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Rain In My Shoes – Rags to Riches Revised for Seasons and University Life

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28April2019 Note: I no longer play Sims 3 and will not be updating this thread. - Thank you to everyone who has played and hopefully enjoyed this challenge. You are invited to follow my Sims 4 challenges and many others shared at Sims 4 Challenge List hosted by Meeshelby

Apologies in advance for any broken links. The forum where this was originally posted no longer exists.
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**Click here for challenge information**
Rain In My Shoes – Rags to Riches Revised for Seasons
How will this work? That is to be determined after some testing and revisions.
Rain In My Shoes is a modified version of a combination of existing challenges but especially Cyron43's Rags to Riches Challenge.
Credit: Thanks to Cyron43 for the Rags to Riches Challenge.
Now ... basic concepts /guidelines.

Goals: Start with an empty lot (See Seasons exception) and empty pockets and work your way to the top.
#1. Establish a base lot and begin exploring for food and sellable goods. *No Taxi or public transport*
#2. Make at least 500 S - This unlocks transportation options. You can use Taxi or any transport available.
#3. Make at least 5000 S to unlock self-employed option.
#4. Earn enough to buy /build a real home. Guidelines below.
#5. After meeting all the requirements for a real home you may continue to be self-employed or choose any career.

Criteria for Completion:
Be worth one million Simoleons and complete Lifetime Wish.
Worth is determined by adding cash in hand plus household worth plus any businesses owned.

The Sim Victim ... uh Volunteer for this project:
*Start a fresh household with no skills.
*Can have single Sim or a couple or YA/Adult with child - children.
*Remember this family is homeless and even those children need to be in school.
*Toddlers would need a crib and have ONE toy. [See Housing Notes]
*Favorites, Traits and LTW are players choice.
*CANNOT start as a Supernatural but can convert after certain criteria is met. [TBD]

Housing - Homeless:
*Empty lot to begin. With Seasons this could be a very short challenge without shelter.
*Sleeping bag IS allowed.
*Tents usually require Travel (World Adventures). They are available in buydebug and are not free.
-->Pondering if tents will be allowed in the beginning.
*Can visit community lots for a quick meal or nap but CANNOT live there.
-->How many RL fire stations or gyms would let you freeload? But they might let you stay the night.
*Toddlers require a crib and can have ONE toy so choose wisely.
*Children must attend school and the parent / guardian must provide food for the children.
*Teens also must attend school and cannot have jobs until certain criteria are met.

Income and Jobs:
*NO job to start... not even self-employed until your Sim has a house with the required items.
*Start at ZERO funds once placed on the lot. See Tips.
*You may make money by collecting gems, metals, insects, butterflies, minor pets and fishing.
-->These can be sold direct from inventory, donated to the science center, sold at the grocer or by consignment.
-->Selling artwork, sculptures or inventions can be done after your Sim can afford the equipment.
-->Collecting scrap and using the workbench at the fire station (Requires Ambitions) is acceptable.
-->Alchemy station at the Elixir Consignment shop can be used to learn the potions.
>>HOWEVER ... potions / elixirs cannot be created and sold from there until certain goals are met.
*Mooching for food and money as well as rummaging is acceptable.
*Harvesting from public community gardens is allowed.

Transportation - Getting from here to there:
*No Taxi, Subway or LLAMA Teleport until funds reach 500 S (S=Simoleons)
*To begin your Sim can walk anywhere. You may need to click a short distance and use 'Go here' command. This is a bit tedious at the beginning but can be done. Just get some gems, seeds, produce or fish and sell for quick money.

Co-existing with Seasons and Other Points of Game Play:
*Suggest four walls with a roof and door ASAP. Only big enough to use sleeping bag to sleep out of the rain.
*NO Toilet, Sink, Stove, Refrigerator to Grill to begin. Use public facilities until funds reach 500 S.
*Self-employment can begin after making 5000 S and your Sim has a real home.
Self-employed careers include Gardener, Sculptor, Painter, Inventor, Writer or Alchemist. Showtime Careers are not considered self-employed.

A lot is just a lot until it becomes Home Sweet Home:
A little definition is in order here.
*You may choose your first lot as small as you like. Remembering you start with nothing the smaller the better IMO.
*Beginning lot is basically empty with the allowance for Seasons.
*Seasons requires shelter no matter how meager.
*ALLOWED for Seasons - four walls and a door and roof. No plumbing and no appliances or skill objects or mood enhancers. As your Sim makes money you can start to add on.
*You can stay on this beginner lot or move to another one once your Sim can afford the purchase price.

Making a Home out of nothing:

*Before getting a 'real' job you will need a home. It does not need to be huge or elaborate but must include the following:
>>Four walls, a roof and a door along with windows, wall coverings and floor coverings.
>>Toilet, Sink, Shower or tub.
>>Refrigerator, Stove and at least one empty counter.
>>At least one chair or a couch.

Consideration of EPs:
-World Adventures: You cannot travel until you have an established home. You can sell any relics or treasures found while exploring.
Hint: On your first trip to China pause after landing at base camp. Click on the bookcases and take all the books. Save these for when you get home then sell from inventory or at consignment. Makes for a sweet bonus. Also suggest you buy at least one copy of the recipes available to save a return trip.
Ambitions: All these careers are allowed after you have an established home.
-Showtime Careers in this EP are not allowed until you have an established home.
-Supernatural: Since Supernaturals have the ability to conjure food from nothing you cannot start as a Supernatural.
You cannot use the Genie lamp until you have an established home and full time employment. You may convert to Supernatural by asking to be turned, converted or bitten or whatever.
Use of a purchased or created elixir is also allowed after you have an established home and full time employment.
-Seasons: See allowances under housing.

Cheats and Mods generally are NOT allowed with a couple of exceptions.
*ResetSim * can be used if Sim is stuck and cannot be released in any manner.
*MoveObjects on/off (MOO) can be used when building or decorating.
*ConstrainFloorElevation False/True (CFE) can be used for building.
*NRaas Consigner Mod can be used to optimize income from selling goods.
*Other NRaas Mods: **Master Controller for checking status to report progress.
**Story Progression as long as it does not provide unfair advantages.
*Game Settings to control Animal / Supernatural Populations.
*Game Settings to Control Celebrity status. (Can allow Celebrity Status after Sim has a house.)
*Game Settings to allow for regular OR long life span.

Not Allowed: *Any Mod or Cheat to boost or freeze needs.
*Game Settings for EPIC life span are NOT allowed for this challenge.
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