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Game crashing (breakpoint)

Hello. My game is suddenly crashing and the crash log says the reason is because of "breakpoint" whatever that is. When I run the crash analyzer it tells me because of WA. It started doing this before I patched up to the latest version, so I decided to patch up my game. It didn't crash after patch up for a while. But now it has crashed again and it gives the same reason.

Can anyone provide an explanation as to what "breakpoint" is? Thank you very much. :oops: :(


  • LalajadeeyesLalajadeeyes Posts: 344
    edited December 2013
    Okay so I just read some information on crashes and it appears that DEP is a common problem when sims 3 crashes. However my crash was not because of DEP.
    Here is the type and address of the crash from the Exception info on the crash log:

    type: BREAKPOINT
    address: 0x0058d546 "C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Game\Bin\TS3W.exe":0x0001:0x0018c546
  • DecrainDecrain Posts: 893 Member
    edited December 2013
    Do you use custom content?
  • LalajadeeyesLalajadeeyes Posts: 344
    edited December 2013
    Hello Decrain, and thank you for answering my question. Honestly, I didn't think anybody would. So thank you.

    I do have custom content, but this crash has nothing to do with custom content. I had not added any NEW custom content to the game before crashing, and my game was playing fine up till this point.

    But never mind all these because I found the reason why it was crashing. Apparently "breakpoint" happens when you have a corrupted installation. Or something of the sort. I'm not sure which is the detailed information on it's meaning, but once I created a new game folder the game ran perfect. No more crashes.

    Thank you again for answering me. :)
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