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When does the normal edition come out in the Uk

So i was so excited by supernatural when it was announced but because of the release date in September just after the summer break finished, in order to actually get some work done (I knew that I would be playing non stop to begin with)I held off on buying supernatural and decided to wait until my two weeks off in October, for half term. I thought about buying it straight away anyway just not installing it but because the peashooter didn't interest me anyway, I decided not to risk the temptation. BIG mistake. Now the limited edition is no longer available and the normal edition doesn't seem to have come out.

Does anyone know where or when I can buy in a uk store or from a trusted uk site (such as amazon uk but not amazon uk as it doesn't have it) a disk copy of the sims 3 supernatural (my wifi is too slow and unpredictable for dd otherwise I would just buy it from origin. It may just cut off in the middle of the dd if it is more than an hour plus I don't know how much bandwidth I have) for £30 or under seeing as if I had just bought the limited edition when it first came out it would have cost me £25? And no eBay I would like a new copy so that there are no issues with registering the game.

Lesson learned making sure seasons is preordered straight away in November so I can definitely get it on Christmas day.

Thanks in advance for any help. I am worried I won't get to play supernatural and I have been looking forward to it since June. Thanks again.


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