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Sandraelle's Creations...[NEW BUILD, "ROYAL PALMS CASINO" - Page 59]

SandraelleSandraelle Posts: 3,932 Member
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Welcome to my showcase thread. Since my studio has been growing, I figured it was about time to share my creations in this forum and make one of my own threads. Hope you like!


My family tells me I have an addiction to Sims, and they are right! Anyways, I have been creating lots in Sims 2 and Sims 3 for many years, however, I had only built things for myself and never shared or uploaded any of my builds to the Exchange....until May of 2012. Although I had registered all my games with EA, I never really paid much attention to the Sims 3 website. Then my cousin "Wensimmie" encouraged me to check out the website (primarily the Gift Gathering forum), so I created a profile and started lurking in GG and began to enter building competitions. I am now hooked!! I used to use a lot of custom content in my earlier builds, and as hard as it was for me to give it up, all of my creations are now CC free. Note: As you may notice from the pictures, I think I've learned a lot and have come a long way since I first started building. :smile:

Update: September, 2015: I am happy to announce that I have been chosen to be a member of the D.N.A. (Designing Nature and Architecture) Request Team. I am very honored and am excited for this new challenge to create for others.

Index of my creations (starting with the most recent):

Royal Palms Casino 10/25/19
Big Brother House 10/04/19
Baby Blue 09/15/19
Island Tropics Adventure Park 09/03/19
Kardashian-Jenner House (No CC) 08/05/19
Carrousel de Cirque Park 07/04/19
Gracey Manor Haunted Mansion, No CC 06/13/19
Mountain Modern, No CC 05/18/19
Stonewood Manor, No CC 05/17/19
Lake View Family Home 04/19/19
Twilight Modern 03/20/19
Harwood House 2/6/19
Sussex Manor 12/23/18
The Ruby Dream Resort 11/24/18
Beckinsale Place (No CC) 11/01/18
The Boca Raton 10/6/18
Meadow Glen Festival Grounds 8/25/18
Chateau Riona 7/21/18
Bali Escape (No CC) 6/23/18
Willowbrook Farm (DNA Request) 6/5/18
HGTV Smart Home 2018 5/19/18
Islands of the Sun Resort 4/29/18
Bellerive Estate, DNA request 4/22/18
Split Cohesion (No CC) 3/21/18
Happy Hideaway 2/22/18
Shearwater Remodel (No Store) 2/04/18
Moroccan Riad (DNA request) 1/26/18
Aspen Meadows (DNA request) 11/24/17
The San Mateo (#3 in Palm Springs Series) 11/15/17
Arynndale Manor (a DNA request) 11/5/17
Seaside Luxury (a DNA request) 10/8/17
Casa Blanca (a DNA request) 9/17/17
Once Upon a Tide (a DNA request) 8/18/17
Tropical Dreams Resort (a DNA request) 7/5/17
Ambience Restaurant (a DNA request) 6/17/17
Mira Vista (a DNA request) 5/21/17
Cliffside Retreat 4/17/17
Hip Nautic - Sunny Days (a co-build with romagi1 and soocoolsim) 3/24/17
The San Jacinto (#2 in Palm Springs Series) 2/25/17
The Ventura (#1 in Palm Springs Series) 2/18/17
Sherwood Place 2/5/17
Orchid Bay 1/17/17
Pine Valley Ridge 1/1/17
Burnt Sienna 10/23/16
Blue Me Away 10/4/16
San Juan Waterhouse 8/23/16
Hazelnut Cream 8/7/16
La Boulangerie de Josette 7/8/16
Hacienda de la Karmen (DNA request) 6/30/16
Cinnabar Ranch (DNA request)] 6/18/16
Pegasus Park (DNA request) 5/15/16
Sunlit Palms Media Library (DNA request) 4/27/16
Bridgedale Estate (DNA request) 4/10/16
Wildest Dreams (DNA request) 3/15/16
Mass Effect 3 (DNA request) 3/5/16
Sandalwood Modern 2/21/16
Charlie Day Sim-a-like 2/21/16
Coastal Charm (DNA request) 2/6/16
Rivendell Manor (a DNA request) 1/18/16
Bog King and Marianne FairChilde (a DNA request) 1/18/16
Wintergreen (a DNA request) 11/27/15
Pretty Little Liars Household (a DNA request) 11/11/15
Fabio Lanzoni Sim-a-like (a DNA request) 10/25/15
Southern Comfort (a DNA request) 10/16/16
Modern By Nature 9/24/15
Parrot Cay Resort 9/22/15
Ocean Breeze Houseboat 9/13/15
The Sonoma ("My House") 9/13/15
Beacon Hill Row Houses 9/10/15
El Cordoba Resort 6/27/15
Sears 1920 Home 6/17/15
City Rollers Roller Coaster Park 6/13/15
Grizzly Bear Roller Coasters 5/10/15
Art Deco Luxury 4/14/15
The Somerset House 4/10/15
Firehouse Flats 4/7/15
All About the View 3/16/15
Hillside Modern 1/19/2015
Modern Retreat 1/13/2015
Simple Contemporary 1/4/2015
Stoney Pine 1/4/2015
Shabby Chic Starter 1/4/2015
Beach Cutie 11/2/14
Roughin It 11/2/14
The Palm Springs 9/1/14
Villa Tranquille 9/1/14
Dar al Jafari 6/29/14
Shen Zhen House 5/18/14
The Red Ruby Luxury Houseboat 3/16/14
City Loft 2/12/14 **FEATURED LOT**
Waterfront Studio 2/2/14
Papaya Dream 12/27/13
Sterling Pointe 12/23/13
Lakeside Delight 12/13/13
Humble Abode 11/23/13
The Cottonwood 11/17/13
Budget Bachelor Pad 10/29/13
Retro Ranch 10/27/13
The African Queen 9/23/13
Sea-clusion 9/8/13
Classy Glass Modern 9/3/13
Shoreline Lookout 8/17/13
Iron Horse Ranch 7/16/13
On the Pond 6/10/13
White Pine Contempo 6/3/13
Modern Beach Home 5/3/13
Sunnyside Up Beach Home 3/30/13
Mark's Dream Home 3/23/13
Willow Wayside 2/18/13
The Wedding Spot 1/28/13
Just B e a c h y Starter 1/27/13
Casa di Fiori 12/10/12
Mahogany Modern Beach Home 11/19/12
Carrington Court Condos 11/16/12
Plumalicious Potpourri Paradise 10/31/12
Little Lavender Lovely 10/15/12
Psychedelic Punk 9/4/12
Fifty Shades of Grey 9/1/12
The Palo Verde 8/27/12
Brewed Awakenings Coffee Shop 7/27/12 **FEATURED LOT**
Oasis Salon and Day Spa 7/20/12
Pink Flamingo Motel 7/14/12
Tiny Beach Bungalow 7/12/12
Little Bit of Country 6/28/12
Asian Nature – Outdoor Living 6/16/12
Casa de la Playa 6/8/12
Blue Ridge Craftsman 5/28/12
The Hearthstone 5/15/12
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