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Ramsey Wishacy - NEW CHAPTER UP! Pg 10 - 5/14/17

lovesstormslovesstorms Posts: 17,794 Member
Welcome to my first ever wishacy (or story of any kind for that matter).

Go here for my rules to this wishacy.

A wishacy is basically a type of legacy, but the sims have free will and the story is led by the sims' wishes. It's a very interesting challenge for me, especially since it is my first.

I'm going to enjoy sharing this story with all of you!! I really enjoy reading these lighthearted kinds of stories. Many times, you never know what to expect of your sim or those around him/her and it can make for a very entertaining story.

Please feel free to share your story links as well. :mrgreen:The banner in my signature is a direct link to my wishacy blog. I really, truly hope you enjoy the story!

Added Justine to the Exchange
****Please note, she does have CC hair, lipstick, skin, eyes and formal earrings.****

Justine Ramsey

I have now uploaded Justine without ANY CC (per Custard).

Justine Ramsey CC Free

I have now uploaded London (as a teen) with CC. This is mostly just for my avi. I will upload another one once he has aged up to YA. :D

London Ramsey

So, if you like her and download her, please make sure you recommend her as well. Thanks!

I have changed a few things. Please go to my Welcome! page to read more.
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