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Winter slumber party lol

After hosting a very successful gift giving party, I decided to throw a slumber party for my youngest Sim child, Alana. She invited 3 of her friends. One left as soon as she got there because she was sleepy and said my party was boring lol. Alana and her 2 other friends were playing outside in the snow. When bedtime came around, the parents told them to sleep. Guess where they decided to put their sleeping bags down?!



I set up the family room so Alana and her friends can sleep there with her 2 older brothers (I wasn't aware that during a slumber party they all pull out their own sleeping bags) but I found the parents sleeping there instead while the kids are outside freezing their ***** off LOL. When Alana woke up the next morning she was completely blue and I got a notification that said if she doesn't warm up soon they will take my child away. I couldn't stop laughing.


  • hellojewbyhellojewby Posts: 1,316 Member
    edited November 2012
    ha! great story! those sims sure love those sleeping bags! many times, i've bought the expensive beds only to have them sleep in their sleeping bags instead. :lol:
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  • Pupper_puppyPupper_puppy Posts: 810 New Member
    edited November 2012
    Thats funny :lol:
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