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Abu Simbel - Question

I have been searching through the Forum but I have not found the answer so here it goes:

My Adventurous sims (two of them) have 12 of the 13 Sigil of the Tombs from Al Simhara.

The missing one for their collection is the Sigil of The Sanctuary of Horus. This is in Abu Simbel.

I have looked in Carl's Guide and another one I think it's Max guide and also the official licensed Game Guide for WA and can not find where precisely this Sigil is, the closest I got in my search is as far as that there is a passage and you must zeneport there to be able to move the pushable statue onto a switch to find a hole in the wall and there you will find the Sigil.

I need someone that has found it before to tell me if this is so, my sims have managed to get that far but I did not see any hole in the wall appearing, did I miss it? or was I in the wrong place...

Help needed as my sims are frustrated and we all know about frustrated sims!


  • AunzaAunza Posts: 1,297 Member
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    This Walkthrough: http://walkthruwa.blogspot.com/2010/01/abu-simbel.html happens to be one of the best around for WA.

    Scroll about half way down the page to find the section you are looking for... This part is accomplished with the Eye(s) of Horus - after completing much of the rest of the tomb.
    I have completed it by using teleportation, but it is easier with the eyes. Well, unless you use cheats, that is... But, that is another story.

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  • OmairaOmaira Posts: 665 Member
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    Thanks very much Aunza, I am just off to check the thread you posted!
  • OmairaOmaira Posts: 665 Member
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    Sadly this is Arthur's Adventursome Guide which I had already looked into... I checked it once more but the part when you find the Sigil of the Sanctuary of Horus is not there.

    I also read some of the comments left and one simmer said that the Tomb is not fully explored or completed (well it won't be until you find the Sigil) so I am just going to have to go back to Al Simhara and have a good look for it.

    I think I know where it is but I just wanted to make double sure, as very soon I am going to move my sims to another town (this one is getting rather bad after so much traveling etc.) Once I do that I do not want them to travel again as they are going to embark in the next stage of their lives, raise a family.

    With the game as it is, if you want to preserve the life of your saved game that is the only way, at least for me.

    So I must find that last relic!

    Another thing I noticed was that I could not place the Eye of Horus (left or right) anywhere, it might be a glitch or it might be my game.. it's acting a bit. Or it could be me being thick, I am known for that. I have never before completed this Tomb and usually I have to do them several times to get them right.

  • AunzaAunza Posts: 1,297 Member
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    Hi Omaira,

    1st - Move the sim to the area where you want the eye, click an eye (in the sims backpack), click 'put down'... Be sure to have your sim pick the eye(s) up after using them.

    My understanding of your original post is you have the Prima Guide version of WA, let's use that for reference points.

    Whoa - Please allow me to clarify here, before I go on... I have found the Sigil in several different spots - So, if I may...

    WA Prima Guide - page 191 -

    Picture 1, says the Sigil might be found behind the hidden door, in a treasure chest, in the red dive well room. I never have... but, someone else might have.

    Picture 2,
    The Red King sarcophagus - I have found the Sigil there.
    The Blue King sarcophagus - I do not recall finding the Sigil there. As long as your sim is green and level 10 in karate, these rooms are easy.

    Little gold treasure chest(s) legends 3 & 4 (in the bedrooms) you will need one of the following; the Eye(s) of Horus, the teleportation cheat, or have completed the karate skill challenge to tranquil transfer... I have found the Sigil in one or the other of these rooms. (Or, two sims)

    (The Pima Guide is missing the following)

    In this same area (please refer to picture 2) you will see a trap (maze type) room, with a pushable statue that cannot be reached until the Blue King's antechamber has been opened... there is a hidden door to the right of the entry door...
    Open it...
    Have the sim place the Eye of Horus on the floor...
    Push the statue all the way to the end of the wall (into the one square cut out),
    Jog to the wall over by the last pushable statue switch
    Have the sim "put down" the other Eye of Horus (between the wall and the fence, in front of the switch)
    And, jog back to the statue...
    Pull the statue out of the niche it is in
    Remember the first eye placed? Jog back to it and go to the second eye that was placed...
    Pull the statue to the other end of the room
    Teleport to the other eye...
    Push the statue all the way to the corner,
    Teleport (using the eye)
    Have the sim pick-up the eye on the floor,
    Pull the statue until there is enough space to push it along this last wall
    Open the backpack, click the eye, there you are... once again back at the first eye placed upon the floor...
    Jog back to the statue...
    Push into place...
    A hole should open on the wall...
    Check for the Sigil there...
    Using the eye in the backpack, return to where you started...
    Pick-up the first eye you placed.
    I believe, I have found the Sigil here only once.

    3rd Picture - relates back to picture 2 - the entrance of the basement. The guide points to the smaller room as having a Epic Relic
    If you have checked there (#1 on the little gold treasure chest) which is the first spot it might be... chances are you have opened this one long ago... moving on... There is also a small hidden room to the left of the pushable statue marked with the C in a red circle, IIRC. This small room contains an EA humor motif.

    We have now checked all the spots where I have found the Sigil of The Sanctuary of Horus...

    But, have you opened the final two chambers just past the bedrooms?

    The next chamber is the green E and F toward the bottom of Page 191.

    On to the very last chamber...

    First breathe... this one is easy too...

    Enter the room, having the sim place one eye on the rug that is just inside the door

    Read the plaque, above the pedestal

    (Ignore the Prima Guide)

    Walk to the end of the room

    Place one of the Egyptian Gold Figurines on a pedestal; open the chest, now the other side... I always pick up the gold figurines after opening both chest.

    "Hey now, no judging... tomb raiding keeps my sims in bread and honey for years on end" ~laughing~

    WOW, look at all those flames! You can have the sim start attempting to cross them, for fun, or use the remaining eye that is in the sims backpack to return to the eye you placed just inside the door.

    All done... you should have found the Sigil and be doing a happy dance, at this point, if I have not hopelessly confused you. If I did add to your confusion my humble apologies.

    Spoiler Alert: I usually do this tomb very last... as by then the sim can jump most of the fire traps... My sim has been torched only once in this tomb... But, I do save them sometimes... for boring days. ~grin~

    Do NOT forget the eyes... they come in handy all over the place... your sim is out late fishing... they are two minutes from planting their little face on the closest horizontal surface... You can place one of the eyes in their very own comfy bedroom... click the other and they are in bed just like that. You can move the eyes in and out of your sims backpack in relation to your home lot any time you want.
    All the household can use them for transport if you move the eyes between backpacks.
    Oh, and like the Axe of Pangu - they will very likely go to your family bin in buy/build if you move or split up your household.
    The Eye of Horus is golden!

    ~happy simming~

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  • OmairaOmaira Posts: 665 Member
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    Dearest Aunza! You are an Angel! A Golden Angel!

    Right, I know believe two things, as for the Eyes of Horus, yes it was me being "thick" as I just picked the Eye and try to place instead of clicking on it and choosing "place" so that will be corrected next time they visit Abu Simbel.

    The Sigil was not in the room (hidden door) where the red dive well is, we checked there!

    It was not in the Red Priest Sarcophagus, but he was! and not very pleased to catch my sim poking him about!

    After that I left the Blue Priest alone, I did not want my sim to be accused of stealing.. even though that is what they were doing! and locked in the room with the mummy walking around. (I think he still is..)

    So, lets wake Blue Prince.... I mean Priest, and see if He's hiding Horus' Sigil.

    The hole in the wall with the pushable statue is a pain! I think that is very much where I went wrong, so I'm keeping your instructions and taking my sims back there to go step by step as you wrote. I have the feeling that IT IS THERE!!!

    The Eyes are great, and now that I am pretty sure that I know how to place them around the tomb it should be a doodle (famous last words!)

    The very last room did not open for me, again it was probably something I did wrong somewhere along the line, I pulled the torches but no floor switch appeared in either the red or blue areas right under the respective torches(PG Basement L1 E ad F, circled in green in my book)so I will also be following your instructions this time.

    At this point I though Abu Simbel was having a laugh at me for allowing two sims to enter as it says "Only One Might Enter"...(but Abu.... I always break the rules!)

    Anyhow, I will send them to Egypt again and try, I might have borked the tomb with all the trials and tribulations my sims went through there, if so, I might have to reset the tomb if I can, or move them to another World and try again.

    I understand that the Sigil can turn up in different places? I am sure that most of the times where I found Sigils of different tombs were mostly in the same place, and I can not remember ever find it in a hole in the wall, usually a chest or a display pedestal.

    The one in the Temple of Heaven in China, I can not longer get because sims refuse to walk a narrow passage in order to reach it, they zeneport inside the maze and then they throw a tantrum.

    Might be able now using the Eyes! Must try.

    All in all they did not do too bad. They found 5 pieces of Tiberium that back home grew to spire cut (large) worth between 39000 and 42000 thousand each, they made 200000 thousand simoleons, not bad eh? plus all the relics etc etc. They can retire now... but we want that last relic.

    So Thanks again and again.. I really think I can find that elusive Sigil of The Sanctuary of Horus now... one way or another!

    I definitely like adventures. It's a get rich quick for my sims! I like to make them do some work for their money. And big money comes with big risks, that is not to say that I don't send them well prepared, one had mastered both Athletic and Martial Arts, and could zeneport with ease, and the other Athletic mastered and Martial Arts at level 8. Plenty of mummy snacks in their inventory too. Hey, they are professionals.. but could not get the famous last Sigil.. shame!

    If this thread is still going. I will post to tell you how they did, and try to put a photo if I can.. not good at that either!

    But in the meantime Thanks again for all your help.

  • JenzupJenzup Posts: 1,620 Member
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    Don't you have to leave one on a switch so as to open the rest of the tomb? Cause it says you have to make a choice keep the sigil or offer it and move on. I offered it and moved on but did find 3 others I think. After you offer it up permanent fire flares up all around and your sim can't retrieve it again I don't know if this helps or not. I've only played that tomb once was a pretty good mystery at figuring out but in the end I did. I had a sim that had the museum aspiration thingy but it only specifies a specific simoleon amount for relics and not specific items. I have another sim who wants to explore six tombs in all three worlds I'm like whoa that's a lot of exploring. I had my magician explore the eyes of Horus tomb and I was disappointed he couldn't use them in his magic show. :cry: I hope the fact that I didn't take my explorer with him doesn't stop her goal of getting all six tombs in Egypt, guess I'll have to redo that one.
    :o They listened and gave us toddlers! Thanks Devs your work is appreciated.
  • OmairaOmaira Posts: 665 Member
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    Hi Jenzup, Well this is the first time ever that I have gone this far into Abu Simbel... I have been there before but not really bothered, but after 4 years adventuring with my sims, I decided to go for it big way, and have completely done the Great Pyramid, which so far I had never done before, well only partially, and everything else!

    They have collected 12 of the 13 Tomb Sigils, and the only one left undiscovered is the one in Abu Simbel, The Sanctuary of Horus, and trust me! no amount of mummies are going to stop me keeping it if my sims get their greedy little hands on it!

    Sadly I might have to re-start them somewhere else, as the game is really playing up, but they are going straight to Abu Simbel and get that relic.

    The Eyes are great and it's a shame that EA did not intend those artifacts (Pangu's Axe too) to be used anywhere else but in the adventures, it would have given the game a lot of "oomph" to have these magic items partially added (for those players who have WA - ST and Supernaturals) so that magicians, witches and others could make use of them somehow... it might have been an incentive for players to get those EP's, but sadly it did not happen..

    As far as I know all my sims had to do was leaving some relics (it was two of the gold figurines collection that they found opening chests) in order to continue, but while looking for this Sigil my sim searched the Red Priest Sarcophagus and woke the mummy of Benjata Wilsenu, the Red Priest of Horus.

    Still, after locking my sim with him in his chamber and informing her that she was going to die, he never attacked her, just walked around.

    So I got my sim out using the Eyes to send her home.

    As for your query about your sim's goal, I think she has to do it, it won't count if another of your sims does it, she would've had to be there as well.

    I did enjoy doing the tombs more than I thought I would, as in the past, once my sims reached level 3 visa they would buy a house and spend the rest of the holiday fishing, painting and just taking it easy.

    I am saving the house to the library with all the other relics, tiberium, gems etc so they will not loose any of their loot, and off they go again, before traveling to the Future!

  • OmairaOmaira Posts: 665 Member
    Dear Aunza,

    If you ever get this message, just to let you know that a few weeks ago my Sims finally collected the 13th egyptian relic (Abu Simbel).

    Your instructions were invaluable and they would like to send you big, big thanks!

    Now they are considering going for the full Tomb Signets in Shang Simla and Champs Les Sims.

    See you around though I am staying with the Sims 3....
  • AunzaAunza Posts: 1,297 Member
    Hi Omaira,

    Thank-you for the note, it is always good to hear when a solution can be found! All the tombs in China are easy peasy. The only tomb that left me puzzled me is in France, the l-o-n-g one in the Nectary... I recall the first time I did it... Oh, my word... I was SO proud of myself for actually completing it the first time around! Oh gosh, I almost forgot... The Faerie Tomb (also in France)... Even today (I have done it several times) I will only attempt it when I am wide awake. LOL

    Best wishes in accomplishing the clearing of all the tombs. After all, it IS an ADVENTURE! Great fun is to be had...

    I am also playing TS3, whenever I get a chance, so... please stay in touch... looking forward to hearing about your adventures.

    ~happy simming~
  • OmairaOmaira Posts: 665 Member
    Hi Aunza, I have been away from the forum for a while.. just backing and saving all my TS3 stuff and as I am not good with files and all that it's taking time.. also buying most of the Store items! (I intend to play the Sims 3 for a while...) as well as downloading Worlds created by other players.

    France is one place were I don't usually finish my tombs, (I blame it on the good nectar.. my Sims always have wishes to go to the Nectary.. and then try a 50 yr old nectar.. and a 100 yr old nectar and a .. well you get the idea! ) and so I have never finished the Tomb under the Nectary as by the time they get there they are usually legless.

    But I have them "drying out" and as soon as I finish testing Worlds that I want to keep and all that, off they go with their tents and dry food!

    I have not yet bought the Sims 4.. somehow the idea of a World where I can not roam openly does put me off.. I have only played The Sims 3 and I am so used to open Worlds and also have so much to achieve yet that I am not so bothered with TS4, I am seriously considering playing the Sims 2 just to get the hand to a World that has to load?? totally new for me!, but my sister gave me her TS2 game as she does not play it anymore and I might just try it.

    If I do not pop around before the Holiday just have a lovely time, and I will come back Next Year.. Who knows what I will find under the tree..perhaps a copy of TS4!! my cats and dogs always have nice surprises for me... :D

    Have fun!
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