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Easy-to-miss items checklist

Have you seen these? Easy-to-miss items check list
I found some items in the store that can be hard to find, or are easy to miss. These are exclusively single items, which means that they supposedly are not included in any set. They seem to popularly show up from site searches, and most, if not all are old stuff that weren’t placed in sets.
People who buy by set only may find this list useful.
To make this list even more useful, I’m including set-only items. I’ve seen someone disappointed to find that some items in a set are available only in the set and not available separately, putting the money used to obtain the single obtainable items from a set to waste. I advise not buying these as single items unless you don’t care for the set-only items. It may still be possible to get them from the Daily Deal page, but single items rarely are up for long.
Likewise with the single items, this may be useful to those who only buy single items.
If you happen to find others, let me know, and I’ll add them to the list if they belong here. I’m sure that fellow simmers will appreciate it!
Also, other than the Buccaneer’s Bounty set from Barnacle Bay and the premium content, all world items are exclusively available with the world. Joolster has confirmed to me that venue items can appear in the game's store.
Also check out the interesting mentions list for things that you think you have but may not and vice versa.

Updates: Okay, as soon as set-only, venue or world items appear on the Daily Deal or the store in the game, I'll post them here. Let us know if you see any. Thanks in advance.


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