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    hellohannah2hellohannah2 Posts: 839 Member
    Chapter 8 is out now!

    I took a week off to go on my holidays, hence the delay but I'm back with a new chapter this evening!

    Not too many interesting screenshots unfortunately - really all the characters were doing this time was standing around chatting. More action next time I promise!

    In chapter 8, Evie is really starting to change her mind about Liam, but is she too awkward to turn down his invitation?


    Read it here -
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    RipuAncestorRipuAncestor Posts: 2,332 Member
    Hello! I'm slow with my updates again, but soon this story will be done! Yay! Here's the newest chapter for The Chrysanthemum Tango!

    Chapter 68: The Blade

    An ancient artefact is found, a heartfelt gift is delivered, and darkness falls.

    I hope you enjoy! It's a long one, but there's lots of stuff happening.

    Stay safe and healthy, everyone!
    My Sims stories:
    The Fey of Life - fairytales in life are few and far between (Forum thread HERE)
    The Chrysanthemum Tango - a story about life, death, magic, and how to be a good landlady (Forum thread HERE)
    Forget-Me-Not - some things just refuse to stay buried; an Ambrosia Challenge story (Forum thread HERE)
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    jillbgjillbg Posts: 4,600 Member
    So much has happened with the Grey's since I last posted on this thread...

    New chapter: 02-56 Fishing

    Derek is trying to get his health back and somehow escape. But the nature is hostile, and falling from the skies does take a while to recover from...

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    yoursharona34yoursharona34 Posts: 3,201 Member
    Just posted on my 10-year-old Sims 3 simself story blog, The Watley Family.

    119 Blue and Freddy's Snow Date

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    ElenaSenoritaElenaSenorita Posts: 67 Member
    Hi everyone ! It has been too long but I decided to continue my story again .
    I apologise because I can never be constant with my schedule for next episode but please try to give it a read .
    I promise you won't regret it .
    Story Title : Hate That I Love You
    Author Name : ElenaSenorita
    Story URL:
    Brief Description : Based on a true story about a gangster falling in love with an innocent girl
    Story Avatar : Under signature
    Sims games featured : Sims 4
    Genre: Romance
    Update schedule : Can't promise
    Disclaimer : M18 (I decided to change it to M18 because I realised that you have to be 18 or older to enter my blog to see the contents)

    Here's the latest episode , Episode Seventeen of Hate That I Love You .

    Seventeen; Imprudence
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