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Black Dagger Brotherhood Mansion? Ideas?

AudrixAudrix Posts: 55 Member
I'm a huge fan of JR Ward's BDB series. Hoping there are other fans out there too.

I need some help. I'm going back to re read the books, because I'm obsessed with the mansion. I've been trying to build it for some time now, posted a few if'y ideas to the exchange but they never came out quite the way I wanted them.

So I'm looking to the forums now. If you're a fan of BDB PLEASE, help me figure out the layout of this thing. As I read your comments I'll take notes and try to draw a layout of it. And once I think I have all the information I need I'll head in game and try to build this not-so-seemingly-massive mansion.

Once it's built, I invite you all to take a look at it, tell me what you think, and I will dedicate thanks to all of the simmers who helped me in accomplishing this great feat.

Thanks and I hope I can get the help on this.


  • AudrixAudrix Posts: 55 Member
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  • AudrixAudrix Posts: 55 Member
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    Bumping for views....anyone?
  • brinfeldbrinfeld Posts: 2 New Member
    I realize I am YEARS late on this, but I am attempting to do the same thing. Did you ever successfully build it?
  • brinfeldbrinfeld Posts: 2 New Member
    I found a breakdown of all the rooms, but I would have taken this a step further and included all of the decor descriptions for each room. I think Cormia was in a lavender room for awhile when she and Phury were on the outs. The billiards room walls are, I believe, in green. I would have to go back and skim through the books again to get the fine details.
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