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Active Contests & Lotteries Directory

ritaroxy12ritaroxy12 Posts: 1,570 Member
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Welcome one and all to mine and MizoreYukii's Active Contests & Lotteries Directory. Here you'll find all of the current active contests and lotteries, as well as games, gifting and thank you threads. Here, not only will you find many different ways to win simpoints or be gifted something without simpoints by another member, but to also interact with the rest of the community and make new friends.

Helpful Links -
Forum Rules
A Guide to The Gifting Forum
Hi, My Name Is...The Landing Pad
Contest Idea Thread - Come Host an IDEA!
How to set up your wishlist (for contest etc...)
Advice for new hosts and help from experienced hosts
Unfinished contests
Did you know you could be missing EP/store content stencils?

We will monitor the GG forum and add all of the threads to their respective spots, but we may miss a few, so please feel free to ask to have your thread added to the list, by using the entry form provided.
Entry Form -
Type of Contest:
Name of Contest:

The thread must be active before we can add it to the directory!

Below is a list of the different sections for easy access:
Building and CAS
Games and Odd Contests
Gifting Threads
Thank You Thread Referral Link
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