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*Showcase* Made by Minke - Malwyn Manor p5

minkieBminkieB Posts: 78 Member
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Hi everyone,

So, it took me a great while to finally collect enough courage to start a showcase thread.

I've been building for a year now and I must say I truly enjoy it. Before this I just build a simple house without any details and would be done with them in a couple of hours.

I always envied the people who created the most detailed houses and surrounding it with a gorgeous garden. After spending hours and hours of watching tutorials on youtube and reading courses on this forum I decided to really start building. I like to change styles and try something else to keep challenging myself.

I don't use any custom content (any more) but I do own the majority of the expansion packs and stuff packs. Besides that I am an avid shopper in the store.

I hope you enjoy my homes and if you have any feedback please post a comment. I'd really like to improve and getting better in creating houses.

Please do not re upload any of my houses as your own, thank you.



An overview of my houses and sims can be found below:

Mediterranean Palazzo
Asian Fusion
Summer Dream
Modern Cube
Modern Retro
Modern Chocolate
Primrose Cottage
Industrial Loft
Forest Lodge
Home Sweet Home (Base game starter)
Peachy Beach
Tinker Belle
TinkerBelle Cottage
Malwyn Manor
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  • minkieBminkieB Posts: 78 Member
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    The first house I created is a Mediterranean styled home. If you'd like to download it you can find it on the exchange.

    This is the first time I tried to put an effort in my house, it's still a bit basic but it has more details then my shoe boxes I've build before this one.
























  • minkieBminkieB Posts: 78 Member
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    My second attempt is Asian inspired, I remember I just bought those asian sets from the store and I wanted to see how they looked in the game.

    So I thought why not build an Asian house, you can find it on the exchange.

    A couple of pictures to give an idea.














  • minkieBminkieB Posts: 78 Member
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    A summer beach inspired house. This house was build right on the beach just before the expansion pack seasons came out. I wanted a beach house so my sims could walk right on the beach and dive in for a quick swim.

    You can download it from the exchange.

    A couple of pictures.














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  • minkieBminkieB Posts: 78 Member
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    I bought Sunlit Tides and removed all of the houses, and decided to rebuild it with white modern houses only. Three of the houses I build for this world are available on the exchange.
    Modern Cube.
    Modern Retro.
    Modern Chocolate.

    A couple of pictures to give an idea.












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  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 145,835 Member
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    It is great that you have set up a showcase for your build. :) Each of your homes look great! :) Great varied themes and styles of the houses, all of them looking great in their exterior design and very nicely furnished. Nice shades of colours you have used. Great way you have used the Asian themed furnishings in your Asian Fusion home. Great Asian exterior design of it, and very nice way you have done the outdoors areas of this home and all your other houses too.
    Great homes, great photos you have posted of them here , and nice showcase thread to visit! I will look forward to seeing future builds that you create too! :)
  • minkieBminkieB Posts: 78 Member
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    Thank you Rosemow for your nice comments! I really appreciate that.

    I've got more houses already finished and uploaded in my studio but for now I didn't want to spam this thread with too much in one time.

    Still to come;
      A cottage
      A light house
      An industrial loft
      A forest lodge

    At the moment I am trying to build my first Victorian, but it's making me pull all of my hair out. But we'll see how it turns out. I may post some work in progress pictures in here later on to receive some feedback.

    Thanks again and feel free to leave a comment!

  • Sierra24Sierra24 Posts: 721 Member
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    You have some great looking lots. You're a pretty well rounded builder, particularly strong in interior decorating, landscaping and attention to details. Nice showcase too and welcome.
  • saitouamysaitouamy Posts: 1,104 Member
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    All of your buildings look beautiful Minke :D
    Love Mediterraanse Villa especially, it has such a beautiful pond and elegant shaped bridge! Interiors are lovely too. Left you a rec!
  • minkieBminkieB Posts: 78 Member
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    Thank you both for the positive comments. I was pretty anxious to create a showcase thread but you're all so nice!

    Still trying different styles to see what fits best for me, I still feel like a noob in building to be honest. I'll keep trying and improving over time.

    Thanks again!

  • TarynTempestwindTarynTempestwind Posts: 4,438 Member
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    Minkie! What a beautiful showcase! Your home are so pretty, and you have such a stylish eye for decor and colors. Very clean and tastefully, and contemporary. I am particularly crazy about that "Tiffany" blue you've used.

    Rec'd all! So glad to see your showcase thread! Good for you!

    (hugs) T
  • minkieBminkieB Posts: 78 Member
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    Thanks Taryn!

    You mentioned it to me some time ago but I was just to busy in real life to spend time playing and building in the sims. Now things have calmed down again so I thought why not create a thread as well and see what others think.

    I really feel like a noob now, but you know... I really have no clue what Tiffany blue is lol. I had to google it! Glad you like it.

    As soon as I hit the second page I will add the other houses that are already in my studio. I don't want to overload the pages with too much pictures (I already think it's a bit much lol).

    *continues with the Victorian that's a real pain*


  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 145,835 Member
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    Your Victorian will turn out great even if it is causing you a few problems and struggles at the moment! The resulting house will be great! :)
  • yanti68yanti68 Posts: 19,016 Member
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    These are your first uploads? WOW! :D You have done a fantastic job! You look like an experienced builder to me. Love all your homes, specially the mediterrenean house and the moderns. Recommended all your builds. Looking forward to seeing more of your creations in the exchange. :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:
  • SarademoorSarademoor Posts: 2,848 Member
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    Simply beautiful creations! And such tasteful interior decorations, really fitting the build! I'm about to mozey over to your studio and hit it with a reccing ball! ;)

    Blijkbaar ook een taalgenootje :D Wat leuk!
  • minkieBminkieB Posts: 78 Member
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    Hi girls!

    Thank you so much, and here I was nervous about creating a thread and what people would think. Now I'm thinking why was I nervous?! No need!

    @ Rose, thanks for the encouragement! I gave up for now, maybe I'll give it a go again tomorrow. Stuck on interior and again patterns and colors! Need to do some more googling to match it with the style/theme.

    @ Yanti, thank you! And yes, these are my first uploads. Never uploaded before, thought it wasn't good enough so hence why I stepped in halfway. I must say I always admire your builds! I've got a fair few of them in my game they're gorgeous.

    @ Sara, yes I'm Dutch so that's my second native language (I live in the northern part ;) ) But I'll be moving to New Zealand in a couple of weeks.

    To brush up on my English I joined the English community ^^

    Thanks for your rec's I appreciate it!

    See you soon with more houses...

  • minkieBminkieB Posts: 78 Member
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    Second page, more houses...

    As always I do a lot of searching on google and looking at pictures. I do spend an average of 5 days on the exterior and another 3 to 4 on interior and garden. I start building, demolish and rebuild. Saving, coming back later, make changes or just start over again.

    My first attempt in making a cottage. I must say I still really like this build and style, it's really cozy and country. For now I want to try out different things but a cottage country style I really like. But maybe there is something else I haven't discovered yet which will make me change my mind.

    With no further delay I present you Primrose Cottage! You can download it on the exchange.








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  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 145,835 Member
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    Primrose cottage is lovely. :) Very nice exterior of the house and it is very lovely and pretty the way you have done the flowers! Nice greenery covered front and back porches. Sims will enjoy cooking on the bbq and eating outdoors in the back garden area of the house with such nice surroundings! Very nice furnishing of the interior. It looks very cottagey and homely, a warm home to enjoy living in. Pretty floral pattern that you used in the lounge room and bedroom. It looks great the way you have furnished the kitchen. The stove suits the home, and the chillies hanging either side of the window looks great. Great living room to sit on the comfortable seats and read a book or watch tv. The green checked pattern you have used for the seats looks nice. Nice way you have done the dressing table area in the bedroom with various items on the dresset, the mirror , and the angled chair nearby for sims to sit on. The family photos on the wall is a nice touch.
    It is a nice home! :)
  • minkieBminkieB Posts: 78 Member
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    Thank you Rose for your lovely comments as always! I do enjoy reading the posts and gives me pleasure to share my houses even though I'm still learning the craft of the detailing.

    Btw, the floral pattern is base game. Did not come up with that one myself but I felt it really suited the house in a good way.

    *off to the game again to continue building*

  • saitouamysaitouamy Posts: 1,104 Member
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    Ooh the cottage looks wonderful! It's garden is beautiful with lots and lots of flowers and fountain. Interiors has warm welcomed mood and I really love the library area. Left you a big rec :D
  • yanti68yanti68 Posts: 19,016 Member
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    Oh it is so pretty! :D Love your tudor build. The garden and the interiors are lovely. I see that you have used the perfect patterns for the cottagy theme. Recommended. :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:
  • CorwimCorwim Posts: 3,201 Member
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    Oh my, I'm so glad you decided to start a showcase topic here, your builds are all fantastic, you obviously got a great talent for building. 8) I've left you rec's for all the houses you've posted here, looking forward to seeing more of your houses! :thumbup:
  • minkieBminkieB Posts: 78 Member
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    Thank you, thank you for the great feedback and comments! Love to read it all and see what you think about the houses.

    There are a couple of houses still to come, three in total to be exact. And then I can move on to my work in project. Maybe I'll post another house on this page and then continue again on page 3. We'll see how things go.

    I took quite a lot of time off from building so I kind of need to re learn and getting the hang of it a bit. Come to think of it, I should've started with something easier instead of a Victorian but oh well. It's a lot of fun!

  • walkingstickwalkingstick Posts: 4,637 Member
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    You've got some great builds. You've got talent. Left some rec's.
  • minkieBminkieB Posts: 78 Member
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    Thank you very much! I'm getting very happy with all of the comments written down here. I truly appreciate it, such a nice community here at the sims. Great!

    For now I'll continue building even though it's only on the weekends. Wish I had more time but something called 'work' is intervening. Too bad!

    Hope to see you soon with a new house on the exchange, for now you have to do with 'my golden oldies'.

    Take care!

  • minkieBminkieB Posts: 78 Member
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    Time for a new house added to this showcase, the most popular one in my studio for some reason.

    An industrial loft suited for one or two sims, build at the top two floors of this building. It is set up as an apartment building and when I play tested it my sim had neighbors indeed.

    You can download it from the exchange.

    A couple of pictures to give an impression.













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