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What I LOVE and what I DON'T LOVE about University Life



  • kburns421kburns421 Posts: 140 New Member
    edited March 2013
    You think it's bad that your Sim's roommates smell? I had two DIE in the dorm the very first semester I sent my Sim to college because they couldn't take care of their needs. The whole rest of the time she was there, they haunted the dorm as ghosts and all the other Sims just walked around sobbing. There was also a total of three fires, if I'm not mistaken. All of this happened in two weeks. I finally had to take away their stove.

    Edited to add: I also finally hired a maid because I think the lack of counter space may have caused the Sims to die of hunger even though there are quick meal options that don't require a counter.
  • me3_0957FBA27me3_0957FBA27 Posts: 51 New Member
    edited March 2013
    I love the University aspect...but I think there are a lot of bugs and it's all sort of a mess. The roommates are horrible, and my semester is bugged out! I did a two term semester and it won't complete the first term. It keeps REPEATING. I've went from six days until to finals to 12 TWICE. Now I'm going to have to drop out so basically I've wasted FOUR days here...
  • YumedustYumedust Posts: 572 Member
    edited March 2013
    I'll add in my two cents that roommates are utterly messy! I had mini-me stay in the sorority for her time in college and the poor girl spent just as much time cleaning as she did studying! Spoiled food/plates every where, dirty clothes piles, dirty bathrooms, stinky girls running about... *shudder*. My only two gripes are the messy roommates and the amount of bugs running rampant. I finally had a successful play through with mini-me, but I might wait before I send her husband lol.

  • NataliePetmerNataliePetmer Posts: 156 New Member
    edited March 2013
    The thing I hate the most is that like 99% of the sims are ugly or have horrible clothing combinations. Its driving me insane that I keep having to edit the NPCs. Ughhhh
  • 2oo922oo92 Posts: 2,627 Member
    edited March 2013
    I love a lot of the things about this so far, though I admit there are times that the roomates don't take care of themselves. Though I'm more worried about the showering, eating, and sleeping. I don't mind the cleaning, because well I'd expect that anyway from college kids. Lol if only I had been put in a dorm with a neat sim. XD

    I do however wish the I could stay a bit longer, but I'll just wait for a mod for that. In the end I think EA did an overall good job though.
  • claritysfclaritysf Posts: 384 Member
    edited March 2013
    THANKS everyone for your feedback!! It was fun reading what other people love and don't love about this new expansion pack!

    I took your advice on the BUTLER and that made living with complete slobs a LOT easier! You're right! :) After my first term ended, My sim moved into the Sorority. (I still wish you didn't have to wait for the term to end and re-enroll to move into a new building) It was a much better experience with the butler living in the sorority house and cleaning up the messes. This still didn't stop one of the dumber girls from setting the kitchen on fire trying to cook up a meal while the butler was sleeping.

    Speaking of DEATHS: Another sorority girl died during the bonfire party. Her rear end went up in flames. I tried clicking on her to save her but there was nothing I could do. she danced around in circles screaming until she burnt to death. There was just a pile of ashes left. The grim reaper came and joined in the keg party! He got juiced up and He held one of the sorority girls up while she did a kegger shot. :shock: THAT was interesting. lol

    I agree with a lot of what you guys mentioned - I would also like to see LONGER terms as an option. Even if you pick two terms and 12 credit option you'll still get through the experience pretty quickly (Especially if you already have credits accrued through the placement test)

    I DO appreciate how they broke it down into terms for this expansion pack. You can choose how many classes you want to take on and for how long. I like that a lot.

    I also wish more of the classes were set up like the lecture classes and less rabbit holes.

    Jean - You asked about the easels for the studio class. Most of the students sit around in the field with their sketchpad but go around to the front of the art academy building. There are about 3 or 2 set up there for students to paint with during class.

    I agree that I wish the sim didn't automatically wake up so early each morning!. It would be nice if we can just set an alarm for a decent hour. Most of my sim's classes don't start until noon or 4 PM. I always have to put them back into the bed.

    Someone had mentioned that cafeteria's in colleges are usually not located in the dorm buildings in real life and I am aware of that. I meant that it made it more realistic in the sense that cafeterias DO exist in most universities. You can purchase a meal plan in advance and your food is available from around 8:00 am - 8:00 pm buffet style. It's usually located somewhere very close to the main dorms.(at least that was my college experience) I liked the fact that it was available in the Sims 2 dormitories due to how convenient it was. I'm disappointed that it doesn't exist at all or anywhere in this game. I'm getting over that though the more I play. It's become a lot less important.

    The SMARTPHONE is getting more and more interesting. My sim had over 300 followers at one point. I like the "gotta blog about.." moodlet that gives you a heads up on what posts will attract the most attention. I love the fact that you can go through the pictures you take on your phone and hang them on your walls. I love the SimFinder App. That's definitely the best new function so far. Just pick in the sex, age, traits you want in a person...The person with those attributes shows up! It makes it easy to make friends, but like one person mentioned... there are some pretty 🎃🎃🎃🎃 sims out there. lol!

    I lost a sim due to a technical glitch after she got married to her college sweetheart. **just a reminder to everyone to save your Sim in the Edit town bin folder after they graduate so you have a back up just in case**.

    My new sim is a rebel in the physical education track. She just staged her first successful HUNGER STRIKE against wedding rings. It was fun handing out the fliers and giving "impassioned speeches" and riling up the crowd. Tagging is a lot of fun too. She keeps getting invited to a kegger party every night from the same creepy old man that's currently running the frat house. He has to be at least 70 years old and tries to kiss her when she gets "juiced up" (ew) :? I have to say that some of these parties have had me cracking up, especially when everyone starts streaking. I'm also just beginning to explore the properties of all the different herbs. This adds another interesting twist to the game. So far my sims have only enrolled in Fine Arts and Phys Ed. I'm looking forward to finding out more about the science, business and communications majors

    All in all, despite some glitches here and there - I still feel it's one of the best expansion packs yet. LOVE it! :)

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