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November 20 - Everyone ready for the Friday Highlight? It's ready for you here.

Who? YOU! Some Thank-You Owl Patterns!

So many people have been so generous and wonderful to me, I wanted to give at least a little back. I made a couple of owl patterns for my friends in Anetteb's Christmas Wheel thread, but with the new nursery set in the store (which Glagreg so generously gifted me!) I thought we could use a few more. (You'll find them all under "Themed" if I was paying attention when I uploaded them! Lol!)


1) Mid-Century Owls

2) Bright Owl Wallpaper

3) Busy Owls

4) Owl sweater knit

5) Owl Quilt

6) Owl and Leaves

Thank you again to not only the super generous simmers who randomly patrol my wishlist, but to those who are so kind and helpful in the threads. I hope there's something here you can enjoy!

*Also, if you have any, or know of any great owl patterns, feel free to post them here. It would be great to have a one-stop shop for them!


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