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Noob question re: EIG

Okay, bear with me here, because like I said I'm a noob at CAW :oops:

1. I have created my small world.

2. I exported a copy of said new world to my game and pre-made about a dozen community lots and just a couple of homes, and saved them in my Library.

3. Went back to CAW (after closing out of game), opened world and ran EIG. Screen goes black with circle going round and round for about 5 minutes - then crashes.

Tried this about half a dozen times with the same result.

Not being completely computer illiterate, I decided to run a vanilla version of Sims3. Did step 3 above and voila, this time the world opened in EIG! But of course the contents of my library and store were not there (NB. I knew that would happen but just wanted to see if I could get the world to run in EIG first).

So, this is where it gets a little more difficult... :roll:

I put my DCCache files and my Library files back into the vanilla version of the game, open CAW, click EIG and this time, I get as far as the green bar loading the world, when BOOM! It crashes again!

So now I'm wondering if my DCCache file is too large?? My library contents are definitely not large - only a couple of MB.. but the DCCache is 3.15GB (I own the entire Sims3 Store :oops: ).

Now I realise that shouldn't be too large for my computer to handle but honestly, I'm completely baffled as to why it keeps crashing. I should be able to keep my store content in the game right? I mean I know other world builders don't just work with base game / EP / SP stuff but also use Store content.. so what am I doing wrong here :? ??

Any advice would be greatly appreciated :D - especially if it helps me to avoid loading an empty world to the Exchange or having to rebuild all those lots in EIG! :)

PS. Forgot to mention - I have no CC or Mods.


  • Faith_AndhopeFaith_Andhope Posts: 4,468 Member
    edited October 2012
    The only time that happens to me is when I forget to remove my mods folder before loading it up, but you said you don't use mods. From what you've written, it that were happening to me in your situation, I would conclude that the DCCache may be too large indeed.

    I don't know of any other reason for it -- in your situation, with what you've described.
  • KaztompKaztomp Posts: 519 Member
    edited October 2012
    @ Faith_and_Hope - Thanks for the feedback :) Yes, I just tried it again, took out the DCCache folder - works a treat! Put it back in - crashes! Oh well, I guess that'll teach me for being a greedy hog and buying everything the Store has to offer - lol! Good news though, at least my Library contents still come through - so all I really have to do is swap out the tacky replacement stuff with nicer EP/SP stuff :)

    Thanks again Faith_and_Hope! :thumbup:
  • Writin_RegWritin_Reg Posts: 28,907 Member
    edited October 2012
    If you have at least 4 gigs of ram it is advised you apply LAA to Caw as well as make a exception in DEP for your sims game TS3W.exe and for CAW too and the crashing should stop. The sims 3 game was already made Large address aware (LAA) but they did not make CAW LAA, so it can only use 2 gigs of ram unless it is made LAA.

    DEP both need to be added to as an exception as that way it will keep Windows from hogging all the resources when you are using CAW or playing your sims games - Windows will know to let your game and CAW have first dibs on resources - Dep is the number one cause of Crashes in this game if you have all eps, sps and all the store stuff. I even have a super computer and also own the store, all the store worlds, all the eps, and sps, and even though I have a top notch pc, and 8 gigs of high speed gaming ram - a high end video card - by the time Showtime came out my machine would just up and crash without warning. I was fine up until Showtime. I put my game - which is the TS3W.exe in DEP as an exception and haven't had a crash since.

    At least the game had LAA - CAW does not, so it definitely needs that, and you can see if you are happy with that as that might be all you need for a small world - but if you still crash then I suggest to also make an exception for CAW in DEP.

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  • KaztompKaztomp Posts: 519 Member
    edited October 2012
    Hi again Writin_Reg :)

    Thank you for the advice (again - lol) - yes, I had already made CAW LAA - I'm a stickler for reading up on pretty much everything one needs to do before starting something new - and it also appears we're running similar systems - I too have 8GB of RAM, a fairly recent (purchased about 8 months ago), high end video card and have DEP'd TS3W.exe.. :(

    Through trial and error, I have discovered if I add each "ebc" file, one at a time, then I am able to load the world in EIG successfully - saying that however, I have so far only loaded dcdb0.dbc, dcdb1.ebc to dcdb4.ebc of a total of 16 files! The "ebc" files 1 through to 15 are each about 200MB in size.. it's a tedious, time consuming process but (touch wood), so far so good! Every time I load one of the "ebc" files into the DCCache and return to CAW to EIG, I sit here with fingers and toes crossed and beads of sweating popping out of my forehead - lol! But I am nothing, if not persistent - so I will keep at it until such time as they are all fully loaded in game again or CAW has a hissy fit and crashes.

    Wish me luck! :)

    And thanks again for your continued and valuable advice :thumbup:

  • Faith_AndhopeFaith_Andhope Posts: 4,468 Member
    edited October 2012
    Sounds like you're doing everything right.

    Good luck. :D
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