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High End Loft Stuff!!

Where could I buy this stuff pack!! I wanna buy it in a store not online plzzz HELP :!: :D :? :-o


  • Alli-beagleAlli-beagle Posts: 102 Member
    I am pretty sure it is on origin maybe not because it comes with the Starter Pack- which is on orgin
  • spongeblobbyspongeblobby Posts: 8 New Member
    edited June 2015
    You can go on ebay and buy the code or buy it of origin i got mine of ebay it is alot cheaper than origin i got mine for £2.55 on ebay on origin its £19.99
  • XLexisimsXXLexisimsX Posts: 44 Member
    I'm late plum, but you can buy this pack in walmart-at least that's where I got it. You can also go to best buy xx bet u got it by now, tho! XD
  • CirceGrangerCirceGranger Posts: 38 New Member
    I got mine as the starter pack. Just get it on Origin.
  • Stdlr9Stdlr9 Posts: 2,684 Member
    If you don't want Origin on your computer like me, I recommend eBay. You may still be able to find disc content in Walmart, Target, etc. Good luck!
  • AmiSolSimmerAmiSolSimmer Posts: 2 New Member
    You can get the High End Loft expansion pack from Origin online or disc from your local store and also on sites like Ebay. I recommend the starter pack you can buy online at origin it comes with Sims 3, Late Night, and High End Loft for only $20. I am not fimiliar with the disc format so I don't know how much that would cost or what it can offer you :)
    ~ AmiSol
  • jjames041jjames041 Posts: 62 Member
    starter pack cost 21.00 dollars
  • adamzaidadamzaid Posts: 1,760 Member
    got mine with the starter pack on my b-day all the way in 2013 ahh the memories
  • TragicClownTragicClown Posts: 58 Member
    I got mine with the starter pack for sims 3 base game so try to find that
  • MpartMpart Posts: 110 Member
    I also purchased mine in a starter pack a few years back.
  • MineWarsMineWars Posts: 16 Member
    In my opinion high end loft stuff is the best out of the nine stuff pack i use it the most out of all of them
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