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What are your 3 main features you want in Sims 4?


  • steve7859steve7859 Posts: 3,824 Member
    edited August 2013
    I just downloaded eve its actually relay easy to do like just click drag done and you can do way more im shocked! its easier than sliders and way more fun an yea i saw that other post too was cool i dont really care if the feature is there im buying the sims 4 either way im an uber fan but it is fun
  • alexspoom13alexspoom13 Posts: 7,439 Member
    edited August 2013
    - Improved Sims that are more expressive and more charming than ever
    - An open world with minimal rabbitholes and restaurants, stores etc that you can see into
    - In-game world building tools to link, personalise and expand our neighbourhoods
  • v12creatorv12creator Posts: 3,626 Member
    edited August 2013
    I just downloaded eve its actually relay easy to do like just click drag done and you can do way more im shocked! its easier than sliders and way more fun an yea i saw that other post too was cool i dont really care if the feature is there im buying the sims 4 either way im an uber fan but it is fun

    Well. I wait you for Thesims4 so ;)

  • gigiandreggigiandreg Posts: 146 New Member
    edited August 2013
    anit1983 wrote:
    3. Traits that mean something, and interact with other traits and sims. I hate that two sims with opposing traits can fall in love and get married in one sim day. The only reason you can tell sims apart by their traits is by the little animations they do when you leave them alone for a long time. Otherwise, sims are just like every other sim. Their traits don't really mean anything, and even if a sim doesn't want to do something, you can still override that and make them do it anyway. I can't tell you how many times a vegetarian sim has gotten sick from eating hot dogs. I just forget and do 'call household to meal' and they go and eat like an idiot. If the vegetarian trait was doing it's job then that sim should refuse to eat, throw a fit or whatever they need to do to get something else.

    Yes! They definitely need to upgrade the whole traits system. Some of the traits we have in the game now hardly mean anything while other traits actually change how your Sims do things.
  • gigiandreggigiandreg Posts: 146 New Member
    edited August 2013
    1. A better story progression.

    2. A more advanced CAS.

    3. More open venues.
  • AeroFunk80AeroFunk80 Posts: 318 Member
    edited August 2013
    1) Ability to run a business: Included in this is the ability to build houses, duplexes and apartments and become a Landlord.

    2) Shopping: Instead of having every outfit at your disposal, we have to purchase more clothing with money. Nicer clothing is more expensive.

    3) Better NPC AI/Better Personalities: Right now Sims walk around the neighborhood like zombies and do stupid, pointless actions.
    edited August 2013
    1. More sim interactions.
    2. More customization.
    3. More create a sim detail/ better genetics.
  • belakissesbelakisses Posts: 250 Member
    edited August 2013
    1. More humor, the sims in sims 3 are practically dead
    2.interactions that are funny, penguins,wolves,skunks,etc
    3.visitors,magical items like you could make in sims2.
  • slr242slr242 Posts: 2
    edited August 2013
    1. Being able to run a business, like in Sims 2, with items you can create at home.

    2. Have to go to a store to shop for items and clothes.

    3. Improved speed. It shouldn't take a sim 2 hours to use a toilet.
  • Pandagirl9449Pandagirl9449 Posts: 911 Member
    edited August 2013
    1. Curvy women

    2. Intelligent AI

    3. An entertaining game that doesn't collect dust on my dresser? -.-
  • tallcoolonetallcoolone Posts: 6,918 Member
    edited August 2013
    1. The ability to avoid occults, creatures.
    2. Challenging gameplay with financial balance.
    3. Retail simulator and buying clothes vs having everything available.

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  • cheesecake42cheesecake42 Posts: 9
    edited August 2013
    I agree with you all. Especially more Sims 2 interactions and objects to family life.
    Also I thought of another. CHILDHOOD CHRUSHES! There is like no love interactions for kids. Kids can have crushes and secret lovers and most write it in diaries. I think that would be a fun interaction to have with kids instead of just doing homework! :D

    omg that would be so fun in game!!thats a great idea for the game :)
  • MeganSimFan123MeganSimFan123 Posts: 90 New Member
    edited August 2013
    PIXVIX20 : secret lovers? lol clearly your childhood was more eventful than mine [/quote]
    LOL. I did have a crush when I was younger but like only for a week. Idk why I wrote secret lovers. I'm like really random sometimes. By secret lovers, I like just mean crushes that kept to yourself. Like not telling anyone about it. Idk. IM RANDOM!!!:D
  • nancynhacnancynhac Posts: 2 New Member
    edited August 2013
    1. More customization in CAS and CAW (i.e.: Sims to look more like people and less like dolls, and the ability to change existing worlds to a greater degree)
    2. Stuff packs that concentrate on nice hair and clothing (i.e.: styles that are versatile enough for many Sims to use in their everyday lives)
    3. Better categorization overall (i.e.: When buying books or groceries, it would be nice to see how many we already have of each item. Why, when using a miner, do the gems acquired thus not count as "collected" in the stats? Why are hampers listed with appliances? For certain collections, we don't know what is needed to complete them. I'd like to see that rectified.)

    Not specific to Sims4, but as relevant to it as to its predecessors: few or no bugs!
  • MeganSimFan123MeganSimFan123 Posts: 90 New Member
    edited August 2013
    WOW! A lot of people have really good opinions and ideas. I read all the comments and agree with all of your suggestions. KEEP POSTING!
  • manii24manii24 Posts: 674 New Member
    edited August 2013
    Mine are basically all over the posts above.

    1. Real businesses. Everything from being the icecream truck owner, to having your own restaurant chain. Hairdressers, beauty salons, etc. Being able to own an electronics store at the mall (no more free cellphones!), or a retail store for clothing(no more free clothes!). And many other business opportunities.

    2. Wide range of sim customization (everything from looks to personalities, and beyond). Greater objects customization would be nice too. EDIT: Being able to edit the world in game is a must.

    3. Less dull and robotic gameplay.

    4(shhh). No more burrito babies; which I doubt we'll get anyways. The demand for babies with legs has been high enough.
  • KatnapKatnap Posts: 2,251 Member
    edited August 2013
    1. I want EA to fix bugs a lot sooner than 3 or 4 months after an add-on has been released and a game that doesn't require 3rd party mods to fix routing issues, etc.

    2. Humor. Sims just aren't as funny as they used to be when things happen to them, bad or good.

    3. It's a toss up between better time management and removing rabbit holes for retail and other entertainment venues.
  • HeartcandyPHeartcandyP Posts: 82 Member
    edited August 2013
    1.The option to have aging and progression like it was in TS2(only the household you're playing).

    2.Cutscenes comeback! They added so much to those special moments.

    3.Make it easier to mod and make Custom Content for.

    Offline,Single-player would have been the first one,but they already confirmed that :D

  • Mariefoxprice83Mariefoxprice83 Posts: 8,108 Member
    edited August 2013
    1.The option to have aging and progression like it was in TS2(only the household you're playing).

    I'd like this as an option but not mandatory. I like the Sims 3 system of aging most of the time, but there are occasions when I would like to play it with Sims 2 aging as well. so a choice would be brilliant!

    I already said my 3 things but I forgot something major so I wanted to throw that out there:

    Aging should be customisable per save just like seasons in Sims 3. That applies to whether you have aging on, off or Sims 2 style aging if available, as well as the length of each age stage.

    I also love the idea of being able to run the ice cream van, and burger vans too :)
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  • drake_mccartydrake_mccarty Posts: 6,115 Member
    edited August 2013
    - an expanded create a sim featuring more detailed creations of sims.
    (ie. Layerable clothing options, high level of detail with sculpting your sims appearance, less of a focus on specific traits and more of a focus on personality)

    - a dynamic neighborhood and story progression system.
    (ie. A neighborhood that expands new and existing lots. housing blue prints that can override existing lots and occupy new empty lots. Instead of pulling random clothing from create a sim, the developers could create a special set of townie clothing presets with different variations so your sims don't run around wearing wedding dresses and scuba diving flippers.)

    - better open world experience.
    (ie. Ts3 was filled with rabbitholes and the only real lots you could bring your sims to were parks, the beach, the pool, and an art gallery. I want to see actual venues where they should be. I am all for career buildings as rabbitholes, but certain things like restaurants, stores, and the theater are not careers and should be open.)

    other misc stuff I think would be cool:
    -expandable rabbithole buildings (similar to the modules in simcity, you can add modules to add more jobs to your sims town)
    -unlikely lot revamp (instead of placing a lot, they could introduce a marker along the road and that would be your entry point. You could build as far as your computer could handle, that way when placing the buildings you no longer need a specific lot. You would just need enough space for that building.
  • QuiBeMeQuiBeMe Posts: 2,363 Member
    edited August 2013
    1- more sims at Community Lots and more base game community lots. i get so bummed goin to a club thats a "hot spot" and theres only 3 othr sims NO lol and some awesom lots to go to. maybe include actual mixology bars in the base game, stores/malls where your sims have to SHOP for clothes and can buy objects only found in stores and malls, a Zoo would be awesome too lol or just more places where you can actually do stuff with the family. mayb a circus or an after school event for your kids that you can actually see happening

    2- i dont actually mind rabbithole jobs rlly, especially when u have a larger house. so id like more Profession type jobs though thatre more interactive along with a few rabbit hole ones. Example: you could join the criminal career and mayb actually attempt to rob ppl. lower levels mayb u just go to the park and pickpocket sims, higher levels u actually break into houses and steal stuff. and then u could havee the option to just send your sim to the criminal warehouse and have them work from there somehow using a rabbit hole system for days u need your sim to work but u dont feel like following them/getting busted lol

    3- natural disasters/disease. if its supposed to be a LIFE simulator then these things should happen from time to time. i also think itd be cool if certain disasters/diseases r more so relavant to a specific town than others. for instance mayb Rivervieiw would have more tornados while Bridgeport would be more known for an earthquake

    id also really think itd be cool if instead of always doin different worlds what if expansion packs came with Expansions for the base game's neighborhood? like if we sttarted out with Sunset Valley type place which is more middle class type neighborhood and then in the second expansion you get a bridgeport type area added to the city so that you have a downtown and more surburban type setting? see what im sayin? so that u can have kinda all the worlds in one and can live in different worlds without losing data/friends/family. id be fine if it was all connected and when u visit a diff section like the downtown area u get a QUICK loading screen like in WA or UL. i think thatd be rlly cool
  • QuiBeMeQuiBeMe Posts: 2,363 Member
    edited August 2013
    ***** sorry for the double post :oops: :oops: :oops:
  • IcarusIcarus Posts: 916 Member
    edited August 2013
    1. Weather in the base game.

    2. TS2-style memories or similar.

    3. Game stability/not having to run a bunch of workarounds just to keep the game from crashing every fifteen minutes.
  • KatSoloKatSolo Posts: 456 New Member
    edited August 2013
    Rflong7 wrote:
    1. Humor
    3. challenging- as in no promotions for just going to work, no quick friends, no free clothes/food
    2. engaging Sims :D

    Pretty much this. Although #1 for me would be: LESS BUGS.

    In regards to engaging sims i echo what others have said, i hope for sims which have more individual personalities, where traits have a stronger influence on both behaviour and wishes.

    And just more interactions - sims2 was much better for this. Being able to feed and propose to your date, the butt grabbing flirty action - this ties into the humor I feel sims3 has far less of. The humor is what drew me to the game initially. And romance should be a lot more complex! I hate that even flirting when you are not committed to a partner is considered cheating. There should be more flexibility. Like once you are boyfriend/girlfriend or married THEN they can get annoyed if you flirt with someone else. And bring back the levels of liking someone, the negative chemistry, just crushing turning into love. And the turn ons and turn offs!

    I also want the base game to have weather, & the richness of the generations interactions. The base game should be a decent game in and of itself, rather than just something you get in order to play expansion packs.

    I miss the game being hard too, chance cards & the like. Promotions, money, etc should all be harder to get.

    Sorry I couldn't keep it to three ;).
  • Manr97Manr97 Posts: 69 New Member
    edited August 2013
    1 - "Neighborhood system" (like TS2) instead of "Save system" (like TS3)
    2 - Good old TS1 and TS2 humor back
    3 - Memories, wants, fears and aspirations.

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