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Seven Gnomes Amusement Park by LadyGreenEyes

LadyGreenEyesLadyGreenEyes Posts: 922 Member
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Welcome to Seven Gnomes Amusement Park! (link to download on the Exchange -
(images will be replaced shortly, due to Photobucket going all greedy, and demanding $399 to share your pics.)
Update - all photos and the description are uploaded here - - on my new sims blog, where I will be sharing all of the things I have already uploaded here, and any new ones as well. Got tired of the photo issues, and this seems simpler.

While there aren't any gnomes around anymore, legend has it they built this place. This park has an amazing array of rides and attractions:

1. the Sasquatch roller coaster -

2. the old Fossil roller coaster -

3. Car Ride -

4. Cow Plant Maze -

5. Rocket Ride -

6. Boat Ride -

7. Carousel -

8. Big Top Play Zone - fort, slide, swing -

9. Ball Pit Jump Zone -

10. Brick Maze -

11. Dragon Ride -

12. Gyroscope Ride -

13. Bull Ride and

14. Climbing Walls -

15. Haunted House -

16. Broom Arena -

That's just the rides! Next come the attractions (next post)

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