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♦ The Sims 4 - Wishlisting

Good morning, good evening, and good afternoon simmers!

:lol: I had not seen any topics in this newly acquired forum about what people REALLY wanted and did not want, and being straight up to the point with it. I will start with a couple of things I would want in The Sims 4, and some things I do not want to expect. The lists can be endless!

- Longer Hair
- Detailed Skin(s)
- Detailed hair
- Motion Capture Animation
- Layerable Clothing
- More Voice Options
- Walk Anim Options
- Important Rabbit Holes
- Better dancing Animations

- Longer Life Span for Sims
- Supernatural creatures (Fairies, Werewolves, However Aliens being an exception!)

*my list is quite short, because I haven`t been very picky with it. Overall I`m enjoying what I`m seeing. :mrgreen: Happy Simming!


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    nesgirlnesgirl Posts: 127 New Member
    edited May 2013
    Things I want in the Sims (And please don't bash me for my opinion)
    regular babies
    More deaths (especially the violent deaths)
    better ghosts
    Features, characters, stories, items, worlds, NPCs, pets, deaths, and occults from the Sims 1, 2, & 3 returning. And a switch to decide which mode to play.
    A scarier reaper
    Natural Disasters
    Structures Burning Down
    Skiing/Snowboarding on the hills
    Worlds that aren't always by the ocean. Mountains and deserts for example, each having their own collectables, fish, harvestables, and activities.
    An Occult Switch

    Things that I am okay with:
    A gay/straight switch
    A violence/death/disasters switch

    Things I don't want:

    Magic Mushrooms and weeds with "red flowers" (they were in the Sims 3) (If you don't believe me:
    Rabbit Holes
    Burrito Babies
    No violent deaths/death being removed
    Online Play
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