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From 2/2013 to 11/2021 I did S3 DNA requests, I totally enjoyed it! :D As of 11/2021, we have decided to close the S3 DNA request thread but all my creations can still be found here and I will continue creating on my own and joining some of the S3 Community Collaborations! :mrgreen:

I do use default replacement skin and eyes on my sims. However, the uploads are cc free.

My Studio:

My Google Photo Album:

The DNA Request Team Blog:

My TS4 Thread:

FREE items from the store. here

Dowhload and picture links to my creations! :mrgreen:
My D.N.A. Request Builds:

My D.N.A. Request Sims

Personal Builds:

Personal Sims:

Ackney-upon-Sherne Creators Collaboration builds and sims:

Disney Magic Kingdom Community Collaboration:

Some Creator Collaborations that I am involved in. :mrgreen:
Ackney-upon-Sherne Creators Collaboration:

NEW! Disney Magic Kingdom Community Collaboration! :

Orient Express community collab:

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