World Explorers - Chapter 4

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Hello to a new thread and hello to any CAW Forum members and visitors who have never seen our thread! This is the fourth installment of this thread because they keep breaking and posts won't show up.

This is not about the WA EP, in case you were wondering. :wink: This thread consists of a group of people who love exploring new Sims 3 Worlds, hence the title of our group: WORLD EXPLORERS. Some of us have created worlds using the CAW tool, and some of us test creators' new worlds to help them find problems and issues before the final world is released; most of all we just enjoy the creativity and variety of the wonderful custom worlds that are created and posted here on this forum.


The premise is simple: we all create and share one or more sims (it could be a family) that we want to represent us, and that everyone in the group is able to download and add to any custom or EA world they'd like to play. This is fun and also it's helpful to have extra sims when testing unpopulated custom worlds. Then we play the game and share some of the antics our sims find themselves in, and the interesting goings on of the world we are playing at the time.


Screenshots of the sims and world are not required but are welcome because this lets others see their sims as well as what the world looks like in case anyone else would like to download and try it out. If you do post pictures we usually try to limit ourselves to vignettes, which could be as few as 1 or 2 screenshots and on occasion could be up to 6-8 screenshots in one post, although it's no big deal if you go over that. There is no requirement for how often you need to post about your games or anything like that either; some of our members get busy IRL for awhile but may return later. So play and share whenever you have the time, but do try to stay on-topic as much as possible so that our thread doesn't get deleted. :-)

Occasionally a world we are playing may no longer be available but we hope their beauty and creativity will inspire other world builders. Other worlds we use should be listed in the World Index thread stickied at the top of this forum and we hope this venture will expose more people to the wonderful custom worlds of our CAW creators. We encourage others to try their worlds! If you don't see a world we've mentioned in the World Index, just ask, and if we can we'll tell you where to find it.


Participants may also post a link to a house to use for their sim(s), but it would be best if it is a separate download. The reason is that there are some worlds where there may not be enough space available for our houses and it will be easier to just add our sims. In other worlds, having a house to go with our sims will be very helpful. If you'd rather not go to the trouble of making separate downloads for house and sim that's OK, we'll manage! We can always save a copy of your sim(s) to our libraries.

If you do wish to share a house you may use any lot size you want but a standard size is best. A standard lot is one that is 20x20, 20x30, 30x30, 30x40, 40x40, etc. But keep in mind that very large lots may not fit in all worlds, or be feasible for everyone to play depending on their system specs.


If you want to participate by sharing a sim, we request that there be NO 3RD PARTY CUSTOM CONTENT. This also applies to a house if you decide to provide one. Some of us use CC and some of us do not, but even those of us who use it prefer to download it separately so that we have more control over it. So please, no CC. You may use any EP, Store, or Stuff Pack content but be mindful that not everyone may have the items you are using. If we get simmers who want to join but they can't download your sim or house because they lack the items you used, we may need to reconsider this. We would like to make it as easy as possible for others to come join the fun!

Here are the simmers that have agreed to join World Explorers so far. If you would like to participate, just create a sim following the guidelines above and post the name of your sim(s) (and optional house) and provide us the link(s) to where it/they can be downloaded.


Please remember to recommend these downloads; hopefully this will keep the files from being purged!

DD Katt:
DD Katt's Farmhouse:

This is a larger version of DD Katt's Farmhouse, with a horse stall.
DD's 3rd choice for a house is Revelry, a lot she created.

Amy Simbody and daughters Sheridan and Cassidy with house:
Alternate sim is Justine Grace:
Sheridan and Cassidy Grace are also available as separate downloads in her studio.
Amy Simbody Asylum Challenge version:

Rflong7 Sim:
Sweet Cupcake Castle:
Rflong7/13's Blog:

Kiana Arribadiba 2:

Rukaya's Alternate sim Emily Miller:
Country House for Emily Miller:

Gem Purple and Mike Rossi, Sims and House together:
Add Gem's dog Ivan and cat Milan to their household:

Her new alternate sim Gemmy Deviant:
You can use her as an alternate, or change her traits for an asylum challenge. CC free.
Geminiagre's blog:

Sherry Giovanni:

And here is the home RJ wanted to share, her recreation of the the Zugovich home from Pet's Story (FYI lot contains 3 custom patterns):

Reggie and Peter as YA's:

Pary Mk II -
House -

Original selfsim, Tangie:
Self-sim with University degree: Tangie Simmerthree Uni

My House:

Alternate Sim- Jordan St. Claire:
Patio Home (the house says it belongs to a different sim but that's because I changed her name :P )

Riley Summers:
This file is for the same Sim already loaded into the game as a household. Meaning she will not be in CAS but will be in the library/bin ready to be put into your town. This is her without a house. She has some very basic skills, especially one cooking skill so she won't burn her house down! Requires Late Night and Generations, for some reason.
Riley Summers Cabin:

Chellie DeGrassie:
Her cute little house:

Conchubhar O' Glas - Summer Edition by Conorsim
Pronounced Con-ku-var O' gloss. It literally means Conor O' Green, or translating it fully, Conor, son of Green.

Sim Gray Winters and House:
Gray without a lot:

Self-sim and fiance:
Home for the happy couple:

Insane version of her sim for Asylum challenges, Ruthie LaChienne:
Ruthmaybe's Blog:

Sim and house:

New Selfsim, June 2012:
Dutchysim's new house:
Dutchysim Household (new sim and house together):
DutchySim's Blog:

The Jacobs Family:
Be sure to read the description of the family listed under Household on his Page. ;)

An alternative single sim for Quailhogs is here:

bunbunnyny (all items are cc free)
The Sim is an Imaginary Friend turned ghost. He has enough money to move into Wizard's Keep without a job. He also has 3 planned styles for every outfit now, too, and I worked him up to 100,000 Lifetime Happiness!

Bun's house, Wizard's Keep:
Lunar Bunbunnyny:
A second choice, in case you want to take one of Bun's Sims on vacation, or if you don't want him to be an Imaginary Friend Ghost! And he's CC-free, too! (A note to TS1 fans, do you recognize something that Bun is wearing? :wink:
Lunar's house, Mummy's Pyramid:

MoriGelopi household:
Jessy Rees is a computer savvy genuis who loves the environmant. Her boyfriend is called Kenny O'Loughlin who is an outdoorsy athletic guy, who loves comic books. They met at college whilst studying photography. And have been together ever since. They decided to settle down and buy their own place. A small log cabin. But they like to travel. And haven't decided where they will end up. Requires ST LN GEN AMB.

Home -
Requires ST LN WA AMB.

Allebeck siblings without house:
Matthew and Kathleen are two fusionnal siblings. They are best friends for ever and they share evrything. But, Kathleen, a sweet-heart, is also a bit crazy. She is not indepedent at all. So, her brother watch over her...

Allebeck House with sims:


This is Regina and her cat Ruby. She is the definition of a future star and her cat is just as proud. Her traits are: Snob, Dramatic, Unknown (Charismatic maybe?), Cat Person, and Star Quality. Ruby is Independent, Proud, and if I remember correctly, Shy. I thought they would be perfect to explore

This is Bernard. He is very secure in his masculinity. :-)

This is Bernard's House:
And this is the Bernard household and his house combined:

Link to sim:

Jake Gyllenhaal is my newest sim and he is cc free (only ea content used) I use him as a celeb for my towns and re-named him in game as Gyllensim. Feel free to re-name him to anything you want in game. :mrgreen:

Here's a new self-sim for Tammyjo. She probably requires Island Paradise since she is at level 10 scuba diving. She can be downloaded here:

Mariah Black, No CC, available in her studio here:

I would like to introduce you all To Hunnie Pye. I have uploaded her as a household to my studio using only EP/SP items.

She is also available in several variations in my studio because she is the only sim I have ever created that I felt was worth sharing.I have lots of fun with her but only because I allow her to choose her own path (most of the time).She brings me many laughs and I hope she will do the same for any who choose to use her. Feel free to dress her up and change her any way you see fit, she won't mind.

Her house:

And her sim (freshly uploaded but the same old simself):

FLSTRider's Sim:

My first world link (more to come!):
Notchcliff Isles


Thank you! Let there be (more) sims! And custom worlds! :mrgreen:

Edit: DM's sim and info removed by request on 9-15-12
The Sims 30695923002_cffaca4078_t.jpg

Where are we going, and why am I in this hand basket?!


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    Goodness, when my sims were living on a HB I saw the Kraken at least once a day, I think. It does come by in the daytime but mostly it seems to swim by at night. It makes this low pitched spooky hum when it's in the vicinity so eventually I got to recognize that sound and I would pull the camera back to look for it. Also, it's difficult to get night shots unless your sims are either awake or you are just really fast hitting the pause button. :mrgreen:

    I think it might sort of function like a spawner, similar to the sharks with how they will just appear and disappear. But it's so darn cool I think I got a little carried away with picture taking!






    The Sims 30695923002_cffaca4078_t.jpg

    Where are we going, and why am I in this hand basket?!
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    Yahoo a new thread. thank you Tangie. Love the pictures. I think part of my problem is I just haven't had enough play time. Need to start trying to play more. finished 2 more families for Al Medina now I have to get back to rl and rest my hands. the joints in my fingers get so stiff.
    Reggie thanks for the info on that site. I guess I just moved right past it. :oops:
    Are you going to try testing that world?
    Just saw the news about the restaurant. Don't think I want to run a restaurant. Disappointed., thought it would be a neat venue my sims could go visit. Running it sounds like too much work. :D Unless I am misreading it.
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    Hi :D

    Ooooh- Nice pictures, Tangie. :shock:

    New topic... must.... post.... silly lot pictures! :shock:

    The Boat Chick :mrgreen:


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    Oh how cute it that!! I love it! I haven't been brave enough to attempt a houseboat yet. It's great to see all the creative ideas people have come up with in case I ever feel like trying it! :-)

    Rukaya I don't think you have to own and run the restaurant for it to work, but I just purchased it so maybe if I finally get to play I can let you know for sure!

    The Sims 30695923002_cffaca4078_t.jpg

    Where are we going, and why am I in this hand basket?!
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    Rflong7 wrote:

    I can't believe you made Egghead Jr. into a boat! laughing-tap.gif



    ETA: Why did you remove the pics Rflong?
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    That's who it reminded me of! LOL- I knew there was a cartoon like it. :lol:

    *writes Egghead Jr for boat name* :mrgreen:
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    LOL I love egghead Jr! He certainly is cute and funny!

    and Tangie ... it looks like the Kracken was circling your HB!!! lol

    Thanks for the pics and the chuckle :lol:

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    Hi :)

    You all should check out the Store for the 'Complete your Set' discounts... I've been able to get some compilations sets for free (80% missing and I got the rest for free).

    A few I had to go to a few smaller sets to get them for free and then back to the larger compilation sets for the Store to see I had enough to get the rest of the sets, too. So, now I have all of the older stuff from the Store. I didn't really have them all before... but, Yay! They were FREE. :mrgreen:

    If you couldn't understand that= Check out the sets and the Compilation sets, too. :D
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    Rukaya - Just wanted to warn you and anyone else interested in trying that new Sunset Valley - I would wait - I just spent hours checking it out and kept getting annoyed more than anything - The best part of the whole world is the video - hopefully this is just because it is just in Beta stage - but - well let's put it this way - it showed a lot of promise - but I can tell you one thing it is far from being even what I consider Beta.

    First of all it has all the original SSV RH's - if I was modernizing as it indicates I would have changed out a lot of those old SSV RH's. Then all the user made houses - which there is a fair number of - many looked lovely - outside. They are all empty inside. True to their world there is something from every ep - and I mean right out of the ep and plopped into this world. Some are great - some could have done with better placement and change up of the lots - maybe better placement - I am not exactly sure what exactly - but something about many of them just felt wrong or poorly done without much thought other than getting them in there. Just like they did plop in even IP stuff, but the HB's do not sit on the docks quite right. I actually added one house boat and it was not even in the water but on the beach as it hook to the provided dock that way.

    I think they started off well and with lots of thought and probably just got tired or wanted to get it out there. Plus all the houses that did have furniture came right out of the bin - exactly like they are in the bin. I find most of the bin houses waste a lot of space - not all of them mind you, but many of them. Actually the store world houses are made much better - but there are no store items at all in this world - and as big as it is there is not really much room to add even some of the new Venues.

    Right now the only way I can see I could play this world would be to remove everything in it. As I do like the additions, but they could have added more useful size lots - and should have practices a little more with IP before they started putting in lots. Especially all the water/beach empty lots they left.

    Lastly - even though I can't really say if I had lag or not seeing the final came when I had finished looking at everything in edit town and went to try the game - it froze the minute I clicked the return to game. So I never actually got a sim playable into the game.

    But the game felt sluggish and you would not suspect a EA world with mainly EA content would be sluggish. I have played user created with all user created houses and even populated that did not feel sluggish like this.

    I finally uninstalled it and gave up for now and see what others come up with as I don't want to officially post over there - translations would not be easy. Also it does not help that every thing in the game is in German. Quite frankly my German stinks.

    But do what you want of course - if it frustrated me - I see it frustrating you worse. I also couldn't possibly test this for them - even if the language barrier didn't exist - as being in all German it is too hard to keep notes. I am just hoping they are planning on doing a lot more work in here.

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    Oh my goodness, that boat is darling Rflong. Good thing we have DM - the only name I thought of was Chicken Little and I knew that was wrong.

    YAY thanks Tangie - Good job on new thread.

    Rflong, you will not believe how much I soo appreciate your worlds after today even more than I did before. Not only did I get a day in frustration in the German world I was trying I dared check out another simmers world who wanted me to - I thought it was a first world - and she has quite a few - well I don't want to get into it, but I really tried REALLLLL hard to be nice.

    But after days like this - oh my goodness I had to remind myself why I still volunteer to test and then I think Rflong, DM, Tammie Jo, RJ, and all you guys whose worlds are so much fun and enjoyable to test.... praises be

    Let's just say if today had been my first day ever to test a world, I would have never tested another one.

    What a day. Well I shall go check out that link, but I am pretty sure I have just about everything but a few pieces of clothing that were never in sets - but I will look - just in case. I love the price. Free is always good. Thanks.

    "Games Are Not The Place To Tell Stories, Games Are Meant To Let People Tell Their Own Stories"...Will Wright.

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    It worked. Thank you Reg and Rflong.

    Here is a couple of photo with the two of five new households (I use there last name).

    Mother and Daughter in the Benavidez household. I think the daughter is camera shy.
    <a href=""; target="_blank"><img src=""; border="0" alt="Benavidez photo Benavidez_zpsabce861e.jpg"/></a>

    Sharpe meeting the new comer Marino. Who isn't hanging out with her lover at the moment. I'll try to get a picture of her.
    <a href=""; target="_blank"><img src=""; border="0" alt="Sharpe & Marino photo MarinoampSharpe_zps37760978.jpg"/></a>
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    Hi :)

    Oh, goodness- WR.
    I don't know how all you who do test can do it*. I know I get aggravated even testing my own worlds. Half the time I can't even find where the problems are- I can't even figure out the routing mod that people use to show them world problems. It never showed me any... :(

    My little rant for the day...

    A person is using my most popular world cover...with my name on it, of course.

    I asked a Guru if they could make this person removed their worlds because they're using my Broken Heat II cover. It has my name on it... It's not like I'm saying they stole my world or have no proof it's my picture. The dang picture has my name on it still. They said they'll look into it... I'll probably have to see people downloading CC filled world that looks like crud thinking it's my world. :(

    It tics me off... one thing if it's my world and it's messing up- that tics me off too. But this is something I can't fix. I offered to teach that person how to make their own cover...
    And it's not one world, not even four worlds- they've uploaded six different worlds with my broken heart cover- with my name on it. :(
    Over 500 downloads per world.

    And today I was informed someone reuploaded Manave Isles... :( -Création par Sifhalla :) Chargé: 19/07/13
    ( Mysterious Island 05/03/13 Mondes)
    She did do a good job on the cover picture, I will say.

    Lovely day so far... :lol:

    *Oops, just saw your cute pictures, Py. :D
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    Reporting all four worlds.

    Thank you.
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    Reggie I am so happy that I waited to hear from you. thank you for the info. Such a disappointment. It did look great on the video. Was so looking forward to a world with all the eps. would also love it if that world also used all the stuff packs too. Well off to check the sales.
    Rflong I reported all 6 of the Broken Hearted worlds and the Manaeve one. Hope it helps. some people have no honor let alone shame. Hugs, we all love you. Your HB was darling.
    Tangie I forgot to congradulate you on being featured again. Here's a big Hooray. :thumbup:
    Pyischen Love the pictures.
    Well have to get ready for the library. Have a great day everybody.
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    Thanks, Pyischan and Rukaya. :D

    Make sure to check the prices of the sets- some people accidentally paid full price for some. :(
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    HI everyone,

    It's my RL anniversary today ... so I won't be on long.

    I reported Kateypooh the other day when I saw she was using your picture. Now I am disgusted again to see some one else stole you Manave Isles! You and I worked so hard to make Manauve Isles perfect.. or at least I think it is perfect island get away and castaway story island. I've reported her too!

    Thanks for the link too.

    nice pictures Py :D

    hey Reggie, I have a question for you. My hubby got me a new 1 TB hard drive and added it to my computer, since I kept running out of space on the other one which is only 166 GB's. Can I safely install/move my games to the new F drive ?? or do I need to leave all the Sims 3 games on my C drive and just move all my other stuff?
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    :XD: Hooray new thread! (and already on page 2, golly)
    Thanks for the heads up on the complete a set deal rflong, I didn't make out like a bandit exactly, but filled in a few empty spaces I was missing. (there are more, but I must not get carried away. The danger of being double earth (Taurus/Virgo rising) is I just LOVES me some stuff :lol:)
    I reported the plagiarism, that I could. It looks like the Island rip off is taken down. That kind of behavior makes me sick. And honestly, ripping off one of the (if not THE) most popular world builders is not too bright :roll:
    I've only played a little in Quailhog's new world, The Stoneshields, but, as usual, it does not disappoint. The descriptions are works of art in themselves.
    I've been playing around in Dragon Valley a lot, now that my PEPS for IP has run it's course. (Not entirely a let down, but...meh). There are some amazing player created lots for it, namely Port Dragon Valley Just stunning, and with ehaughts sailing ship houseboat at dock..sigh. Even if they didn't work, they look perfect. :D
    Dying to check out the new venue, so ta-ta for now!
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    Hope you have a great anniversary TJ.

    Reg,I feel exactly the same as you do about the new SV.I thought maybe my expectations from the video were too high.I think I went into one lot just to see what exactly it was because I don't speak/read German and was greatly disappointed with the amount of work I felt was left undone.I'm a plop and play kind of gal so I thought maybe I was just looking at it in a lazy can't be bothered fashion on my end.It is one of those that I will uninstall and toss because the amount of work needed for me to feel I can play it is just way too much for me.

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    Thank you, Rukaya! Nice screenshots, Py - I wish I had a knack for making such unique characters as you! And of course a very Happy Anniversary tammyjo. :D

    I am almost caught up in rec'ing all your latest creations in your Studios. After I finish that I hope to get some play time in this evening. That's too bad about the SV remake. Maybe they were just in too big of a hurry and will greatly improve it over time. In the meantime we have Ocean City and tammyjo's worlds to look forward to. :wink:

    I've been taking a hiatus from IP to do some building but no way am I ready to move on from IP yet! There is so much I haven't tried. Besides, I love the tropical feel and the swimming and boating and other water activities. Eventually I will probably just use Twallan's Traveler mod to make this more of a vacation world, but right now I'm having fun in paradise. :-)

    The Sims 30695923002_cffaca4078_t.jpg

    Where are we going, and why am I in this hand basket?!
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    Ah, let me add my thanks for the new thread, too. No more bumping, LOL.

    Reg and Greenb, thanks for the heads up on the new SV. It sounds like I would have been just as frustrated and you saved me from experiencing it.

    Rukaya, you don't have to own the new restaurant for it to work. You do have to send a sim to the venue to click on the oven and set the options you may want but the sim doesn't have to own it to do that. I changed some settings so it must work with default options set when it is installed.

    Happy Anniversary, tammyjo!

    Py, glad removing the "." solved your problem with reopening the saves. Nice pics :D

    Rflong, glad you alerted us to the problems with the uploads on the Exchange. My word, I guess after all this time we shouldn't be surprised when someone "steals" a world but I'm always so disappointed when that scenario crops up. Maybe we empathize with the blood, sweat and tears that creators put into a world because of all the testing we do but, imho, it should be common sense to know how hard someone has worked on a world and exercise some integrity.

    Thanks for the head's up on the sets, Rflong! Wow, I was able to complete 3 that were only missing a few pieces for free! :shock: I was like a kid in a candy store, LOL.

    Ruth, that DV port sure looks well done. I was also glad to read your positive impression of hog's The Stoneshields. Darn but I wish I had more time to play.

    No pics tonight but I hope to get some play in tomorrow and get some. I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend!
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    Tammie I will tell you honestly this game does not respond as well as it should when you put parts of it on a different drive than the default. It seems if you are rather PC savvy you can get away with it for a while - but I see nothing but trouble if you plan on still using CAW and things like that as all your saves will go to the C drive - even if you do a custom install with the correct path for everything it seems hesitant and slow to save to the other drive. I rarely see anyone using a separate drive have a great experience. If it was me I would have my new big drive made into my main drive - It is not impossible mind you, but can be troublesome just for playing the game - especially after a few weeks using it like that. Lord knows how CAW will react.

    You and Rflong will be happy to know the islands are removed - as I tried to report it and get the school bus error saying it is no longer availiable. The cover to broken Heart II though is still up so I reported that.

    ETA - Have a great anniversary by the way. I always like that day - Pete is real proud of the fact and can't wait to spread the new year number around as just about hardly anyone in his family stays married very long. So he just tells everybody he can find to tell that day. It tickles me to see him so proud. So have a great day and evening with you DH.

    No problem - Beth and Rukaya and anyone else who might have been enticed like I was (foolish me) over the new SV. The sluggishness is getting me more than the unfinished side of it, and the badly done docks in the fact EA worlds redone by most people with EA stuff generally do not get sluggish - if anything they should get better - so that baffles me - I did wonder if they rebuilt routing before releasing that - but as I said I just decided to bow out and leave it to the people who speak and understand German to handle it.

    I am of the agreement it was definitely a rush job - I cannot see how it could have been anything else as that site generally puts out some really good stuff, so it is surprising. Although I have never tried anything from there that was in Beta stage - so I will wait and see what others say - but I am pretty sure even the lots as they are would annoy me as well.
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    "Games Are Not The Place To Tell Stories, Games Are Meant To Let People Tell Their Own Stories"...Will Wright.

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    Rflong I have no clue what mod you are even talking about although I have seen others that do mention mods. All I can figure is it may be someone reflecting off of the things Error Trap finds - as I used to use that a bit to find errors as it often pinpoints a problem sim or lot - but when it started changing the script to fix the problems I could not duplicate it again and I generally make a trouble spot duplicate a few times to make sure it is the lot and not me or my game - so I had to stop using that - well over a year ago. It was back when I was helping Elmawa with Ghin's Crossing that Twallan must have changed it as it was fine to start with, but during the last test run it was changing script on me instead of just reporting the errors.

    Overwatch can help a little if it keeps reporting the same spot for stuck sims and then we can look around to see what is causing them to get stuck. But I find no great use from it for testing as it seems to unstick them now a days before I can find the trouble - besides I have learned the different ways the game hesitates and can usually know by that when sims are stuck - generally I can find them just from that.

    Instinct helps and from tons of testing I think my instincts have sharpened so I can feel the minute something doesn't feel quiet right. it is definitely a lot easier to test with a lot of other simmers that you work well with and who can respond right away when you report something - more eyes looking at a problem is the most help one can have.

    Beside your worlds are always fun to test Rflong - I also had a lot of fun in all the worlds I tested from everyone here on this thread. Ya'lls worlds are so different focuses so it makes it fun - Tammy likes adventurous - game like worlds; Py's was all about the sims and their very diverse and very Bohemian lifestyles, Rflongs are a regular wonderland with amazing things around every corner - DM are a feast of beauty, glamour, and design, Rj's is getting everything in such a small yet very delightful place - believe me it is fun and not a chore at all.

    Besides all the creators here respond wonderfully. They do their level best to take the info we give them and fix it. You can tell when someone takes pride in their work because they want it to be the best it can be and they really listen. I really love to work with people like that - it is what makes it fun is knowing the world will have it's full potential for everyone to enjoy. But Rflong, I have to say you rarely have major issues now a days. Generally I know if there is an issue it is 99 percent EA's and we have to figure out what can be done to work around it.

    I just know it is a priviledge to test the worlds of all you simmers here in this thread and Tangies houses are a pure pleasure.
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    "Games Are Not The Place To Tell Stories, Games Are Meant To Let People Tell Their Own Stories"...Will Wright.

    In dreams - I LIVE!
    In REALITY, I simply exist.....

  • HappySimmer3HappySimmer3 Posts: 6,702 Member
    edited July 2013
    Rflong I just reported that silly simmer for using your cover shot. Based on the number of comments on her My page I'd say that EA is getting lots of reports for it! Toasts my bread, it does. :x

    Hope they do something soon - and I hope everyone has a good weekend! I uploaded a family vacation waterfront house this morning so now I'm going to see what other mischief my simmies get into. 8)

    The Sims 30695923002_cffaca4078_t.jpg

    Where are we going, and why am I in this hand basket?!
  • Rflong7Rflong7 Posts: 35,446 Member
    edited July 2013
    Thanks, everyone!

    They did remove the island reupload last night. I really didn't think they would since it's a new picture and they're on the French boards. :D

    Still waiting to see if SimGuruRusskii has to say about others using a cover picture with my name on it. Seems like that would be big no-no since it is in the TOS about impersonating others. :(
    Those fake BH worlds- I did download 2- have so much CC... it kinda ticks me off because that'll reflect on me. :(

    Thanks, WR! :hugz:
    It makes me happy. :mrgreen:
    I do like it in this section- I like how we all visit her to share our fun with pictures, lots, Sims, and worlds- and sometimes catch up on other important matters. :D

    On another topic... what's everyone think about TS4- Excited/Hopeful/Wary/Depressed? I'm actually very excited. I guess it's just the possibilities of a New Sims game series. :lol:

  • RukayaRukaya Posts: 2,553 Member
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    Well I relieved that EA is removing the stolen worlds and hopefully soone the cover. I am so very offended my such dishonest people.
    Reggie hopefully that German team will get their new SV fixed properly. but I agree with you The worlds made by out friends are top notch.
    I still have to check out the site for completing sets. While I was at the library the power went out so finished some things I wqas doing that didn't require power and then went home. The power came back on for a bit so I started my ironing then it went off again and then finally came on. Needless to say I did not turn on my computer because of this problem. Even after it came on and PG&E automatic caller called and said it was fixed.
    My GD asked if she can come over after her art class so of course I said yes. It is supposed to get into the triple digits today but it will be a dry heat.. My hubby, son in law and my cousins are playing in a golf tournament today but are teeing off early and should be done before the temp reaches the high point. Thankfully the marine layer returns in the late afternoon so we are getting the Delta breeze which cools us off at nightWell off to check out the sets. I hope you all have a good safe weekend, Hugs. :D
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