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Outdoor Living Stuff vs. Diesel Stuff

Slippy64653Slippy64653 Posts: 464 Member
Which stuff pack is better. I really new casual clothes but Outdoor Living Stuff have very nice furniture that can be useful, even indoors.


  • OnlyCarolineOnlyCaroline Posts: 187
    edited September 2013
    Outdoor living. I use the furniture from it all the time, much more than the clothes from Diesel. (And I really hate how you can't change the patterns on the furniture with Diesel, either.)
  • seadramonseadramon Posts: 1,072 New Member
    edited November 2013
    In my opinion Outdoor Living - I use the furniture from it all the time (my secound favorite SP, HELS is the best). I hate how looks clothes from Diesel (like CC).
  • XxHannelorexXXxHannelorexX Posts: 2,943 Member
    edited January 2014
    I don't have either, but I was surprised to hear that you can't change the patterns on the furniture in Diesel. That's a shame. Diesel is now second lowest on my list of SP wants :wink:
  • alstromeriaalstromeria Posts: 218 Member
    edited January 2014
    Outdoor Living.

    By a mile.

    Okay, I don't have Diesel.

    But OL's got so much stuff! And clothes -- and hair!

    Hair I actually use.

    Men's hair I actually use.

    But from a less-biased perspective, I suspect that if your sims rarely or seldom go outside, you might not get the heavy use out of Outdoor Living.

    So it depends on your play style.
  • awaiirain0awaiirain0 Posts: 193 Member
    edited February 2014
    Get Outdoor Living. Outdoor Living also comes with really nice clothes for adult sims. There's a lot of summer wear that I would describe as designer looking clothing. I also love the items that come with it too.
  • Anzi130Anzi130 Posts: 140 Member
    Well I guess it depends.. if you would love more jeans variants then go for Diesel, but I would have to say that I loved Outdoor living much more than Diesel :)
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  • AimiexoxoAimiexoxo Posts: 395 Member
    No disrespect to the creators of Diesel, but the clothing from that EP is terrible. Your best bet is to go for Outdoor Living, if you haven't already made up your decision. I don't want to give too much away, but you get an OUTDOOR FRIDGE AND BBQ THAT FIT RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER! How cute is that? You only get like, one full outfit for males and it isn't that great, but the female clothing are so pretty, I have them on my Sims most of the time, especially in summer! Get OL, deffo!
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  • Sigzy05Sigzy05 Posts: 16,657 Member
    Which stuff pack is better. I really new casual clothes but Outdoor Living Stuff have very nice furniture that can be useful, even indoors.

    I personally like Diesel more, tons of cool and very well texture jeans, hoodies and some sweathers for sims to use as well as some very cool dresses.
  • GibbzeyGibbzey Posts: 20 New Member
    I don't have Diesel but I really recommend Outdoor Living. There is some absolutely gorgeous furniture that I can't really go one build without using. Plus there are some pretty nice new hairs and CAS items too.
  • MiyuEmiMiyuEmi Posts: 2,404 Member
    While these two SPs have a good amount of items, Outdoor Living has better furniture, whereas Diesel (in my opinion) has better male clothing options. I was always disappointed that with each EP/SP the females would get huge amounts of clothing but the men would be sold short. In Diesel, there is a good amount of nice, casual clothes. The furniture suffers from the inability to alter it in CAS. There are often emblems or other decals on the furniture that cannot be removed. For instance, the Diesel bed is one of the best beds in the game, but you can't change the pattern on the sheets. Outdoor Living is largely smart casual. Think...preppy barbeque and you're on the right track. The furniture is much nicer for general use than Diesel, but I suppose you have to decide what's more important to you. I personally have and use both of them a lot, so if you can find a sale, I'd try to get both.
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  • AMofOzAMofOz Posts: 856 Member
    I really love outdoor furniture and seeing the items and reviews it's quickly coming to the top of my need/want list!
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  • mochachina1mochachina1 Posts: 34 Member
    Although I own and really love Diesel, if you were only able to get one, I'd get Outdoor Living. I think you can get much more use out of it as it has great clothes and great furniture. I've also found that depending how you recolor the furniture most of it can be used indoor as well.
  • Swiftlover13Swiftlover13 Posts: 2,369 Member
    Definitely Outdoor Living Stuff.

    Also, I hope I helped you 3 years later!
  • MpartMpart Posts: 115 Member
    Diesel stuff. I love the CAS items that come along with it. Man...this thread is older than I thought. :p

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  • fionaloveserranofionaloveserrano Posts: 569 Member
    Outdoor living for sure . Diesel stuff is nice but the furniture is mediocre at best. Outdoor Living has amazing CAS and build/buy mode objects !!
  • pinkteeshirtpinkteeshirt Posts: 12 New Member
    I personally like the out door living one, and as you mentioned it's not just stuff to use outdoors, it can be inside as well.
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