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Please help me built my very first tomb

I decided to become a tomb creator, I tried reading all those tutorials but I have a bit of hard time to understand them as English is not my first language. Well I can converse in English but I have a hard time with the instructions. I have read all FAQ's around the net and i am still confused.

for my first tomb project, I decided to make a simple tomb that doesn't have much puzzles, because Its my first one the stone key doors, torch switches are still complicated for me to understand at this moment so I will put them in my next project instead., so my first tomb project is kinda easy for the explorers.

The traps are disarmable,hidden doors are easy to unlock,Its drowning with ancient coins, the hole thingie you insert your hand in is only for searching loot (not for revealing hidden doors as i cant do it yet) the pushable statues are just there for you to push or pull as they block a door.

so yeah its an easy tomb,since i am a beginner and I dont want people to get stuckon y very first tomb.

so what is my problem? I tried testing the tomb, and explore it with a sim,after exploring the final room, I didnt get the "congratulations blah blah" and the sim didn't have the moodlet that they finished a tomb.

Please help me with this problem,I want the explorer to be congratiolated once they get to the final room.

Anyway what is the theme of my tomb? its called the "diesel Motel" Its a residential tomb with People in diesel stuff pack clothing in it and they have diesel furniture everywhere. :mrgreen:

I tried my best to eliminate every single CC clothing out of the custom sims, so people who dont want cc can play it. I also tried integrating ghosts on this ,so I killed 4 sims in diesel clothing,Yup all of them are dressed in diesel!!(based on many testings, sometimes I encountered the ghosts, sometimes I dont.

I decided to make it a residential tomb as its my only way to put ghost, the residents of the house is a dad dressed in diesel clothing, a mom dressed in diesel clothing, sadly their baby is not dressed in diesel. You will be able to explore this tomb by visitings its residents, ask for a sleepover then raid the tomb in their house while they were sleep. or you can just play ts residents. I am no Chris Paradis so please dont expect a super gorgeous house.

If this tomb became a success, I will try to make the "Katy Perry House of pain tomb" which is inspired from phreakindee's youtube review of Katy Perry Sweet treats, its going to be a tomb with ghosts in Katy Perry outfits and hairstyles.....A candy themed tomb. If the "house of pain" becomes a success I will try to make "King Midas' Castle" I will abuse to Philosopher's stone and surround the tomb with gold statue made of sims, Then the whole place will look gold. If the Midas castle becomes a success, I will start to accept requests from people and that is for free.

Below are the WIP screenshots of my "Diesel Motel" (it has no store items and CC items at this moment.




If you noticed the terrain outside is pink because its built in a Pink terrained custom world(I want a Martian world but this is my closest thing to Mars), dont worry, installing this tomb wont give you a pink terrain. Lots adopts to the color of its world's terrain color.


yay he is wearing diesel :lol:



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