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Sims 3 Seasons Error

Hello , My Name is Bryant ..

I Recently Purchased Sims 3 plus The Seasons Expansion Pack from the Origin Store ..

So i Download them both and they both download peachy .. i install sims 3 and it work PERFECT ! and then i update it to 1.50 ..

i then try to install seasons and it tells me -


"The Sims 3 Version installed is more recent , than expected. "

" the Sims 3 Seasons Could be IMCOMPATIBLE "


After that it stays frozen on " INSTALLING FILE 46 OUT OF 91 "


  • Katkabaal3Katkabaal3 Posts: 320 Member
    edited March 2013
    Every new update (EP or SP) already contains patches from earlier dates. Meaning: installing an EP automatically patches the game up to the release date of that EP.

    Patch 1.50 was released after seasons. This is probably why, when installing seasons, the launcher sees the base game as a newer version.

    Try uninstalling everything. Then re-install the base game. Immediately after install seasons and then let the launcher decide if you need to patch the game.

    Good luck!

    #Edit# If uninstall does not work due to a faulty installation, try to uninstall manually with the info in this link:
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