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The Sim of the Month Challenge: December 2013 "Fred Fernberger"

The Sim of the Month challenge is BACK!
From now until the release of The Sims 4, I will be doing one sim of the month for TS3, complete with inter-connecting storylines like the previous batch of the sims of the month.

This Month: Fred Fernberger.

For full rules for this month's challenge, check out the Legacy Challenge Blog here:

For a quick download link on the exchange for Fred, check him out here:

Not familiar with the Sim of the Month Challenge? Here is a quick rundown:

Every month, a new sim will be uploaded to exchange. They'll have a specific personality type and name...and each come with one or more goals. Your task is to meet the goal while obeying the sim-specific restrictions in the least number of sim days as possible. Every month brings a different sim, and every sim brings a very different challenge.

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