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ritaroxy12ritaroxy12 Posts: 1,570 Member
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Hello there fellow simmers! I'm ritaroxy12 and I have been a member of The Sims 3 Community since 26th February 2012, but I've been playing sims since 2009. Anyway, without further ado welcome to my showcase creations thread! I decided to set this up because since I've made a lot of creations and builds and sims for different contests and some for my own purpose and I've been sharing over here in the creative corner part of the forums. But I decided to go ahead and actually make this showcase after anettesb persuaded me and helped me out in creating this thread, so a huge thank you to her! :D

In this thread you will find many of my creations that I'm going to to share with you all. I understand that I’m not 'world’s best builder' but I do try. Please feel free to leave any comment, or feedback to help me with future builds. Also most importantly please do just feel free to just chat with each other. Thank you for taking the time to check out my studio showcase thread! :mrgreen:

NOTE: Some of my first creations you will find do not use ‘Create a Style’ as I wasn’t too familiar with it but later on you will see that I start to use it more.
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