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Late Night or Ambitions?

So Origin is having an AWESOME Black Friday sale in which all of the Sims games (and other games as well) are marked down. EPs are $9-20 & SPs are $6-10! They also have Barnacle Bay for $6 & Hidden Springs for $10.
Anyway, I want to buy either Ambitions or Late Night. I know they're cheap ($9 each) so I should buy them both but I don't want to overload my computer so it's either one or the other. And I feel like both games would be a lot of fun, so I don't know which one to get.

Which one of these expansion packs is your favorite?

Thank you! :D


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    hopeless_froghopeless_frog Posts: 6
    edited November 2012
    Both are really fun EPs, but I personally like Late Night a little better. I absolutely LOVE Bridgeport, and I liked the celebrity status and found the club scene and vampires really fun. It is kind of annoying how easy it is to become a celebrity though. :?

    I really like Ambitions as well, and it's also very fun. If you're still not sure, do some research and decide for yourself which one is better for you. :wink:
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    calgarygirljencalgarygirljen Posts: 38 Member
    edited November 2012
    They're both so different so it really depends on how you like to play. Ambitions is all about careers and professions, and late night is about partying and building celebrity status.
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    cianeciane Posts: 16,999 Member
    edited November 2012
    I wanted Late Night for the band instruments.
    Ambitions I love as it lets you redo all the homes in the hood and make over all the townies as part of your job. I find those both very rewarding jobs that make a difference to the town. Self-employment is a great thing!
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