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Groin, Barrel, and Rib Vault Options for ceilings?

Feinauer10Feinauer10 Posts: 8 New Member
I really like old gothic architecture, and having the option to make groin, rib, and barrel vaults would be awesome!


  • LyzbianLyzbian Posts: 1 New Member
    no such luck as of yet, I am about to attempt a barrel ceiling by using a round roof over a room then I am going to try to hide that roof with a gabled roof to fit with a French style build request, the girl gave me a blueprint she found on pinterest and that recipe calls for 2 barrel ceilings 😐 I guess I will find out if I can do it or not.
  • EA_JozEA_Joz Posts: 3,116 EA Moderator
    Hello everyone, please remember that necroposting is against the rules. I've gone ahead and closed the thread.

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