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Can't log into the sims3 game launcher

I can't log into the sims3 game launcher, if I click on forgot password option it takes me to a page that is down for maintenance. I logged into it yesterday so not sure what could be causing this issue! HELP


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    ShinobuTypeErrorShinobuTypeError Posts: 2,838 Member
    edited July 2013
    The site has really been down for maintenance for the last few hours. Everything seems to be back up now, though, so try and log in again.

    Does site maintenance usually affect the launcher? I have no idea, I never use it. ;P
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    cleo224cleo224 Posts: 87 Member
    edited July 2013
    Well if I can't log in to the launcher, I can't access my purchased items, so its a big deal to me. The Sims used to be such a great game, easy to launch, easy to load your stuff, now it is just a nightmare. No support, I guess because they are about to launch the sims4 they don't care about 3 but I SPENT MONEY ON THIS *****
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