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So what do we do with this SP?????????????



  • fionaloveserranofionaloveserrano Posts: 569 Member
    I think some of these outfits are so cool. while I'd rather get Fast Lane and Diesel first I'd still want this one because it seems so awesome.
  • Zabeth0Zabeth0 Posts: 1,337 Member
    What to do with this stuff pack? First, you take a sim or sims of your choice...

    For this demonstration, we shall be using:


    Left to Right: Deedee Wynn (townie of Moonlight Falls), Rafael Zolnikov (mine) and Zelda Zolnikov (mine)


    Next, pick a theme...first I'll go with western... maybe they have having a western party or visiting a cow town...or time traveling, whatever reason, or maybe you just want to know what they'd look like as a cowboy/girl/Saloon girl or whatever. It'd probably be cool to take some old looking sepia tones or black and white photos if you've got a photographer. ;) (Yes, I know this is far from what they'd normally dress as...that makes it funny.) Oh, I used a nightlife choker on Zelda, just so you know that doesn't come with the pack. ;)

    CAS them to your heart's content... ;) (Well, it won't let you change that bandana on Rafael's cowboy get up or the shirt...but there are a couple of different choices.)


    Rafael: "Oh, Zyelda, this currly mustyashe is gifink me an insatyable nyeed to tie somevone to some trrain you haf any yenemies you vant to...catch a trrain...perrmyinantly?"

    Zelda: "Sorry, Twinkle-toes, but I don't have any spares right now. And you can't keep attacking witches anyway. Don't you have that human that ticked you off?"

    Rafael: "Vell, yes, but he'd just yescape it, and besyides, it's not lyike the sharrktyank is just some vhim of myine. He's the vone vho's afrraid of vatyerr."


    Deedee: "When are you going to get me a boyfriend?"

    Me: "Um. That's totally going to happen, Deedee...someday..."


    Deedee: "Can you make him charming but not sneaky? Oh, and since you got the whole kidnapping thing out of your system, could you, if at all possible, keep from using him in any witch plots? You know, just a really fun boyfriend? Who can handle me being a witch without running away screaming? Pretty please?"

    Me: "Well, you know, that's a tall order. We'll see."

    Deedee: "Oh, you know you want to!"

    (I don't remember which pack gave us this necklace, but it's not attached to the dress and it's not from the movie pack, I just wanted to use it, so I did.)


    Me: Oh, and I'm not done playing around yet. How about Evil Banker Rafael!

    Rafael: "You myean, byank rrobbyerr! Styage coaches too, probably."

    Me: "Sure, whatever, just don't get too attached to that mustache."
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    I haven't bought this stuff pack, its never been high up on my list, but I try and wait for online or store sales before purchasing any game, and this never seems to be included in the sales. Having said that, I do enjoy the stuff packs I own so far and do use most of the content included with them.
  • Zabeth0Zabeth0 Posts: 1,337 Member
    Next, we have the same three sims, but this time, instead of western genre, time for horror! (Also known as torn clothes and bad stitching!) :D

    Now, for most players, I expect the usefulness of this pack will be for things like music videos, snazzy props for singer and entertainer sims....halloween costumes (not that I think these are listed as a choice for halloween costume changes, but for stories...), for eccentric sims or insane sims to demonstrate their difference from the norm...


    But there is a two toned veil in this one...that you could consider using for say, a funeral...or a wedding. It's pretty hard to see in black against dark hair like that but mainly I wanted you to see that the edge that is in yellow right now is a separate channel from the majority of the veil, so it can be a little bit more useful than just a straight clump of material. This dress is pretty too, but it has a band of purple lace that can't be this can't ever be a perfect black funeral dress without any other color...I really wish that they'd made it re-colorable, but most of the clothes have something that isn't re-colorable... most of them have more presets to choose from, but not this dress, that line of purple lace is the only choice.


    It's kind of a queen of hearts kind of veil and it doesn't go all the way around, but I think it's nice to have a long hairstyle with a veil for a choice, I'll show you a better use of it in a moment. :D


    Did I mention weddings? Because if I bought this pack for nothing else, I'd want it for the veil. ;) The intact, fully re-colorable 2 channel, queen of hearts looking veil. :D


    The torn veil on Deedee there is a pain and I hate it, I would have liked it if it were as recolorable...

    Why would people walk around in such torn clothes? Oh, so your wedding party was attacked by werewolves and you barely escaped with your lives? How come you're not scratched up...oh your clothes are torn, that sounds more convincing now! Oh, at your wedding, your husband turned out to be a vampire, and bit you and the townsfolk chased you off into the hills, and you've been sneaking into town occasionally but not being able to shop for clothes or supplies...and that wedding dress is going on four years old? (Recolored to light brown, possibly a pattern with some splotching... lol), oh, that's an explanation! ;)

    On Deedee's dress, there is a bit of transparent material, it's very gauzy...sorry, guys, I'm not good at gauzy, I'm sure one of you would be much better at recoloring it than me! I hope I've at least given you an idea of what it looks like.


    In fact, I used that dress in my story as an idealized witch's dress by recoloring it brown (with it being torn up, yet seemingly old fashioned, it seemed a thing to fit. :D It might also be awesome as a zombie queen or vampire queen dress. :D


    There are a couple of up does, one of which seems to be like the saloon girl hair from earlier without the feather, and the other one is just an updo for variety I think, with the part on the other side, so you don't have to have everyone with their hair up looking exactly the same. :D Also, if you see how Zelda's hair is long and flowing under that veil, there is a hairstyle much like that with no veil, so if you want someone to appear to take off the veil you can just change the hair and now she's wearing the veil, and now she's she's wearing the feather, and now she's not...that sort of thing. :D But see the little whispy hairs falling down on the side of Zelda's face? For those occasions you want some hair that looks like someone's done some work or running in... and a little has fallen out. :D


    I'm sure some of you can think of what to do with outfits that have a lot of leather straps and metal circles, but I couldn't resist using a more busy pattern on it. :D


    About half way down this outfit, between her neck and her bust...there is a half circle of bad stitching...just so you know, because I dislike it, I tend to cover the outfit with a pattern, but despite the way it looks, it's not two pieces, that pink pattern is one continuous area being recolored.

    But keep in mind, I'm not showing you all the outfits...these are just some...and I'm not going to put Rafael in the Rocky Horror Picture Show option... and I haven't shown you objects (I'm pretty sure you've seen them on the loading screen mini-game anyway. These are just mostly for ideas. :D
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    It's a SP.
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    you watch movies... and stuff.
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    edited July 2016
    you watch movies... and stuff.

    I think you might be thinking of the Sims 4 GP that came out since this section is for The Sims 3.... ;) This stuff pack doesn't allow you to watch movies like the one for TS4. This pack has items and clothing for anyone who likes to make little Sims movies.
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    What is the big deal about it? I feel like we were mislead into thinking we could make movies and all it seems to be is clothing items.

    Where is the Movie part??????

    Well, to be honnest, I first thought it would add somehting to the movie career...
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    SPs are not EPs, it is stuff like a glorified store set with no PC. It isn't much more or less than any other stuff pack, if you like the theme you like it; if you don't you don't.

    ^ this

    I for one loved Cool Kitchen for example, but I know most people hate it. Same with all the other stuff packs. You either like them or you don't. Or you're addicted to adding content and buy them either way .. not that I would ever do that B)
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