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Philosopher's stone questions, tips, hints..

I seem to be having issues with this. I earned this from getting to level 10 in alchemy (which I did not know you could do BTW, yeah). But the sad thing is, I've used it 2x and each time my sims have died :cry: !(Thanking goodness for those deathflowers) So my question is this...anyone have any ideas or tips on how to make it function better? Is there one type of SN that can use the better? BTW I had the good luck charm on BOTH my characters and they still died (one a witch one a fairy). What have you all done to get the most from this? TIA...


  • DekrRiniDekrRini Posts: 416 Member
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    From what I understand, it happens most often when a cheap object is being transmuted into gold. I have a witch and a werewolf and both have transmuted things into gold several times. I was actually trying to kill my witch so I could make him a playable ghost. ;) Didn't work, the object either disintigrated or got turned into gold.
  • enkeli63enkeli63 Posts: 6,637 Member
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    I have never had that happen and I've even turned toads into gold. But I read in the game guide that it's possible, especially with low value items. What were you trying to transmute?
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  • Ralf453Ralf453 Posts: 1,158 Member
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    I have the Sims 3 Supernatural guide from Prima Games so I'll share this with you:

    "... there is a very slight risk that the interaction will not only fail, but also totally backfire. The sim performing the interaction is turned to gold, resulting in insta-death."

    There are some other parts as well saying about the cheaper the object the more that risk goes up. I recommend saving before every use. :mrgreen:

    Hope I helped!
  • hallucinoJEN2000hallucinoJEN2000 Posts: 51 New Member
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    How do you unbind a ghost that was bound by the philosopher's stone?

  • Nyte5tarNyte5tar Posts: 19 New Member
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    eeks, sorry i don't know how to delete my own posts.

  • 5782341b77vl5782341b77vl Posts: 6,766 Member
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    How do you unbind a ghost that was bound by the philosopher's stone?

    If you return their headstone to the cemetery, things should return to normal.

    EDIT: funny story

    Fun thing I did with the stone was turn Holly Alto's homework into gold! Could you imagine that excuse? "Sorry, I don't have my homework. I turned it into gold."
  • MerrySardMerrySard Posts: 97 Member
    I have developed a bit of a habit of using it to convert wildflowers and small pets. It is wise to keep some deathflowers in the sim's inventory whiel doing so. The resulting gold statues can either be notable decorations or a quick cash-in.
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