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*Showcase* Made by Minke - Malwyn Manor p5



  • minkieBminkieB Posts: 78 Member
    edited September 2018
    @JACKIEJOY Yes, my builds are still CC free. Call me boring.

    I find it too risky to download stuff from external places. I have no mods or anything inside my game. Instead I bought 90% of the store and all expansion packs ofcourse :)
  • 60smusicluvr60smusicluvr Posts: 1,651 Member
    edited September 2018
    I'm way late to this party. @MinkieB, you have great talent for building. My eyeballs are set on this gorgeous victorian, but you never shared it to the exchange. I don't suppose you have this lot saved somewhere, but I bet the finish product would be amazing. The landscaping you started on was so pretty. I also think your fairy home was lovely.


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  • minkieBminkieB Posts: 78 Member
    Hi @60smusicluvr the victorian I have saved but it's not finished yet. I will upload it once the interior is done as it's still empty right now.

    I have finished the fairy cottage already. It was the first old project I finished to get back into building etc. I haven't had time yet to upload it but it's ready to go. Will try to do it tonight and share some more screenshots.

    Thank you for your sweet compliments, much appreciated!

  • minkieBminkieB Posts: 78 Member
    It has been a long time but the first project from a few years ago is finished! The house itself was already done so I only had to finish landscaping and the interior decorating. Something easy to get back into simming.

    TinkerBelle Cottage is build for a fairy sim that loves the outdoors. You can find the sim I build this cottage for here

    You can find this cottage now on the exchange for download. As always, no CC.

    This is a cottage suited for a fairy that loves being outdoors. The house has a hallway which leads into the dining and kitchen area on the right. On the left you have the spacious living room. Upstairs is one bedroom, a bathroom and nice space to train dancing en do some painting.

    The garden has beautiful spots to sit and do some fishing. You have your chickens that lay fresh eggs for you for cooking and baking. Want to escape for a little bit? The fairy house is directly in the garden.

    Some pictures to show you around.














    This was a fun little project to get back into things. On to the next one!


  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 145,240 Member
    The exterior design of Tinkerbell Cottage looks so very pretty! :) Very nice roofing design! The flowers through the outdoor areas look so very nice! The wishing well looks nice in the midst of the flowers. The greenery roofed front entrance is a nice touch. Very nice porch area for sims to enjoy relaxing in the hanging chairs or dining at the table, in the very nice floral setting! The string lights there look pretty. Very nice furnishing and layout of the interior! It looks a homely Cottage. The design of the kitchen and dining area is very nice! Sims will enjoy looking out through the kitchen windows whilst preparing meals in the kitchen. The utensils , lemonade jug, and knives are nice touches on the counters. The sofa and dining table breakfast nook area is very nice! Sims will enjoy dining there with sunshine coming in through the windows. The orange coloured curtains through the home look very nice. The sofa and armchair sitting area in the living room is very nice for Sims to relax there and watch tv. It is great that there is a bookcase nook in the bedroom for Sims to enjoy reading in their bedroom. The art, dancing bar and games area looks great! Sims will enjoy playing chess or painting on the easel whilst looking out through the windows at the outdoors views. The floral pattened floor rug is a nice touch.
    It is a very nice fairy cottage! :)
  • minkieBminkieB Posts: 78 Member
    Thank you @rosemow your comments and feedback are always so lovely to read. Makes my day a bit better while struggling with the next build. Time for a deep breath and ask some fellow builders for help.

    The build I'm currently working on is a Victorian styled house. The exterior was done literally years ago and I needed to finish the interior and some landscaping final touches. At the moment I'm playtesting the house to make sure the routing to certain objects because of MOO is working etc. I came across the following problem in one of the rooms. This is designated as a bathroom and my sim can't use half of the room. At first I thought it just couldn't reach the bathtub and shower because of objects I MOO'd in. But this seems not to be the case after I cleared half of the stuff out and there is plenty of space to walk around. For some reason my sim won't even 'go there'. There is no option for me to click on the floortiles to make my sim move to the other side of this room.

    Looking further after half an hour of frustration. Is it because of the roofing getting in the way? The exterior of this specific room is shown in the picture below. Any help or confirmation of my roofing thoughts would be appreciated.


  • cianeciane Posts: 15,274 Member
    Yep that lower roof goes into the room. You won't see it inside with the roof down. For spots like this, you have to redo the roof OR place only deco items in that part of the room with MOO. I often just have tile on the diagonal sections and put a sculpture or plants there. It is a gorgeous roof. You'll have to decide if you wish to keep it's looks and sacrifice indoor functionality or if you can change the roof line there or make it so that the turret continues from down on the main floor. Much good luck headed your way.
  • minkieBminkieB Posts: 78 Member
    Thanks @ciane for confirming my fears. It has taken me the entire afternoon and evening in order to make this work and at the same time look pretty.

    I now have a dressing room at the lower part of the turret and the actual bathroom is on the top part of the turret. Then in the attic I had a butler's room designed but again roofing issues. Same story in the upper hallway. Let's say 90% of the entire house is functional and 10% is unusable space filled with objects like - 5 extra bookcases you don't really need but fill up space and are easy to decorate ;)

    I hope this can be forgiven when I decide to upload this 'monster'.


  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 145,240 Member
    The exterior design of your Victorian Home is very nice! :) The turret and the roofing looks very great! The flowers on the edges of the home look very pretty! I hope that the rest of your playtesting goes well, and you don’t have more issues.
  • 60smusicluvr60smusicluvr Posts: 1,651 Member
    Whoops! Forgot to favorite this thread, but now I'm covered. ;) Looking forward to seeing the finished Victorian and glad you figured something out with the roof.
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  • minkieBminkieB Posts: 78 Member
    This was a long time coming but finally it's finished! This is the first Victorian styled house I've build. I did this as a challenge to myself as I really like the style and flourishes but I personally find it very difficult to do. I also tried my best to use more colour and patterns on the outside and lots of detailing. I'm very pleased with the results and may build another Victorian after I finish my 3 current projects.

    You can download it on the exchange here.
    As always, no custom content or any funny business.

    This house has an open stairwell in the middle of the house. On the right a large kitchen and dining area with bar. And on the left a living room with a music/tea room on the ground floor. On the first floor you can find a seating area in the grand stairwell, 2 bedrooms with their own bathroom. A study/office and a laundry room. Finally on the third floor in the attic space you will find a pool table and a small space for a butler with own bathroom and small kitchen. A large garden with fishing pond and a greenhouse surround the house. Lovely flowers can be found everywhere you see.

    NOTE: I've build the exterior of this house literally 3 years ago. I recently got back to it and while play testing and decorating I figured out a problem with the roof. Some parts of the house are not fully accessible and are just decoration. I've tried to adjust the roof but it made me want to rip my hairs out and caused more problems then I started with. I decided to leave it be and pay more attention to roofing on my next projects. The last two images show which space is not useable for your sims.

    Some (a lot, sorry) pictures to show you around.


































  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 145,240 Member
    Your Victorian build is very nice! :) It looks sonvery pretty both the exterior design of the home and the furnishing of the interior! Very nice roofing! The dormers, tower, roof covered patio and multi level front steps are very nice! The flowers are so very pretty throughout the outdoors areas! The bridge is a special touch over the river. Very nice greenhouse for Sims to enjoy growing plants indoors. Very nice furnishing of the interior! It looks very nice!The wall panelling gives a very nice look to the rooms. Very nice open plan kitchen, dining , bar and breakdst nook. The layout design is very nice! The sofa seats winfows breakfast nook is very nice for Sims to enjoy dining at the table with sunshine coming in onto them. The corner bar nook is very nice for Sims to enjoy sitting on the stools having a drink from the bar. The plants and flowers are nice touches of nature indoors through the rooms in the home. It is a very detailed build so I won’t write about all the very nice features in the home, but have been enjoying looking at the pictures,
    It is very nice and pretty both the outdoors areas, and the interior! :)
  • StephStebStephSteb Posts: 1,822 Member
    Wow! I've just gone through all 5 pages of your builds and they are simply amazing! Thank you!
  • soocoolsimsoocoolsim Posts: 3,146 Member

    What a beautiful Victorian. I love the architecture, exterior mix of patterns and colours and the detailed landscaping. Well done! Rec’d :D
  • minkieBminkieB Posts: 78 Member
    @rosemow thank you as always for your lovely comments and feedback on my and many of the other threads from builders. You have no idea how great it is to read all of your support and effort you put into writing your comments. You're simply an amazing person, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    @StephSteb welcome in my little corner of this forum. I'm glad to see you enjoy my builds. There will be more coming in the very very near future. I have a few finished but don't want to be to spammy.

    @soocoolsim thank you for the feedback. It was a real challenge I've gotten myself into a few years ago. I will try something similar again soon and this time will plan out the roofing better. Learning as I go!

    Ladies, as always so lovely to read the support you give to others. Thank you all.

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