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jamescounselljamescounsell Posts: 35 New Member
Ok, so I started to build a mansion in Sunlit Tides on a 64x64 lot, and then I hit a problem when building the underground garage-because the garage was below sea level and I had not used the basement tool to make this basement where it was (as I wanted it to look like the cars actually drove to it) so water was everywhere. It looked Horrible. The thing is because of all my plans for the house I cant make any modifications to the design apart from extensions, so I cant raise the land, or make the garage above the sea level :oops: .

So my request is if anyone can tell me a world, with a 64x64 lot with a nice view and location I would be very grateful-it is important about the view btw :mrgreen: .

The worlds I have are thus:
Hidden Springs
Sunlit Tides
Sunset Valley (duh)
Isla Paradiso
Monte Vista
Moonlight Falls
Starlight shores
Roaring Heights
Appaloosa Plains

Also tell me your opinion on your sims 3 favourite world.

Ok, so I have been given some room ideas but not really enough-I am aiming to build 250 rooms and I need loads of ideas-I have about 50-60 room ideas so far :)
Thanks to all who can help,

Regards James :mrgreen:


  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 14,808 Member
    edited March 2014
    For Worlds, I can't help you as I only play in Custom worlds

    Room Ideas:

    Collection Room/Gallery(Relics from WA, Seashells and such from IP)
    Entertainment room
    Master Bedroom, Guest Bedrooms
    Indoor Pool and Bar
    Butler's Quarters
    Wine Cellar/Nectary
    Music Room
    Sun Porch
    Grand Entrance-way
    Formal Dining Room
    non-formal dining room
    Laundry Room

    Lots of mansions have more than one of each room.
  • jamescounselljamescounsell Posts: 35 New Member
    edited March 2014
    Thanks a bunch for your help :)
    Please keep ideas coming everyone :mrgreen:
  • Angel_D0109Angel_D0109 Posts: 1,264 Member
    edited March 2014
    To add onto what springfairy said...

    Make the ballroom large but not so large that it looks bare even after you've decorated your heart out. Same thing with the gym. You could also have a couple of bathrooms added onto the gym. A sauna could be an attached room to the gym as well, there's a new room idea (hot tubs, showers, sitting areas (benches)). ;)

    Make one room per "collection" for your gallery. That makes more rooms that are smaller and easier to decorate/make look full. You could even have a small studio room attached to the gallery spaces.

    For the library you could have a couple of different study rooms nearby, making more rooms.

    Entertainment room could be attached to other rooms like a music room, paint studio, sculpting studio, a smoking room (maybe?), a gamer paradise (video game consoles and decor), a theatre.

    Make 7 single bedrooms and 1 master and then a couple of guest rooms.. that's 10 rooms right there! Attach a powder room to the bathrooms and you've just doubled the amount of bathrooms you have. DON'T FORGET LOTS OF BATHROOMS! Your sims won't make it across the house in time to go. :lol:

    For the butler's quarters you could include mini rooms of almost every room in the house. A mini kitchen, living room, art studio, entertainment/mini theatre. Put the laundry room near the butler.

    For the sun porch you could also have expansive indoor/outdoor gardens and rooms filled with planter pots. You could categorize your plants into different rooms, even.

    Those are just some ideas to expand upon what springfairy said, and make those large rooms into clusters smaller rooms so that you can actually decorate them properly.

    Some other rooms you may not have thought of are: magic room (alchemy, spellbook, cauldron (if you have it), supernatural objects (8 ball, mood lamp) collection... can all be split into sub-rooms), vampire's sleep room (altar beds and a dark ambience), lounging areas, small reading nooks leading off from the library/study, dance/party area, if you have the renaissance faire venue you can add an archery area outside (or inside, it's your house). Pet rooms like: playroom, dog houses, a stable/barn, food area. A playground outside for children. Expansive gardens with a pond for fishing and more gardening, lounging, parties.
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 145,108 Member
    edited March 2014
    Some other room ideas are a billiards room, walk in closet dressing room, games room, butlers room, a room just for cats or just for dogs, sauna room, hot tub room., reading room, den.
    Enjoy working on your build! :)
  • Princess_PPrincess_P Posts: 3 New Member
    You could also have a conservatory, a skill-building room, a greenhouse and a poolside room. Have fun!
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 145,108 Member
    Princess_P wrote: »
    You could also have a conservatory, a skill-building room, a greenhouse and a poolside room. Have fun!

    Hello @Princess_P Your suggestions for rooms are great!
    Welcome to the forums!
    You are invited to visit this thread and introduce yourself.

    Happy building and simming! :)
  • SheriGRSheriGR Posts: 570 Member
    Some of my favorite rooms, somewhat combined in a way appropriate to the Sims' skills and career:
    • Spy or private room/office (you can use the secret bookshelf door that is a reward for spies, or you can just lock a door for everyone but a specific Sim (you have to do that anyway for the hidden/library door)
    • Adding fences or railing with gates that allow you to lock off certain areas to certain Sims
    • A room for the ginormous microscope - they love that thing. Line the walls with pics from slides they have made, countertops with fossels and rock/crystals they collect, etc.
    • A greenhouse room with a glass ceiling. You can add a little table, countertop with coffeepot and dishwasher, and a refrigerator. The refrigerator syncs with the kitchen one, and they love to eat in the greenhouse. You can also add an easel, bonsai plant, flower-arranging table, violin, etc.
    • A gym room with workout equipment, an indoor pool and sauna, locker room, glass ceilings, benches, and a refrigerator or bar for them to eat or drink after.
    • A gallery of paintings with easels to practice or create paintings. Add inspiring decor. They love painting when inspired.
    • A music room with a piano, karaoke machine, microphone, & musical instruments.
    • A game room with a super-cool gaming mat, a gaming tv (with the console that allows multi players), chess board, and a card table (they love to play cards!).
    • A chef's kitchen that is gourmet and awesome.
    • Distribute some random 'lumps of clay' in the creative areas of the house. They LOVE those lumps of clay and oftentimes pocket them. They inspire them. ;)
    • A library with walls of books, super comfy chairs, a fireplace, and a counter with a dishwasher and coffee or tea machine (or both)... and maybe a fridge. You can even add a little cafe table and a couple of chairs. They love to eat or read (or chat) in front of a fireplace!
    • A study with computers, desks, and a small table to do homework at.
    • A ballroom with high ceilings and dance floor(s), a microphone, karaoke machine, large stereo, and a bar.
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  • Princess_PPrincess_P Posts: 3 New Member
    You could also have:
    A top-secret lair. Make sure to add dim wall lights and lots of computers and TV screens, add multiple desks and chairs to make it look extra cool. I'd suggest using a lot of stuff from the criminal and secret agent 'unlock' stuff and Get To Work is a good pack as well.

    A home cinema. I'd suggest that you put it in the basement, and make it two stories! Then you can have more room for chairs, and a bigger TV screen. I made one and I was surprised because the sims could actually watch stuff on it! Also add wall lights and red furniture and red paint to make it look cool.

    I like adding skill building rooms, as well. Make sure you have windows, so that the sims can paint, and also make sure that you can access everything and that the kids can do stuff too.

    I don't have the Spa Day pack, but I know you could make a really awesome yoga room, spa room and hot tub room. I would add wooden walls and floors and water features such as fountains to make it look cool.

    You could have a BOWLING ALLEY. Why not?

    I like the idea of a dance room as well. Add karaoke machines, dance floors and a DJ booth.

    A science room would look cool, it could get the scientists working on their skills and it helps them level up faster (I think!).

    Any career room would do the same as the science room.

    Hope this helps and have fun building!
  • Princess_PPrincess_P Posts: 3 New Member
    Sleepover rooms are cool.
  • SouthernSimSouthernSim Posts: 27 Member
    Wow! Big project you've got going there! Here's some ideas for you:
    Recording studio
    Salon (styling station, tanning booth,
    Play room
    Game room
    Music room
    Art room
    Pet room
    Trophy room
    Indoor pool
    Indoor playground
    Private concert hall
    Aquarium room
    Dance studio
    Secret room of collectibles

    Best of luck!
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