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Housenfluke Rest - Fixes,ghosts, and new download URLs

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edited June 2015 in The Sims 3 Game Tools
I have updated the beta to this final version, applied some minor fixes after the final version and provided a save file with ghosts. Here is a description of the changes and additions plus a pointer to a pictorial tour.
Section to Place World – Island Paradise
Name: Housenfluke Rest by RRArtie
Link to Tread:
Link to Description of shared stuff:
Tech: All EPs and SPs, except Movie Stuff and Into the Future, but WA, and IP are essential and lack of others may just leave out a house, venue or change decorations. The final version uses the University snack counter and provides two Late Night and five Showtime performance venues.
Map Size: 2048 x 2048 File Size: 87 MB
Custom Content – No third party custom content, but Riverview (a free EA world) is used for its farm objects, decorations and some houses
Link to populated world with 24 households –
I originally posted a copy of this world and an unpopulated version on MediaFire, a file sharing site. As of June, 27, 2015 I have moved these files to OneDrive because MediaFire removed access and because OneDrive has a superior user interface (no ads). To save space, all these files have been compressed and will need an unzip utility.
Link to the populated world -!214&authkey=!AGoU7JU3OYdlCzU&ithint=file%2czip
Link to the unpopulated world -!213&authkey=!AC1LBDMdcaPYWB8&ithint=file%2czip
Link to 6 families to partially populate the unpopulated world -!212&authkey=!AFvL524WE8yBEto&ithint=file%2czip
After a month of play testing I released an updated version of the populated and unpopulated versions of this world with several minor fixes as described in the tenth post on this HR thread. The fixed versions are available on OneDrive.
Link to fixed populated world with 24 households –!205&authkey=!APkK-VwFiLyDuO4&ithint=file%2czip
Link to fixed unpopulated world -!206&authkey=!AGACTR08lr69ejA&ithint=file%2czip
After playing this world and others, I began to miss not having ghosts in the graveyards and other lots. In March 2015 I discovered and perfected a technique for adding ghosts to a played world. Unfortunately they can’t be added in a Create-a-World file, but must be added as a save game. The fourteenth post on the HR thread describes what I did and what ghosts are available.
Save game with ghosts for the populated and fixed version -!215&authkey=!AEX0a-su6VHacWs&ithint=file%2czip
In order to play this save game, you must install the fixed and populated world and then place this save game in The Sims 3 > Saves folder.
Theme: A Caribbean island community with plenty of diving and fishing plus most of the community activities found in land based cities.
This world includes two large islands and several smaller islands located somewhere in the Caribbean. In September 1876 a ship with German, Czechoslovakian, and Austrian settlers was bound to Galveston Texas. They intended to settle in the central part of Texas and start farming and businesses. Their ship encountered a hurricane in the Caribbean and they were blown off course and landed in these islands. The one main island, Housenfluke Island, was settled by most of the families. That island had rich fertile fields which could be planted with spices, vegetables, bananas and other tropical fruits. The smaller island, Moldenhauer Island, was settled by fishermen, handymen and inventors and an industry of boat building and fish exporting developed.
As time progressed, the islands became a vacation spot. Tourists were drawn to the islands by the interesting dive spots. The dive spots include Training Spot which has a train car that fell off a transport (level 1), Wedding Arch with a huge canyon topped by rock arches (level 3), Well Down has an oil well that attracts fish (level 5), Shark Jaw (level 7) with sharks and treasure and Ships Ahoy (level 9) with wrecked ships that attract fish and a school of sharks.
Six uncharted areas are scattered around the two main islands. Five are islands and one is an ancient ceremonial ground used by the Carib tribe. All contain gem, metal, or insect spawners, buried treasure, or treasure chests. These sites can be uncovered by completing the challenges included in Island Paradise. As a reminder, Cay to the City is discovered by rescuing 35 victims, Resort Mogul is discovered by building a 5 star resort, Plumbob Island is accomplished by discovering a rare map in a bottle, Local’s Refuge is discovered at the end of an adventure chain starting at the front desk of a resort you own or at which you are staying, Treasure Hunt is discovered by assembling 4 map fragments from treasure chests and bottles, and Scuba Surprise is discovered by reaching 10 level scuba skill and exploring a cave and taking the alternate exit.
Historical Note: It is true that many German, Czechoslovakian, and Austrian settled in Central Texas. The Texas Culture museum in San Antonio tells this story. The last names for these families come from there, or are neighbors or relatives. The first names are random and not intended to identify any real person.
Community Lots: 74 including Rabbit Holes – 13, Community Lots – 61 including 5 Dive Spots, 3 Resorts, and 21 Ports
Residential Lots: 81 including 15 Houseboats, 6 uncharted areas and 9 open lots
Population: Households that I placed - 24 (plus whatever the game adds for balance) – Including 2 LN families to get some celebrity influence
Performance Warning: This is a big world with lots of spawners (the usual surface plus underwater). It runs smoothly on my portable with a 1.73 GHz i7 processor, 4 GB RAM, and Quatro FX 880M with 1 GB graphics RAM and my desktop with a 3.4 GHz i7 processor, 8 GB of RAM, GeForce 560 with 1 GB of RAM. Both are quad processors, use Windows 7 - 64 bit version and have solid state drives (SSD). It runs well on an older machine that has a 3.06 GHz duo processor, 4 GB RAM, and a GeForce 9800 with 1 GB of video RAM. This machine runs Windows XP - 32 bit version. This machine gets a code 12 (file save error due to memory problems) when running the fully populated version. This machine has had problems running large worlds in the past (Union Cove), but the portable did not have trouble with this world. I always run with Memories Disabled because memory storage contributes to save file blot. When I reduce the video resolution, and run the unpopulated world with only 3 of my families I can do successful saves after 20 minutes of play on the older machine. You can use these examples to see if your computer will run this world reasonably well. See performance information on this thread posted 8/22/2014.
My design notes lists all the houses and community lots and briefly describes them. It has a table describing each family and a table showing the spawners in each uncharted area and in each dive spot. This PDF document is at –!207&authkey=!AD8C9ppFdN6BGpE&ithint=file%2cpdf
I don’t like playing tropical islands (this one or IP) and having snow and freezing fresh water ponds. I use the NRaas Tempest mod to import weather. The file below is derived from historical weather for the U.S. Virgin Islands (Freeport) and can be activated using the procedure described in the ReadMe.
Weather URL -
Status – Final Version
I have played this world during the building process. I would build a few lots, add some road, shape some terrain, add some houses or community buildings and then play until I had 20 mistakes or new ideas listed. Then I would fix the mistakes and add more and repeat the process. I believe this world will function correctly. I have spent the last month removing stuck Sims and terrain tear issues. I reset the fron of every lot and indicated a front door on all lots. It is an issue that the arches in some of the IP houses prevent a front door indication, but I removed those arches and indicated the front door. However, Sims, horses, small dogs and cats are reported by NRaas Overwatch as stuck. Because some Sims and pets still get stuck, you might want to run with Overwatch set to reset stuck Sims (including pets) or periodically flush the caches or both.
I set careers, money and skill levels for all the families that I created or copied. I have used an idea posted by RFLong7 to have a few wild card families to absorb the boss and co-worker jobs. In general, the jobs match those documented in the above referenced design document. This document shows a large variety of ambitions and compatible skills and jobs. However, the game may make some adjustments for balance.
This world is focused on fishing, exploring, resort development and diving. Land space is limited and for this reason no accommodation for horses has been added. There are no 64 x 64 lots on which a house, barn and training ground can be placed. If you want to play with horses, choose another world. There are free roaming horses though unless you remove that capability in the options menu.
Because of land issues and performance issues with too many spawners I have not added WA specific buildings, plants or fish. These are available on vacation in those worlds. Go on vacation and have a good time.
Again because of limited land I have not placed University buildings on these islands. You will have to go to the University off the island for an advanced degree.
This final version has these additions:
1 - I replaced Flying V’s Coffee House with Kubenka’s Kolache Shop, added a Synatschk Souvenir Shop and a Showtime private venue, Senator’s Club. The souvenir shop allows you to sell some of the treasure you uncover. The kolache shop and private venue are Showtime performance venues and needed for the performance careers.
2 – I added five new houses, added a stair case to a water level deck on another house, and replaced the stairs to the bathroom on Seaside Beach. I documented my technique for depressing the decks and connecting them with stairs on this thread
Forum thread –
3 - I added band instruments on the second floor of the Watering Hole (Dive Bar) and The Grind (Dance Club) to be LN band venues. However, when I played Sims in a band they were never invited to a gig.
4 – I completed surf at all sea sides, planted trees and bushes on all vacant land, and put a spot of dirt color under most of them to represent leaf debris and lack of grass due to low light. Also, many of the land based spawners are marked with a spot of color such as green for seeds, brown for dig sites, etc.
5 – I use the ini files from IP. These files make the water more aqua and make the dive spots lighter and brighter. Because of this color change I have taken all the screen shots again and replaced them in this document. In many cases, the only change was the addition of vegetation and color changes. However, the new venues and houses are shown. I have also updated the descriptions to correct errors and account for changes and additions.
I have removed most of the pictures and description of this world because of the limited characters allowed in this forum. A full pictorial tour is available on OneDrive –!216&authkey=!AIRYyuMA8qZYYQc&ithint=file%2cpdf
The picture below is an overhead shot of Housenfluke Island and was taken at sunrise. The sun is in the upper right corner. The collection of businesses and some houses in the foreground and to the left of the bridge is called the Central District. Most businesses and some residences are located here. This world uses the port lots for community activities. Since you can’t reasonably have a trampoline on a houseboat, one of the ports has a trampoline another has a snowboarding half pipe. Many of the ports in this world have recreational and educational equipment useable by the entire community.
The road running up the hill is called Kunz Highway and connects to an area called The Valley. The Valley has eight houses including two starter houses and a mansion plus two open lots.
The road leaving the Central district and crossing the bridge is called Island Circle. It circles the island and has many community lots and residential lots located on it. The first area you come to is called The Outskirts. The Outskirts has a wedding park, a community beach, and a port with a house boat. A smuggler’s cove is rumored to be in this area. Further down the right side of the island is an area called Seaside which has eight residences, one open lot, two ports, and three businesses.
The area to the left of the island is called The Entertainment District. The Entertainment District has seven entertainment venues, four ports of which three are occupied by houseboats, five residences, an open lot, and a well-developed resort.
A road called Chipper Cove crosses the island from the Entertainment District, through the Valley, and to the right side near Seaside. A second road leaves the Valley and travels to the far side of the island. This area called Far Side has residences, a resort, ports, a community beach, an herb garden, a dog park and a community pool. The dirt road leaving the Valley is called Fish Camp Road. Along Fish Camp Road you will pass some of the original farms, a fresh water fishing spot and five houses.
The cloud bank in the middle of the island covers an uncharted region. It is rumored to be an ancient ceremonial site used by the original inhabitants of this island, the Carib people. They learned some of their rituals from the Inca and performed them at this site. Access is blocked by impassible terrain and the thick fog that collects here. You can discover a map by following an adventure chain available at the front desk to residents or owners of a resort. Historical note: the Carib and Inca are real, but the rest is made up.
The next picture is an overhead shot of the Central District. The street closest to the water’s edge is called Beach Boulevard (abbreviated “Blvd”). The lots on the water side of Beach Blvd are (from left to right) an empty lot, a port which is occupied, Housenfluke Beach, a residence called Great Island View which was built for this world, and two more ports of which one is occupied. The road coming into beach Blvd on the left and leaving the Central District on the right is called Island Circle.
The next picture is an overhead view of the Far Side. Along the water’s edge from left to right are an empty lot, a resort called Hernando’s Hide-away, the Far Side Beach with Mellow Manor behind, a port occupied by the Floating Fortress houseboat (IP), two houses, two more ports, and another house. These three houses were built for this world. Across the street from the resort is the Far Side Dog Park and Herb’s Herbs.
The road leading up the hill is called Centennial Highway. There are seven houses and Patty’s Natural Baths (Katy Perry stuff pack) community pool in the valley behind the Far Side beach area.
Leading off of Centennial Highway is Fish Camp Road. On the left of it are 4 houses and on the right is a fishing pond, a small house and one of the original farms.
Our tour continues on Moldenhauer Island which is across from the Entertainment District. The cove portion of this island faces the Entertainment District on Housenfluke Island and is at the top of the picture below.
Schwerdtfeger Road runs along the water front. Starting at the left are two ports of which one is occupied, a residence, an empty lot, Mick’s Master Karaoke, Lowdermilk Science Facility, Cruzita’s Groceries and Diner, Moldenhauer Beach, two more ports of which one is occupied, an empty lot and at the end Grady’s Junkstop. In the hills behind the junkyard is a house. Above this is the Forest Fishing Spot (Fortunate Fishing from IP) which has fresh water fish. The path leads to Sunset Beach on the far right of the island.
Chiechi Road runs up from the beach by Cruzita’s into the left part of the island. Along this road are Synatschk Souvenir Shop (Green Roof), the Lake Pillsbury Resort, Moldenhauer Graveyard with a small fish pond, and six residences. A foot path continues off the end of this road to North Beach. Another foot path leads from the residences to two more ports one of which is occupied. A foot path runs out of the back of the resort to Coveside Beach which has BBQ, tables, chairs, see-saws and swings. There is fishing, gem and insect hunting. From this beach another foot path runs along the water’s edge to an occupied port.
That ends the tour. I hope you enjoy this world.
Auntielynds’ catalog of tutorials and information has been the total foundation of my knowledge on this subject. I could not have made any progress without reading most of them. I used the IP ini files and colors copied and published in this thread. I especially liked and followed the steps in “Building a World Parts 1 – 12”.
Mr. C deserves credit for maintaining his world index. I have used it several times to find worlds that I would like to play and now will use it to advertise this world.
My wife and granddaughters deserve credit for showing me this game which I have been playing since Sims 1. I can still remember my wife crying out in surprise as a Newbie did something she didn’t expect.
I appreciate the contributions of EA for providing CAW. It is a whole new aspect to the game. I hope Sims 4 has it (hopefully beyond beta) and CAP.
Enjoy and write if you have a chance!

RRArtie – Railroad Artie because I do model trains too!
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  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 19,134 Member
    edited March 2014
    This is a nice little world =)

    You said it contains CC- but riverview items aren't considered CC, their official EA content.=) Does it contain 3rd party cc like from TSR or modthesims etc?
  • KelleygirlKelleygirl Posts: 592 Member
    edited March 2014
    Nice background story for your world!

    In all the years CAW has been available, I've only created one world and I am now working on a second. The tutorials from Auntielynd's stickied stuff have been such a help to me.

    For those of us that envisioned our own worlds, CAW really added a new aspect to our Simming gameplay. I spend as much time planning new worlds and building houses for them as I do actually playing the game.

    Your world looks great!

  • azul662azul662 Posts: 222 Member
    edited March 2014
    I like the story line to your world. I think you did a great job :) This will be very interesting to try out - thank you.
  • RRArtieRRArtie Posts: 204 Member
    edited March 2014
    Thank you for the replies.

    I have updated the CC comment in the first post. No third party CC, but Riverview which is EA content has to be downloaded and installed to get the objects I use.

    I agree that CAW is a whole new aspect of the game. I was completely surprised at how much I enjoyed this. I started out just wanting some more challenging dive spots, and ended up adding more and more houses, and community lots.

    I already have ideas for additional stuff for the final version.

    But right now I am going to play it for a few weeks.

    I have finished the walk through in this post. It is a slightly abbreviated version of what is available in the PDF guide. The guide has better pictures since I was not restricted to 4:3 aspect ration and 600 pixels.

  • kampffenhoffkampffenhoff Posts: 157 Member
    edited March 2014
    I have decided to try this world as it looks good, but puzzled about the name, shouldn't it be spelled Hausenfluke? Sorry to interfere, it's your world you can spell it how you like, but just puzzled.
  • RRArtieRRArtie Posts: 204 Member
    edited March 2014
    I have decided to try this world as it looks good, but puzzled about the name, shouldn't it be spelled Hausenfluke? Sorry to interfere, it's your world you can spell it how you like, but just puzzled.

    I am glad you are trying my world and hope you enjoy it.

    As for the spelling Housenfluke versus Hausenfluke, I think either and it depends upon your family history. I researched these names for this world at an ancestry web site.

    Here is what I learned:

    Housen is an "Americanized" form of the German name Hausen. So in Germany you are right. The 1920s census has 1 Hausenfluke in Texas, but no Housenfluke. However, today if I do searches on both names, I get hits in Google for both in Texas.

    Since the story is these families settled in these islands and were the first European settlers, I should have named the island and family "Hausenfluke". But...I have the name all over and this was a Sims 2 family I played using "Housenfluke". So, I am going to stick with Housenfluke and hope I have not offended anyone.

    Thanks for your interest and comment.

  • RRArtieRRArtie Posts: 204 Member
    edited June 2014
    I have updated this world to a final version. Posted on MediaFire and this site. The tutorial and pictorial tour are partially updated (first post has been reworked because leaving the old pictures with wrong colors and no trees would be confusing.

    More pictures to come.
  • stickykissesstickykisses Posts: 2,001 Member
    edited July 2014
    WOW :shock: bookmarked for later, when I'm not so insanely happy to have found this thread! :P Thank you very much RRArtie!!
  • RRArtieRRArtie Posts: 204 Member
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    Play Testing of Housenfluke Rest Final Version Released 6/14/2014

    For the last month or so I have been play testing the final version of Housenfluke Rest which I distributed on June 14, 2014. I installed the Movie stuff pack and Into the Future expansion pack to play this world in that environment.
    The world plays fine. I have found a few minor errors and will correct them.
    1. The file NRaas_Tempest_Profile Tuning_Freeport.package in the Freeport Weather.Zip file had a miss-spelling in the place name and that caused two incomplete winter weather profiles. An updated version dated 7/21/2014 has been placed on MediaFire at
    2. The house at 621 Island Circle had two windows with the window boxes inside. I edit with walls cut-away and missed this one.
    3. There are brambles underwater in front the hidden island named, Privateer’s Treasure. One of my big failings is planting trees in the ocean because I forget to clear them or click too soon. I have moved them back to the shore.
    4. I see cars in several garages. This just increases the cost of a house and may be duplication for a family moving with cars. I have removed all the cars in garages.
    5. The Kubenka household and the Zimmerhanzel household have the wrong family funds. I had intended for them to have less than the initial $20,000 assigned when I populated the world.
    6. Hanna Housenfluke doesn’t have a capital “H” on her last name.
    7. James Zarella is a chef in the wrong restaurant. I have three restaurants and I suspect others are assigned to the wrong restaurant. It makes for a lot of boat travel.
    8. While testing these fixes I discovered the Kolache Shop was not accessible. I saved an older copy of the shop to the library, deleted the shop and lot and reinstalled it. I had noticed the proprietor acting like there was a stage routing issue, so I moved the foosball and bubble machine to give more side stage clearance.
    9. While testing these fixes, I noticed the Synatschk mother and daughter didn’t share the double bed in the Aquaholic houseboat. When I repopulate I will move them to the Bulkhead house.
    I have fixed items 2 through 4 and 8 in the Housenfluke Rest NoPop file on MediaFire at
    I have fixed items 2 through 9 and reassigned jobs in the Housenfluke Rest file on MediaFire at
    I will not fix the version stored on the exchange because the fixes are minor and you lose the recommendation and download count.
    I have updated the design notes, file named HousenflukeCAW_Final.pdf on media fire at

    A Few Stuck Checks
    In play testing I have found a few stuck checks, but will not do anything about them. The Overwatch mod cleans these out effectively. I find a horse occasionally stuck and for some reason small dogs get stuck in Varg’s. See the picture below.
    Before I released the final version in June I modified this area by taking out the counter, rope, and light, but the dogs still got stuck. I deleted Varg’s and reinstalled it and turned it 90 degrees from the Beta installation. The small dogs still get stuck. Again, Overwatch takes care of them.
    On several occasions a motor boat has overshot the shore line. There appears to be no damage to the shore, boat or passenger. This must be some kind of a routing issue, but I don’t know how to fix it. See the picture below.

    Playing the Hobratsch Family
    I played the Hobratsch family for most of their adult lives. I wanted to retest the natural discovery of the hidden sites. This is the ideal family for this test. Denise is a life guard with friendly, brave, charismatic, nurturing and athletic traits. James is a diver with athletic, sailor, irresistible, good sense of humor and gatherer traits. Their daughter Bonnie is athletic, family-oriented and a book worm which makes her a good student. James discovered all the diving oriented hidden spots (Plumbob Island, Local’s Refuge, Treasure Hunt, and Scuba Surprise). Unfortunately as she is ready to retire Denise has only rescued 20 people. I also had this family buy Lake Pillsbury Resort and attempt to build it into a five star resort. Unfortunately at old age the resort was only a 4 ½ star resort. With these outcomes I did not naturally uncover two hidden spots, but I have uncovered them using the cheats and know the treasures are there and working.
    As a small help or tutorial on funding and building a resort, I have added a little story description and resort improvement pictures. I hope this is helpful and enjoyable.
    A resort takes a large initial cash investment. Jonker’s Resort is expensive and can be easily built into a 5 star resort because most of the amenities are already there. Lake Pillsbury Resort is the cheapest plus the building space is restricted because of the lake on the lot. Diving is one of the best careers for getting funds. James starts at level one and there is a treasure chest in the Training Spot that can be opened at level 1 and another at level 2 which is achieved on the second dive. With these initial funds, a trip to Egypt is in order. With a little exploring, you can come back from Egypt with more money than the trip cost. Between opportunities in Egypt, Bonnie went into the Copper Mine and removed most rubble piles and collected the copper and a few gems. After three days they returned home and did some more diving and life guarding. After recovering from the trip, they went back to Egypt. James who is a gatherer can go into the copper mine which has re-spawned metals and gems and just collect more valuable treasure.
    It seems the treasure chest in the dive spots re-spawn after a trip, so by now James has the four map pieces and can find Greenbeard’s Treasure. Getting the treasure from the island and selling the island are enough to get the purchase money for Lake Pillsbury Resort. After the first day of operation the resort is a 2 star resort with complaints about bugs, lobby closed after midnight, needed a fire pit and no dessert or Dim Sun. The picture below shows the dining room had the basic breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
    James diving and a trip to France had made enough money for some resort improvements. Using the blueprint mode the Hobratsch’s purchased a second dining room and turned it around 180 degrees. This gives six buffet tables and six dining tables.
    Two walls are removed, the two parts are connected, and two buffet tables are added. The buffet tables are arranged for access (one couldn’t be turned because it was in use) and each is assigned a medium priced food (there are eight types). The restaurant has easy access from the lobby and a door at the back for access to the pool or island beaches and ports on the cove side. Notice the two tables added in the lobby. I placed cans of mosquito spray on them and will use them later.
    Besides these improvements I increased the lobby shift to three.
    More diving and more treasure brings in more money. The next day the resort is rated 2 ½ stars, but there were complaints about lack of room service. The Hobratsch family turns on room service and upgrades the resort towers (the $5,000 upgrade).
    The next day the resort is rated as 3 stars and review comments talk about good food. The Hobratsch family adds extra maintenance staff (two high and one medium) and all the food is upgraded to high quality.
    The next day the resort is rated as 3 ½ stars and comments complain about roaches and lack of a fire pit. The Hobratsch family adds a fire pit and some walk way around it and to the restaurant.
    Denise goes to the resort determined to fix the bug problems. In anticipation of this problem they have installed tables with mosquito spray in the lobby. I had hoped the staff and guest would autonomously use the spray, but apparently not. In the game a Sim can buy spray at the grocery under the household sort and at the front desk. It is available in buy mode under outdoor activities.
    Denise sprays the lobby clerk and one of the wait staff. I know it is mosquito spray, but spraying the resort staff seems to take care of the roach problem. There have been threads that describe how to find the bugs and remove them in build mode, but the spray technique is easier and more in line with the game play.
    The next day the resort is rated as a 3 ½ star again. A guest complains about the lack of a hot tub. Between diving rewards and resort income (about $1,500 a day) the family has accumulated enough simoleans to purchase a hot tub for the resort.
    While diving somewhere James discovers the rare map in a bottle that leads to Discovery Island (IP Plumbob Island). James also followed the adventure available at the resort front desk. This adventure ends with a map revealing the Simhenge Ruins. The treasure on the island and in the ruins plus the proceeds from selling the island and ruins give the family more than $50,000 simoleans.
    Finding this rare bottle is just a matter of luck. Most dive spots have 4 Sea Shell and Bottle spawners. The Training Spot has five. Shark Jaw and Ships Ahoy have only three, but Ships Ahoy has a bottle spawner. Some beaches (North Beach for one) have Sea Shell and Bottle spawner and Sunset Beach also has a bottle spawner.
    The next day the resort is rated a 3 ½ stars and guests complain about the lack of a food stand for snacks and a gym. Using blue print mode the family adds the lower priced Spanish style gym as a second floor on the restaurant. This gym is priced around $50,000, but it has four all in one bathrooms which are around $4,000 each. The family removes them and replaces them with showers and toilets. Leaving enough money to put floors and railings on the rest of the second floor and buy a food stand and place it near the hot tub and fire pit.
    The next day the resort is rated 4 stars. The family completes the second floor of the restaurant by installing a juice bar, tables and chairs. The maintenance staff is upgraded to three high quality employees and the hot tub is set to hot. Spa service is turned on in the resort towers. By now the resort is making about $2,500 simoleans a day
    The next day the resort is rated 4 ½ stars. That rating continues for several days and the family decides to enlarge the pool. The original pool was surrounded by plants and ground cover. These plants are all moved to different locations on the resort lot. Guest notice nice landscaping. The pool bar was moved to an enlarged end and a slide, waterfall and lounges were added to the pool.
    Ratings continue at 4 ½ stars and several days later the family adds two VIP rooms and a playground.
    The overall rating continues at 4 ½ stars, but individual ratings are starting to come in at five stars. Eventually this resort will be five stars.
  • RRArtieRRArtie Posts: 204 Member
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    Sims 3 Performance with Large Worlds

    As I mentioned above the older and less powerful of the three machines I have tried my world (and other large worlds) has a save error 12 problems. The statement -

    “It runs well on an older machine that has a 3.06 GHz duo processor, 4 GB RAM, and a GeForce 9800 with 1 GB of video RAM. This machine runs Windows XP - 32 bit version. This machine gets a code 12 (file save error due to memory problems) when running the fully populated version. This machine has had problems running large worlds in the past (Union Cove), but the portable did not have trouble with this world. I always run with Memories Disabled because memory storage contributes to save file blot. When I reduce the video resolution, and run the unpopulated world with only 3 of my families I can do successful saves after 20 minutes of play on the older machine.”

    Windows - 32 bit will not provide all of the 4 GB of RAM on this computer as useable. A 32 bit operating system can only address 4GB – 2 raised to the power of 32. The operating system takes away some of that and with a 256 MB video card you get 3.3 – 3.5 GB of usable RAM. Somewhere along the line I had upgraded the video card to 1 GB and this machine only addressed 2.39 GB – almost half my RAM was not useable. I believe that was the cause of performance and code 12 errors.

    With the end of Windows XP support, I decided to update to windows 7 Pro - 64 bit. I first ran the windows upgrade advisor to make sure the hardware would support Windows 7 and 64 – bits. It would. I collected Windows 7 drivers, backed up my data, bought Windows 7 Pro – 64 bit operating system, and installed it and Sims 3.

    With the same configuration of hardware and Windows 7 Pro – 64 bit I now have 2.97 GB of addressable RAM. I ran a Passmark benchmark and got almost the same rating as before. The new operating system had not ruined performance.

    I ran my world, Housenfluke Island, with all families (previously 3 now 24), with full video resolution (previously reduced video performance now full performance and 1280 x 1024) , and played for an hour (previously a half hour). I did a save and it was successful. If you travel a lot (WA or Into the Future, the save file will grow and you might want to save more often. For me an hour of play is usually 24 hours of Sim time and I save around midnight each day.

    My recommendations:
    1 – Never buy a 64 32 bit operating system – Windows 7 – 32 bit will address less than 4 GB of RAM, Windows 7 Home – 64 bit will only address 8 GB of RAM. Home Premium will address 16 GB. Pro and above will address 192 GB. I don’t know about Windows 8, but expect it is similar. Edit 5/12/15 Said it wrong sorry.
    2 – If you have the means (skill and money) upgrade to a 64 bit operating system.
    3 – If you have the means upgrade your hard disk to a solid state drive (SSD). Saves run a lot faster and boot up is almost instant.

    Hope this helps.
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  • DelsDels Posts: 288 Member
    An interesting and mysterious world RRArtie.
    You have a lot of interesting ideas.I love the dive sites
  • RRArtieRRArtie Posts: 204 Member
    Thank you Dels.

    The dive spots were fun to do. The balance of finding an interesting layout and the right level and number of spawners took some time. But I got a lot of testing time :)
  • RRArtieRRArtie Posts: 204 Member
    edited May 2015
    Placing Ghosts in Housenfluke Rest

    I have created Simon Skullfinder and put 22 tombstones in his inventory. He can be used to populate the Housenfluke Rest world or other played worlds with ghosts. You can install Simon into your game by placing the file Skullfinder.Sims3Pack in your download folder and using the launcher to install him. Then you can place the tombstones in the world and link them to families. Alternatively, you can download and install the fixed version of Housenfluke Rest and download the save game folder FixedHR_GhostFamilyTies.sims3 and place it in Sims3/Saves folder.

    Simon is available on the Sims 3 Exchange here:

    I have also uploaded him and the procedure for collecting and installing ghosts to here:

    I have a save file with the ghosts installed into the fixed version of Housenfluke Rest here:

    Here is a list of the tombstones that Simon carries. The list gives suggested locations and any relationships to the Housenfluke Rest population. I have tried to scatter the ghosts around the world to make a variety of haunting spots.
    1. Captain Pillsbury – the pirate that buried treasure around this world. Place him in the bushes at Captain Pillsbury’s Cove
    2. Barry Badde – father of Real Badde. Replace one of the empty tombstones at Smuggler’s Lair
    3. Idea Badde – sister of Barry and mother of Denise Hobratch. Replace one of the empty tombstones at Smuggler’s Lair
    4. Oscar Housenfluke and Lola Housenfluke – parents of Gustav Housenfluke. Replace two of the empty tombstones in the Knapek Graveyard. Digital DNA shows them as parents of Leilani and Tara Moldenhauer.
    5. Leilani Moldenhauer – mother of Alyssa Moldenhauer. Replace one of the empty tombstones in the Moldenhauer Graveyard
    6. Tara Lowdermilk – mother of Harrison Lowdermilk. Replace one of the empty tombstones in the Moldenhauer Graveyard
    7. Simon Knapek and Prudence Knapek – parents of David Knapek. Replace two of the empty tombstones in the Knapek Graveyard
    8. Agnes Zimmerhanzel and Mathew Zimmerhanzel – parents of Richard and Cari Zimmerhanzel. Replace two of the empty tombstones in the Knapek Graveyard
    9. Gus Geisreiter – father of Senator Geisreiter. Replace one of the empty tombstones in the Knapek Graveyard
    10. Florience and Julius Tarpy – parents of Dewey Tarpy. Replace two of the empty tombstones in the Moldenhauer Graveyard
    11. Adalia Mueller – Mother of Sylvia Synatschk and James Mueller. Replace one of the empty tombstones in the Moldenhauer Graveyard
    12. Di. L. Emma Riddle – no relationship to population. Placed near the bushes on Sunset Beach
    13. Harry Kubenka – father of Harvey Kubenka. Placed in the back of Greenbeard’s Fishing Spot
    14. Glenda Schwerdtfeger – mother of Lynn Gleghorn and Nathan Schwerdtfeger at 215 Chiechi Road. This relationship is a little confusing because there is a Nathan Schwerdtfeger who is Lynn Gleghorn’s father and lives with her at 479 Island Circle. Replace one of the empty tombstones in the Knapek Graveyard
    15. Cat Dizzy dog Breezy, dog Dazzler, and horse Estela Marshal. Replace some of the empty animal tombstones in the Knapek Graveyard

    Two of the tombstones are not related to island residents. Di. L. Emma Riddle (cute name - Dilemma Riddle) could be considered a tourist or visitor or could be assigned a name of an island resident and put in the family tree of that island family or new family. Captain Pillsbury was responsible for some of the treasure buried here. He could be related to some family on the islands, but no one has his name.

    Performance note: This is a large world and the population is increased with the addition of these ghosts. If your computer is marginal for large worlds, you might not want all these ghosts. On my portable with the Harvey Kubenka household 5 adults) the game crashed to the desktop. However, on my desktop with the Gleghorn family (3 adults and dog) it runs fine.
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