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Male Fairy Sim (w/ CC) - Darwin St. Clair

WallinWallin Posts: 2,243 Member
Hello all! :)

First time browsing this section of the forums (some of you may know me from the Daily Deal thread), and I didn't immediately see a lot of fairy Sims, so I thought I'd add my newest Sim to the bunch in case anyone was looking for one.

Darwin St. Clair

~Click any image for a full-size version, great for desktop wallpaper!~

Born to a fairy prince and a human princess, Darwin was raised lovingly in the fae realm. On his 23rd birthday, before deciding if he would ascend the throne, he was given the opportunity to visit the the human world his mother came from for the first time, and must eventually choose the place he will call home.





I'm not sure if posting links to CC is an issue, but you can easily search out the names and creators below. All of them are on free sites.

Hair - Hair Mesh #13 Zombrex, by Lapiz

Skin - Naughty & Nice Male Skins (muscular version) non-default Skin, by LadyFrontbum
(Not sure if it's the Naughty or Nice version, but either should do)

Eyes - Contacts, by brntwaffles
(Not sure which one they are, but pick any style and just make them an intense forest green)

Everyday Clothing - Shingeki no kyojin Elen update Wings of Freedom, by YSstudio

Boots - Shingeki no kyojin boots male update, by YSstudio

Outerwear Clothing - shingeki no kyojin Revi, by YSstudio

Swimwear, Athletic, Sleepwear, and Formalwear are various store sets.

The fairy wings are slightly different than normal, as they're also CC. Default Replacement for Monarch, Ferns, Wisps, and Dragonfly Fairy Wings, by Merkaba.

No idea where I got the jewelry and the outerwear scarf accessories from, sorry!

More photos of Darwin are up in my blog area on the September 19th post if you're interested.

Thanks a lot for stopping by! Should you decide to invite Darwin to your world, take good care of him for me, and enjoy! :mrgreen:


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