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"Sims and Friends: Share Your Stories!!

SilverDaybreakSilverDaybreak Posts: 2,080 Member
Hi everybody and welcome to the thread where you can meet new friends and share your Sim stories and a little bit about yourselves so we can get to know you and help each other with kind words through those difficult times in real life.

Let me start by introducing myself:

My real life name is Janet (Jan Tedfor in my studio is myself) but I go by the the name of Silver which is taken from my username, SilverDaybreak (In memory of my part Arabian mare that I use to ride). I am from Sussex, New Brunswick and live with my wonderful husband and 2 cats Muffy and Buffy. I work for a local call center doing hotel reservations which is a lot of fun most of the time but like any job does get stressful (mentally).

As for my Sim Stories, I am one of those Simmers who has several stories on the go. My first legacy family (The Steel family) will soon be retiring after generation 10 as will my Day family. In this thread I plan to post the links to all of my stories at the beginning and then let you know which one has an update on my blog but will continue to post the pictures to my stories here in the thread. Don't worry about not reading all of them just pick some that you enjoy to follow and then maybe on a cold, snowy winter's day sit back with a hot chocolate or something sit back and read some of my older stories if you like. Each of my generations are like a story in themselves although they follow the main theme of the legacy but also adding new themes along the way.

I know most of you know this already but I like to use Sims from my friends in my stories as well as most of my newer legacy stories involve friends' Sims and/or families. In my main legacies as well if the game does not generate a spouse for my heirs via school prom or other methods I also like to find a Sim from one of your studios to use for a spouse. Someone that fits my storyline as well as a Sim who seems to be forgotten in a studio and has few downloads. This gives new dimensions and genes to my stories as well as gives you an opportunity to have a part in my stories. I hope that no one here minds me using a Sim from their studios for this purpose.

Of course if any of you need Sims for a story or extra townies please feel free to use any that are in my Studio. Just let me know who you are using and please give me updates on their lives even if they are just townies, letting me know that they are alright and settled well into their new town is nice, too. Guess I'm like a mother hen to my Sims as I like to know where they are after they leave my guidance.

That's enough about me for now.

Many thanks to my fellow Simmers and friends, Jazen, Sharona, Fairybird, Fru, Arrowleaf, Dreamerz, Ivory (when she returns to us), Madhatter, Spidergirl, Wickichick, Anon, Faye and any others who join me in making this thread the best place to share stories and make new friends. I will let each of these wonderful people introduce themselves and their wonderful stories.

Please when you post in this thread for the first time, introduce yourselves and comeback frequently as we want to get to know you and not have you just post your story and run which defeats the purpose of a having this a social place to share stories about Sims and yourselves. We will all try to read your stories and leave feedback and if we take awhile to do so please don't worry we will but sometimes real life and playing our own stories takes up time. All of us enjoy receiving feedback on our stories and love giving our thoughts on yours as well.

May we all grow closer to each other and our friendships flourish as we follow in Wicki's footsteps. Here's to many happy times ahead.



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  • Spiderg1rlSpiderg1rl Posts: 7,343 Member
    edited October 2012
    Wow that's one hard intro to follow :lol:

    Hi there guys, my name is Shell but Spider works too :D I have no background in writing I just do it for fun, I have been writing sim stories for over a year now and although I'd like to say I finished them all, unfortunately I got hit by a nasty glitch. That doesn't mean I'm not determined but that sometimes you can't do anything about gameplay issues. I'm sure we've all been there.

    I have a legacy I write at the moment that is Supernatural and Romeo & Juliet based. It's actually a continuation of all my previous stories in a way to keep the others alive as I was in tears when I lost the others. Now its heavily story based and controlled by me completely (in terms of baby births etc) so the glitch can't cause any more issues.

    I love to read other stories and try my best to keep up to date with them when not working :D I highly recommend other stories in this thread they are incredibly well thought out by amazing simmers.

    Please take a seat, join in and make some fantastic friendships :D We'll be happy to have you :D
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  • SilverDaybreakSilverDaybreak Posts: 2,080 Member
    edited December 2015
    It's been suggested by @SilentWolf101 to put links to our Simselves here, so thought I'd get things started tonight. Will try to add five to the list each day until you're all here.



    Here you'll find my real Simself: Janet Tedford, SilverSelf: Silver Day, Simself's granddaughter: Lorraine Tedford, Simself with my husband: Jan & Grant Tedford

    Sims 3 Simself
    : Jan Tedfor: http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=4298899

    @CathyTea : She has several selves for you to choose from.


    @Julyvee94 :



    @Simslover163 :








    https://thesims.com/en_AU/gallery/browse searchtype=ea_origin_id&time=all&category=all&searchquery=jes2g&sortby=downloads&max=50&maxis=false










    @MunnieSims : (The redhead is her Simself)

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  • jbfairybirdjbfairybird Posts: 3,923 New Member
    edited October 2012

    Well I don't like to give my real name on the internet so you can just call me JB or Fairybird which is based on my user name here. I am a female in my late 30s that cargives for my parents. I game, write and read in my spare time which is usually squeezed in where I can.

    I have a big imgination so I have a blog containing several stories of various types. Please visit my blog and comment, haunt my page and follow my tumblr.
  • Spiderg1rlSpiderg1rl Posts: 7,343 Member
    edited October 2012
    Spidergirl: Nice intro. If you read back in my legacies, I used work-arounds to cover my glitches. Usually you'll know if there is a big tragedy or something in my story.
    Thanks I could have found a workaround for my baby challenges but it would mean me saying how many kids I get not the pregnancy which was kind of the point so in the end I cancelled all but one in hopes for a fix but the last was officially cancelled today as the glitch is still here. It's a glitch where my babies won't age up and stay babies forever. Not the best glitch for a baby challenge writer :lol: That was the only reason the stories were cancelled, if they were legacies or something I would have carried on determining how many kids each heir would have myself, like I do now really.
  • yoursharona34yoursharona34 Posts: 3,201 Member
    edited November 2022
    Beautiful intro, Silver! :)

    I am a self-employed pianist, piano teacher and musician. I used to gig, record music and be on the go a lot but now that I've temporarily changed towns and moved out of the city I mostly just teach and play Sims... lol.

    I got Sims 3 in January 2012, but have had Sims 1,2 and many expansions since the very beginning. I play two main Sim games - my simself Sharona who is of course a musician. She has reached top celebrity status in Starlight Shores. SharonaSim has a lovely husband, Garrick Watley. Garrick wanted tons of kids so they set out on a quest to have ten children and it has become a mini baby challenge.

    The Watley Family Legacy can be found here: http://watleyfamily.wordpress.com


    Then my other main save is the legacy of my Jonso family, which is called "The Party People!". It can be found at http://jonso.wordpress.com. Right now I am at Generation Four with Kaiya Jonso.



    Thanks Silver for starting this new thread, and thanks Wickichick for bringing us all together on the old thread. And thanks to the wonderful people that have and will contribute their stories and their love of THE SIMS!!!!!!!!!!!

    EDITED for time-sensitive content :)
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  • ArrowleafArrowleaf Posts: 3,871 Member
    edited October 2012
    Hey everyone, I'm Arrowleaf. You may call me Arrow or Leaf or really anything you want as long as it's not mean. :]

    I use smilies a lot.

    My main story is a rainbowcy called Chasing Rainbows. You may find the link to my forum in my siggy and the link to my wordpress is here: Chasing Rainbows Wordpress

    If you wish to learn more about me you can read so here: About Arrowleaf

    If you wish to follow me on simblr to get to know me better, you can here: Chasing Rainbows' Simblr

    Please remember that everyone here is pretty welcoming but we do not want you to leave your story here and never return. Everyone wants readers and comments and critiques and that's what we are all here for. That and maybe a bit of moral support when things go wrong. :] <3

    Do not feel obligated to reveal real-life information about yourself if you do not feel comfortable doing so. ^_^ <3

    The Landon Legacy Wordpress // Forums|
    Chasing Rainbows: Wordpress // Forums
  • SilverDaybreakSilverDaybreak Posts: 2,080 Member
    edited October 2012
    Nice intros everyone,

    Just to clarify don't feel that you have to give any part of your real name, I just did because most here have probably already figured it out and I don't mind letting people know who I am. Just for some security though just use first names but usernames are fine as well.

    Must get back to copying some more links.

  • jazenjazen Posts: 5,612 Member
    edited October 2012
    Hey and howdy.

    I'm Jazen or you can call me Jaz. I'm a thirty something (I forget how old I am honestly LOL) stay at home mommy to 4 kiddies ages 16, 9, 4, and 2 (soon to be three next month).

    I started playing sims after my daughter introduced me to it with her Lifestories game. After that we got sims 2 and now sims 3. I like to play for fun mostly but started writing Kiss of a Vampire when I got bored with my regular game play and wanted something different to do.

    I sadly don't play for fun as much as I used to since I focus a lot of brain power on trying to write my stories and then of course taking care of the family.

    Anyway I'm sure this place will be just as fun and friendly as wicki's thread was.

    Below are the links to my various stories.
    Kiss of a Vampire my baby challenge story
    Fiendish-A Twisted Fairytale ****Warning Rated R****
    As Life Goes my for fun legacy

  • Charlie12309Charlie12309 Posts: 1,544 Member
    edited October 2012
    Hi :)

    My name's charlotte, I'm nearly 20 and I've got a baby girl who's 11 weeks old. Haven't been able to get on sims much for the last year, so since my sister deleted my neighborhoods I've had to start a new legacy from scratch, I normally have more than one on the go but right now I've got just the one which I'm really enjoying writing.

    Just a little intro and the link to my forum :)

    Forum Link

    When Lola Willow learns that she has inherited her grandmother's home in Moonlight Falls she drops her life in Starlight Shores and moves for a fresh start. But what she never expected, was to find a fairy living in her backyard, and why is this fairy so adamant to run her out of town? How will she cope learning that the ghost stories she heard as a child are in fact true? Follow Lola as she unveils the mysteries of the night and the secret her mother kept hidden...

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  • JaybziehJaybzieh Posts: 2,430 Member
    edited October 2012
    Hi! My name's Jay, I'm in high school, and I'm a girl regardless of having a guy's name. You can call me Jaybzieh if you really want to but most people find it difficult to remember, since it's so obscure. I'm pretty sure I'm the only 'Jaybzieh' on the Internet, haha. It's just a silly nickname I gave myself when I was a child :3 most people can't even pronounce it correctly. ^_^ ah well.

    And now for a list of random facts about me :)

    I'm a cat person; I have horrible curly black hair; I don't listen to music (I know, shocking, right? Nobody understands how I don't love music but idk, I just don't); I love to draw and paint but I'm rubbish at it; I love to write and I hope I'm not too bad at it considering I have a story up online; my hamster is the cutest thing in the UNIVERSE; I really want children some day; I love cupcakes with a passion.
    I can't think of any more. It's a pretty boring list anyway :3

    Okay, so my story is in my siggy, but I've only just started it. It only has a prologue and a chapter one so far, heh. I love reciving feedback on it, good or bad, and I'll try to read your story too. As soon as I have the time :3
  • SilverDaybreakSilverDaybreak Posts: 2,080 Member
    edited October 2012
    Charlie: Welcome and your story looks really exciting and I will read it once I get my postings completed. Please feel free to pop in an visit and share your stories, pictures, and life's ups and downs. Congrats on your new baby.

    Welcome to you as well Jay and I will try to read your story as soon as I can.

    Here is my Challenge idea for anyone who wants to try. Jazen & Zephyr are already doing so.

    The Realistic Genealogy Challenge

    Description: In real life most people's ancestors have different last names. Example: Traditionally daughters take on the last names of their husbands while sons keep the family name going. In this challenge, I thought it would be interesting to see what your Sim family's last name is at the end of 10 generations or how ever long you choose to play.

    Goal: Play at least 10 generation starting with one founder and see what the family's last name is at the end of the last generation of play.

    Some Rules or Guidelines for extra challenge

    1. Start with one founder: For fun I thought instead of creating the founder look in the studios of Simming friends for single Sims with the least amount of downloads and choose one to begin your story with. (Remember to let your friend know you're using their Sim and make sure they get updates on their Sims' progress)

    2. As for using cheats: Only use if:

    A. needed to help your Sim avoid life threatening situations like if your Sim is almost starving to death and is not near a food source like at work, then you can increase that mood meter enough to hold him/her over until they can eat something.

    B. To help your Sim get out of minor game glitches that pop up from time to time. like the 'resetSim' if your Sim seems to be stuck in one spot or has the 'bowl' stuck on his/her wrist.

    3. First home: May purchase or build home staying within the Sim's starting cash flow. Only purchase upgrades to home when affordable.

    4. Give your Sim as much free reign to do what they want on their own.

    Examples: A. Put them in career they wish for at the beginning of game play. If they don't come up with a career wish at first help them achieve desired skills which may lead to a career choice.
    B. Buy upgrades to their home according to their wishes.
    C. Decorate the home with your Sims' favorite colors in mind.
    D. Even let your Sim pick out their outfits in 'plan outfit' by going through the top and bottom clothing until you get a favorable response from them. (i.e If you click on 'everyday clothing' tab and your Sim says something like 'so-so' or 'baghdad' that usually means they don't like what they're wearing or if they respond with the expressions 'oh' or 'un-huh' it usually means they like it) How you dress them though is up to you.

    5. Finding their soulmate or spouse

    -- Similar to above look for people that your Sim makes friends with through there jobs or other means like sharing drinks with a local after dinner.
    -- Wait for that relationship to develop to a point where your Sim wishes to date the person or that person asks your Sim to move in with them. If the later occurs then you can help them take the relationship to the final stage of marriage.
    -- For those who end up in same gender relationships maybe flip a coin or use some other metric to determine which last name they will take on.
    -- If you see you're Sim is interested in other Sim but the relationship is going slowly feel free to guide it along just as long as your help is invisible in your story.

    6. Family size: Try to go according to your Sims' wishes as to when they want to have children or if you want to decide roll a dice.

    7. For legacy to work there will need to be a combination of son/daughter heirs throughout the generations. You can put the heir to a vote, ask your friend whom you got your Sim from to choose or roll a dice to see which child is chosen for variety.

    8. Marrying: Female heirs must take the last name of their husbands while male heirs keep the last name they were born with.

    Exception: If your heir ends up in a same gender relationship use some random means to choose the last name.

    9. Have fun while let your story play itself out and writing about what has happened in each game sessions. Since there will always be glitches of some sort with Sims make up things to cover them up. Move your family to a new town if necessary, save to your bin or clipboard, and have a back-up heir just in case.

    10. Please feel free to use your Sims' happiness points to help in your story progress.

    Hope you have fun and that this challenge doesn't take anything away from other challenges that have been created by other Simmers.

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  • PrincessLala14PrincessLala14 Posts: 29,231 Member
    edited October 2012
    Hi there, everybody!!!


    While my real name is Brianna, I prefer to go by the name of Lala Rutherwell on the Sims site. Lala Rutherwell is the name of my Simself, too. I'll be seventeen in two and a half weeks, and next year I'm going off to university and probably won't be able to Sim as much. I live in beautiful Canada, so I am fluent in English and French, and when I go to uni I'm hoping to get my BA in French. I'm very perky and girly, and though I do have my fair share of blonde moments (despite being a brunette) I'm also very smart. I love reading and writing and playing games. As I'm sure you can all tell, purple is my favourite colour.

    Although I've started many stories on the Sims site, I often have difficulty with finishing what I start and therefore haven't finished many. The only story to which I am properly dedicated is My 100 Baby Challenge. Is is cleverly titled "MY 100 Baby Challenge" and the premise is that my Simself is really me, trapped isnide the computer and doomed to give birth to 100 children or live forever stuck in the game. Along the way, tons of crazy stuff happens. The challenge is pretty long and a few pictures are missing in the middle (I'm working on fixing them though!) but if you have a chunk of time and nothing to do with it, drop by and take a look!

    My challenge can be found here.

    I like to consider myself friendly and I'm often told that I'm too nice, to the point that it's a fault. So don't be afraid to say hi, because I'll be nice and chatty to you, and you'll never figure out whether or not I genuinely like you because I'm too nice to say that I don't ;)

  • TheNay83TheNay83 Posts: 3,253 Member
    edited October 2012
    I'm Dené, my screen name is how my name is pronounced. I also known as Nay-Nay, Juicy or my stage name Dè Nègra. I'm a 29 year old with a face of a 16 year old which I get tease about it when I'm buying a drink. I'm a House Music DJ/Producer with close to 100 original tracks and remixes.

    I have a love for tacos, vodka, disco, moscato wine, horror movies and men. :mrgreen: I'm usually the life of the party cause I'm pretty ridiculous like my humorous stories, Camp Tigo and Party Montigo. I like to randomly start dancing in public places and randomly start singing Micheal Jackson songs or just bust out in song that I just made up. I'm just random person with a wild imagination. I have a catchphrase that's catching on in my city, "Keep it Juicy!"

    All of my stories have mature content and I don't hold back.. well maybe a little but that won't last :mrgreen: Since I love horror and drama movies, a lot of my stories have that in it. I try to keep my stories as real as possible. I write about some touchy subjects that most writers won't touch. I just want to put a realness into my stories along with some supernatural. I have a double legacy (Montigo-Lex) with several spin off stories. The 2 legacies are linked to each other. I also have a rainbowcy. My banner with lead you to both my legacies and rainbowcy. I have a facebook page for the double legacies. I also have a Tumblr. It's not strictly about the sims cause I tend to go off subject.. after all, I'm random. :mrgreen:
  • fruhurricanefruhurricane Posts: 2,204 Member
    edited March 2020

    Lovely written intro, Silver!

    I usually go by the name Fru which means Mrs in swedish. ^^ I'm 25 years old and a teacher student from the cold, snowy Sweden. It's not snowing now, though. But ye, Hollywood taught me that americans like to think Sweden is just a big cold country with polar bears on the streets.

    I live with my fiance and our pug Gibson. I'm a true dog person and I can go on forever about how amazing they are so I'm just going to be quiet about that.

    I'm using The Sims 3 to relax and as a way of channeling creativity. I'm currently writing two stories: The Lord legacy and Twisted Color (which is a rainbowcy).

    The Oh Lord legacy is my dearest little baby. It's been going on for almost two years now and I still love this family very, very much. The current heiress (gen 5) is Luna Lord. She's an insecure, lonely girl with a big love for horses. She's been badly bullied throughout her school years and finds a way to escape when she starts a summer riding school and meet the stable guy Brick.

    Luna Lord

    Twisted Color is my freshest story, it's currently on the first generation. It's a rainbowcy where the founder is a tough, independent and confident girl named Marshmallow Puff Twist. Her biggest dream is for colorless to be valued the same as colorful berries in Fondant Fields, and to become a firefighter hero.

    Marshmallow Puff Twist


    I highly recommend the other stories so far introduced in this thread. They are all written by talented and friendly people. Please join our thread with sharing your stories or chatting away. :)

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  • PrincessLala14PrincessLala14 Posts: 29,231 Member
    edited October 2012
    But ye, Hollywood taught me that americans like to think Sweden is just a big cold country with polar bears on the streets.


    I know the feeling, I live in Canada...
  • madhatter123madhatter123 Posts: 5,624 Member
    edited October 2012
    Found the new thread. Bookmarked. ^____^
  • JagPacker26JagPacker26 Posts: 8,407 Member
    edited October 2012
    My story is a 100 Baby Challenge too, with a simself. the link is in my clickable signature, but also here.

    I am hoping that sharing this will get me more exposure to the story world.
  • madhatter123madhatter123 Posts: 5,624 Member
    edited October 2012
    My story is a 100 Baby Challenge too, with a simself. the link is in my clickable signature, but also here.

    I am hoping that sharing this will get me more exposure to the story world.
    *waves* I will definitely check it out! I love 100 BC's.
  • camimhcamimh Posts: 3,297 Member
    edited October 2012
    Well I'll throw out my intro too, why not. :)

    I'm Cami and have been playing sims since it first came out. When I played Sims 1 and Sims 2 I just played - no stories. But not long after Sims 3 came out I found a group of players to hang out with and we all developed our own stories over time. I still talk to several of them, some of them daily.

    I've had many stories over the last three years but right now I have four active stories. School Days is a teen drama that is about to complete (and then evolve into a new story). Project Unity is a science fiction. The Taffity Legacy and Dusty Plains are legacies (Dusty Plains is a rainbowcy).


    I also do a group story called Crescent Bay with some of those friends I mentioned earlier. It started as a group of five but given how long it's been running, the group has thinned out a bit. Still, it's been a great project!

    Crescent Bay has it's own blog now but all of my stories (including those I've finished or those on hiatus for one reason or another) are kept at Cami's Sims on blogger.

    I have a tendency to get attached to my main characters but I suppose most of us do. I did NaNoWriMo last year based on my science fiction story and this year it will be based on School Days. NaNoWriMo is an incredible challenge by the way, if anyone is up for it. Starts on November 1st every year.

    Anyway, beyond sims I am a photographer and homeschooling mom. I have three little munchkins and some pets.

    ETA: I have a "for fun"/non-story family who share their antics on my Tumblr: The Glorious Ponds. Feel free to add me on Tumblr if you have an account there. ;)

    Nice to "meet" you all.
  • madhatter123madhatter123 Posts: 5,624 Member
    edited October 2012
    I'll post an intro. ^_____^

    My username is madhatter123, although you can call me Mad or Madhatter. :) I love using emotes/gifs. I spend a lot of time of the forums and try to take part in a lot of things here. I like exploring new worlds and downloading CC, but my favorite thing is to write stories. I love taking pictures and writing a story to go along with it. Currently I'm working on a rainbowcy here, a story revolving around the Goths here, and another story about a simmie named Maya I made here. I mainly write for myself and for the fun of it. I want to be a writer or an actress someday. Hopefully I'll have the opportunity to try both.

    I don't have a blog for my stories yet, but I'm looking at all the blog sites to see which one suits me. What do you guys use?
  • PrincessLala14PrincessLala14 Posts: 29,231 Member
    edited October 2012
    My story is a 100 Baby Challenge too, with a simself. the link is in my clickable signature, but also here.

    I am hoping that sharing this will get me more exposure to the story world.

    Maybe, if we're lucky :P
    And maybe those who read yours will find mine through it XD
  • fruhurricanefruhurricane Posts: 2,204 Member
    edited October 2012
    I'll post an intro. ^_____^

    My username is madhatter123, although you can call me Mad or Madhatter. :) I love using emotes/gifs. I spend a lot of time of the forums and try to take part in a lot of things here. I like exploring new worlds and downloading CC, but my favorite thing is to write stories. I love taking pictures and writing a story to go along with it. Currently I'm working on a rainbowcy here, a story revolving around the Goths here, and another story about a simmie named Maya I made here. I mainly write for myself and for the fun of it. I want to be a writer or an actress someday. Hopefully I'll have the opportunity to try both.

    I don't have a blog for my stories yet, but I'm looking at all the blog sites to see which one suits me. What do you guys use?

    I'm using Wordpress. I have never tried blogspot so I don't really know which is better. Wordpress haven't failed me so far though. :)
  • camimhcamimh Posts: 3,297 Member
    edited October 2012
    I don't have a blog for my stories yet, but I'm looking at all the blog sites to see which one suits me. What do you guys use?

    I use blogger. Wordpress and Livejournal are other popular options. It really comes down to personal preference. I've been using blogger forever and wouldn't look forward to moving everything to a new blog so I'll keep using it lol
  • Simmelina1Simmelina1 Posts: 2,626 Member
    edited October 2012
    I'm 30 something and work as a pre school teacher. Started to play Sims 1 when Hot date came out.

    My first family in Sims 3. Victoria is generation 6.

    Paddington Kusmi
    This is generation 3, Noah. Noah has 8 siblings, 2 sets of triplets & twins.Started with his blue grandma Sophia. Wish to see how long the blue skintone will stay in this family.

    Martinez is my latest family.Daniel, Lucia, Alejandro & Paula.

    See some photos & letters about my sims here:
    http://simmelina1.wordpress.com/ & http://simmelina1.tumblr.com/
    Origin id: Simmelina
    The life of my sims. Elina & Don.

  • FayeShinomoriFayeShinomori Posts: 3,523 Member
    edited October 2012
    Wow, looks like this new thread is off to a great start!
    Anyways, I am one of the members of the previous thread run by our mentor, wickichick! My name is Caitlin, but you call can either call me Cait or Faye, whichever you prefer. I'm twenty four, and live with my parents and nine beautiful cats that all have sweet, gentle personalities. Our current concern, which is no longer a real concern, is that our oldest, thirteen year old cat Ziggy has been diagnosed with a thyroid problem. But his medication is helping him immensely and we're no longer as worried about him as we originally were because he's making fast improvements.
    I don't really have an actual story. I just share pictures from the family I've been playing for twenty-seven generations. However, I may be back to my original, 84 generation family, the Roberts family, if my dad ever finds the money to fix my desktop which potentially has a bad motherboard and needs to be replaced. If he can manage to pull the Roberts file from my old memory piece and put it in a new computer, I would love him for life (Not like I already do love him for life ha ha). But these are the pictures of my matriarch's three beautiful children. The two boys are neck and neck for the title of heir. I give all my Sims Gaelic and Celtic names, so they may be a little hard to pronounce (Gaelic is not an intuitive language, unfortunately), but I always put the pronunciation in parentheses for all you people that are not familiar with the language. I live in a little town in the back country roads of Indiana, United States and I long someday to live in Indianapolis or even Japan because I love Japan with all my heart.

    Here are the two possible heirs. First, here is the very handsome Ryan, whom I've been partial to since the day he was born:

    And here is his younger brother Devin:

    And here is the middle child, Gwecalon (Gwayn-ka-lon):

    Although Gwen is very pretty, I've had so many matriarchs lately that I've decided it's time to have a patriarch again. Gwen just doesn't really strike me as lovely, though she does have nice features. She just doesn't "wow" me. Anyways, I'm a sophomore in a local college as an English major since I love to write, but I'm starting to re-think that and am considering leaving that college and joining a tech college and start studying to be a vet tech since I absolutely adore animals. I just hope the vets don't accept snakes to be patients because I am absolutely terrified of snakes!
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