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How do you put a sim as your avatar?

Why did they make it so hard to do this??
Sorry if I sounded rude, I'm just a little frustrated. I really want to start using this website more because i love the Sims 3 but ughhh


  • Sue_D_NimSue_D_Nim Posts: 2,550 Member
    edited January 2014
    It's really not hard at all. I don't quite know what you're doing.

    All you have to do is go to My Page, click on Edit Avatar (it's the tiny pencil icon in the corner of the avatar's space, then choose an avatar from the ones shown. If you have uploaded a sim to your studio, you can use that as your avatar instead; just choose "uploaded avatars" instead of "default avatars" from the drop-down list and choose one of those instead of the pre-made ones.

    If you're still confused, you'll need to tell us what exactly you are doing, so we can figure out which step is giving you trouble.
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