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Complete a set


  • SimLibbySimLibby Posts: 538 Member
    Thank you very much @Anniemary (Laynie, Annie and Mary) for the Stäncké Sun Light and Stäncké Sun Beam. Your gifts bumped me up to 56% of the Collectionne Stäncké.
  • Greylady624Greylady624 Posts: 1,149 Member
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    Hello :)
    It's been a while since I've been here. I didn't notice this thread before (though obviously it's been around for a while). What a nice idea.

    I've decided to work on the Blast From the Past collection. I am about 35% complete last I checked. I am also watching for some of the upcoming deals, but anything would be a help. Thank you so much and Happy Simming!


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  • SimLibbySimLibby Posts: 538 Member
    @Greylady624, thank you very much for the Flame and for your persistence in sending it. ;) It bumped me up to 57% of the Collectionne Stäncké.
  • Greylady624Greylady624 Posts: 1,149 Member
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    SimLibby wrote: »
    @Greylady624, thank you very much for the Flame and for your persistence in sending it. ;) It bumped me up to 57% of the Collectionne Stäncké.

    You're welcome :) Enjoy!

    @FairyGodMother Thank you so much! You are awesome! I really appreciate them!

    Edit to add:

    Thank you @melaniet1020! I love the gifts and really appreciate them! You, too, are awesome! :)

    I really like this collection, some of the pieces remind me of a house we used to visit when we were children - one of my parents' friends. Yeah, they didn't really leap into the 80s and 90s with as much gusto as the rest of us. Their house was firmly set in the 60s/70s. Change the pattern on the sofa and I can just smell the floral/potpourri/whatever was in that room. Ha.

    Watching the progress bar for this set is surreal.
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  • Jordan061102Jordan061102 Posts: 3,624 Member
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    Hi, I am currently working on the Collectionne Stäncké, I'm at 30% percent, thank's for the opportunity. To anyone who gift me something, thanks to tag me on here cause otherwise I cannnot know who gifted me on the store. :blush: My wishlist :
  • Greylady624Greylady624 Posts: 1,149 Member
    I want to thank everyone for helping me with the Blast From the Past collection. This morning, I purchased the Mid-Century Fantasy set on the Daily Deal and out of curiosity, went to see how much the Blast collection was. I had already bought the Trailblazer set last fall, so I figured I should be pretty far along.

    So, the "Buy" button was gone and replaced with a "download" button. I went for it and ended up getting the kitchen set for free.

    Thank you for your help! You are all so generous.

    I love the set.

  • SleepstarSleepstar Posts: 338 Member
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    Here's the progress on the Sets I'm going through:

    Animals Abound-Outdoor Fun: 10%
    Tip Top Toddler Collection: 16% (Top O' The Tots hairstyles and Headwear brought it up to 16%)
    Tutor of Tudors: 4%
    Mother Russia: 1%
    Live, Laugh, Love: 3%
    Dreams of India: 3%
    Palace of Versailles: 6%
    Japanese Inspired Clothing Collection: 7%
    Itadakimasu! Japanese Inspired Dining: 5%
    Drifter's Desire: 3%
    Mid-Century Modern Dining and Style Set: 2%
    One With Nature: 1%
    Fun for Kids of All Ages Compilation: 30%
    Finest Living, Finest Cooking: 2%
    World Inspiration Compliation:1%
    December 2011 Compilation: 2%

    That's sixteen Sets I'm trying to Complete. Currently I'm focused on completing the Tip Top Toddler Collection

    Edit to add the "One With Nature" Set.
    Edit 2: Added the "Fun for Kids of All Ages Compilation".
    Edit 3: Added Finest Living, Finest Cooking, World Inspiration and December 2011 Compilations to the list
    On the Featured Looks, Villa Paraiso is at 1% (Due to the rose vase that comes with Bohemian Garden)
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    Currently aiming to get all harvestables produce in The Sims 3 (On the Store now)
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  • MegaMauricioMegaMauricio Posts: 237 Member
    Hello. Has been a time since I posted here. I am happy seeing this kind community helping to others players in hard times like this year 2020.
    I am wanting complete the set "Sweet Escape Nursery" (currently 14%). I have some objects of that set in my wishlist if anyone very nice can help me with that. I will be very thankful. :)
    I am Bluebomber21 in theSims3. lol
    My Studio here.
    Accepting new friends!
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