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Non-Proper sims keep changing into formal wear

So I'm having this weird little problem in my game.

I've been playing a household with sims that have the Proper trait and of course they change into their formal wear constantly. However I started noticing that even when I'm playing other households in other worlds, the sims change into their formal wear every time they go into a new lot even if they don't have the Proper trait.

This doesn't seem to affect inactive households or townies and I have no custom content. I'm just want to know if there's a fix for this.

Edit: Sorry meant to post this in Technical Discussions. A mod, please move this to the proper forum. :oops:


  • amberaura23amberaura23 Posts: 434 New Member
    edited April 2013
    Do they have the insane trait? Or are they going on dates?
  • LakrossLakross Posts: 1,577 New Member
    edited April 2013
    When Sims pass lounges they'll change into formal wear even if they're not going to the lounge. So it could be that.
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