
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  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 158,486 Member
    The home in Isla Paradiso looks very nice! :) Very nice roofing on the home. The furnishing of the interior is very nice! The items from Shang Simla are a nice touch in the living room area. Sims will enjoy resting on the sofa watching tv. The wall tiling in the kitchen adds a nice look to the room. Sims will enjoy looking out through the kitchen windows whilst preparing meals. Very nice dining nook ! The pets wall plates and diagonal row of wall decor items looks very nice there. The blue colour of the walls looks nice. Very nice wall tiling in the bathroom. The wall patterns used in the bedrooms looks very nice, and the mermaid is a nice touch on the bedside table. The bedside flowers are very pretty to see when waking in the mornings .
    It is a very nice home! :)
  • JessabeansJessabeans Posts: 3,714 Member
    I know what you mean about wanting to switch and play something entirely different midway.

    Very nice bachelor pad, I like that you found beach decor that still has a festive vibe to it. I wish I had that view from my kitchen.
  • cianeciane Posts: 16,700 Member
    I really like the shape, textures, and windows! Nice!
  • 60smusicluvr60smusicluvr Posts: 1,980 Member
    rosemow wrote: »
    The home in Isla Paradiso looks very nice! :) Very nice roofing on the home. The furnishing of the interior is very nice! The items from Shang Simla are a nice touch in the living room area. Sims will enjoy resting on the sofa watching tv. The wall tiling in the kitchen adds a nice look to the room. Sims will enjoy looking out through the kitchen windows whilst preparing meals. Very nice dining nook ! The pets wall plates and diagonal row of wall decor items looks very nice there. The blue colour of the walls looks nice. Very nice wall tiling in the bathroom. The wall patterns used in the bedrooms looks very nice, and the mermaid is a nice touch on the bedside table. The bedside flowers are very pretty to see when waking in the mornings .
    It is a very nice home! :)

    Thanks rose! I wanted to try something a little different than the one here, but I guess the roofs couldn't adjust the right way to make it work. Regardless, I like how it turned out.
    Jessabeans wrote: »
    I know what you mean about wanting to switch and play something entirely different midway.

    Yeah. :D I've got several different types of games going. I'm trying to keep them active because if I don't, I lose interest and just delete the save. There are some saves, however, that I've had for so long with a pretty big story that I don't play much anymore, but still keep just in case. My save for Don Lothario in Riverview is one of those. Made it all the way up the inventor career and ladder, had relationships with lots of women. Cheated, you name it. Settled down with the repairwoman, Betty and had, like, three or four children. Their relationship lasted a very long time. I think he cheated, eventually, so their relationship became rocky and divorced. He ended up taking the kids to the future and I've just let it sit since.

    ciane wrote: »
    I really like the shape, textures, and windows! Nice!

    Thanks! I almost put in some skylight studio windows above the square windows. They fit in really well there, but I ultimately decided to delete. Either option will work. I may add them back in my save because I liked it a lot.

    BreeMiles wrote: »
    I love the detail and layout, epic job!

    Thanks, Bree!

    This is one of the times that my sims started out small, so the home is pretty affordable and probably could use even further updating. Pretty challenging not to go a little nuts, especially as it related to the yard where there is still plenty of space to add on.
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    Hey, guys! Long time no see. I have just a bit of an update. Remember how I said I wanted to make a steampunk salon so long ago? I know I had images that served as an inspiration, but I managed to come up with something I quite like.

    This is what I've come up with on the outside. Its sort of got that whimsical/supernatural look to it, which I like. I may darken up the brick or even change the siding completely because I haven't really seen what it would looks like in Midnight Hollow and I'd like it to look nice there for obvious reasons. I've changed it just slightly, since I took this picture. The awning has been removed and I deleted the roofing decor just above it, but only because I used the hidden floor marker, so, for whatever reason, when you go up and down the floors, that decor doesn't always show. It was just a hassle, so I opted to get rid of all three.

    I've been extra slow on the inside, partly because it took me a week to make three clothing pedestals that feature steampunk for both genders and all the age groups (very hard to do!), but also because I'm having a hard time coming up with the layout and look for the inside. I know you cannot see it here, but the lot is 20 X 20, and the building itself is mostly square other than those two corners you see in the front of the picture. I wanted to create a cute little storefront so you can see the makeup, shampoo bottles, perhaps the clothing pedestals from supernatural, ambitions, and The Prism Art Studio to give it some realism.

    I'm probably just thinking about it too much and just need to move forward. I've been in a standstill on this for the last few days. What do you guys think so far? Do you have any suggestions on how to bring this lot to life, spruce up the outside? o:)

    Unrelated, but I obviously have changed to imgur. This is my first post there. I'm wondering if there's a way to copy the image over here, so I don't have to link to that site? :s -- TY, Rosemow!

  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 158,486 Member
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    The exterior design of your steampunk salon looks very nice! :) It captures very well the steampunk theme! The roofing looks great! The types and placement of the windows looks very nice. The towers look great in the build.
    These link threads explain how to post the pictures on the forums .
  • 60smusicluvr60smusicluvr Posts: 1,980 Member
    Aww. I appreciate that so much! Thank you, @rosemow! o:) You removed so much of the headache.
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