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Apartments / Roommates / Dorms / Lot Types

Sarz97Sarz97 Posts: 18 New Member
Hey everyone!

I've seen a few threads asking the same thing, but i still cannot grasp the whole concept of the Apartments within University Life. I just do not get how it works.

I understand how dorms work etc, but with the new 'Apartment Lot' lot type available, its confusing when comparing to the high-rise/apartments from LN. Except, with LN markers can be used from the 'buydebug' menu to separate and create an actual apartment.

However, how does the Apartment Lot work from UL?
-Do/Can you build an apartment with only one actual apartment and have roommates sharing rent? And is it classified as an Apartment lot, ownable lot, or regular lot?
- Do you get a Sim to purchase the WHOLE apartment lot and treat it as being a landlord?
- Would you only build apartments on the one lot, and perhaps use markers from LN to separate?

I'd hate to be confusing anyone, but as you can probably tell, I'm trying to understand the difference of the Late Night Apartments and the University Life Apartment LOTS.

Much appreciated!
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