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Creations by Glenkarri. .... CLIFFSIDE Sunset Valley Modern... P 47


  • GlenkarriGlenkarri Posts: 2,181 Member
    edited November 2012
    Here is another earlier build, Sienna, now reworked inside and out. A comfortable home that will hopefully fit nicely into Monte Vista when it comes out, it has that sort of look, with a more casual interior decor.



    View from the rear
    From the side

    Pool area
    Dining room
    Main bedroom
    One of the two sitting rooms
    Sitting room downstairs
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 157,085 Member
    edited November 2012
    Sienna would definitely fit well into Monte Vista. Very nice exterior design and colouring. Nicely furnished and i like your front garden and fountain. Really great :)
  • TarynTempestwindTarynTempestwind Posts: 4,438 Member
    edited November 2012
    Both of these new homes are jst gorgeous!

    Rec'd both!

    Wonderful work as always Glenkarri!

  • Rawr2019Rawr2019 Posts: 14,407 Member
    edited November 2012
    *has a part in your thread* WOW you have some stunning creations in here! I just had a field day recing your studio! Amazing builds, all with such creativity and freshness to them. And you're so fast! I can really appreciate a builder that delivers quality builds in such a short amount of time, wow!

    Sent you an FR too if that's okay :] Good day to you ^_^ -Nik
  • HARLEY2HARLEY2 Posts: 307 Member
    edited November 2012
    lovely builds glenkarri. keep them coming, honey ....
  • GlenkarriGlenkarri Posts: 2,181 Member
    edited November 2012
    My sincere thanks to everyone for their kind words, they are so appreciated. I am a self confessed buildaholic so it is a redeeming factor to have others appreciate them :D

    Rawr2019 I look forward to your friend request, I will certainly accept, your work is amazing

    Nice to see my dearest buddy pal, Harley2 visiting this thread. We are old established partners in the building game and have worked together heaps :lol: Must do another one soon H2.....xxxooo
  • yanti68yanti68 Posts: 19,017 Member
    edited November 2012
    Hey Glenkarri, great to see 2 new builds from you. :D

    The first one, Point of view looks gorgeous! I love the exterior. The white siding looks so good with that red roof. Lovely landscaping. Left you a recommendation. :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:

    The second house Sierra, looks deliciously mediterranean! My favourite style of build/architecture! Love the tower, the half-open windows and that pool area looks gorgeous. Lovely garden again. Recommended Sierra too. :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:
  • GlenkarriGlenkarri Posts: 2,181 Member
    edited December 2012
    Here's another beachside hideaway for Sunlit Tides.

    Built with very simple lines with a centre pool within easy reach for a swim. The home opens out to the beach, and has two outside showers for a quick cool down or clean up. A Spa, BBQ, Games room will keep everyone happy. The large breezy bedroom upstairs with a TV, will suit a small family or maybe, be just the place for a relaxed, beachside Honeymoon. An outdoor bed offers further accommodation for the kids or extra guests, or a chance to sleep under the stars.

    From the front
    Street view in Sunlit Tides
    Rear of the premises
    Modern style kitchen
    Enjoy a game of pool
    The pool looking toward the ocean
  • TarynTempestwindTarynTempestwind Posts: 4,438 Member
    edited December 2012
    I would like to rent this home around the first week of March. We always have a snowstorm right then. Please book a family of five, 3 dogs, and one crabby cockatiel.

    Thank you.

    And rec'd!
  • GlenkarriGlenkarri Posts: 2,181 Member
    edited December 2012
    Dear TTW: :lol::lol: LOL, well it looks like all house dwelling Cockatiels are crabby, as my friend has one and it virtually rules the home with an iron beak..........
    Yeah, me too, I could happily holiday in this one right on that beach, so you can have the week after me.........hope all is well
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 157,085 Member
    edited December 2012
    Your weekender looks great :) I like the way you have designed it with the bedroom upstairs, and the bed outside to enjoy the fresh air. Well suited to Sunlit Tides. Great modern build to enjoy a relaxed time near the ocean and beach in. :)
  • walkingstickwalkingstick Posts: 4,637 Member
    edited December 2012
    You've got so many nice builds! Just Beachin looks grreat (love the name!) Already got it rec'd.
  • yanti68yanti68 Posts: 19,017 Member
    edited December 2012
    So beautiful! I like the exterior very much and that pool area is gorgeous. Recommended. :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:
  • OilbasedoleanderOilbasedoleander Posts: 2,966 Member
    edited December 2012
    Wow, beautiful structure and lovely pool area and I love the colors of the exterior :D Bright warm tones are gorgeous! Made sure to rec Just Beachin'! Great work hun!
  • GlenkarriGlenkarri Posts: 2,181 Member
    edited December 2012
    Thanks everyone, so glad you enjoyed my little beacher. Possibly being an Aussie helps me come up with these cooling ideas,(it's wishful thinking) as it is usually a hot day here when I spend time on the builds. :D
    Post edited by Unknown User on
  • GlenkarriGlenkarri Posts: 2,181 Member
    edited December 2012
    New build
    The old Lavender Farm was subdivided and most of the land sold off. The Farmhouse had a complete renovation and now makes a charming country home, still surrounded with a lovely garden, pool and some of the original lavender and flowers from the farm. The main part of the home houses the kitchen, dining, study & lounge area in an open plan, with cosy fireplace. A spiral staircase leads to the kids bedroom, bathroom and third bedroom. At the top of the tower an artist's easel stands ready. Head outside, across the covered patio, BBQ area and we have a games room, laundry & second small kitchen. Upstairs is a huge private Master bedroom, bathroom & access to the Tower all offering a peaceful parent's retreat.

    From the street
    Rear of the home
    Another view of the rear gardens
    BBQ area
    Entry and dining area
    Cosy study/reading area
    Kids room
    Spare bedroom
    Games room
    Master bedroom
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 157,085 Member
    edited December 2012
    Your Lavendar Hills is really lovely :) I like that covered over patio area with bbq! Really nice work with the flowers. They look so nice. I like the colours and decor you have used in the kitchen and dining areas. The green and creamy shades look countrified and i like that touch of a grandfather clock. And i like the sunshininess of the windows where the dining area is as it would be very nice to be having breakfast there on a sunny day. I like the whole exterior design of the build, and the separate adjoining buildings. Very nice build :)
  • GlenkarriGlenkarri Posts: 2,181 Member
    edited December 2012
    Thanks so much Rosemow, you must have similar taste to my own as I too love that little windowy nook for having a bit of breakfast in the sun. Thanks for your kind comments hope all is well :-)
  • yanti68yanti68 Posts: 19,017 Member
    edited December 2012
    Charming build Glenkarri! :D I love the shape of the build. The natural and lush landscaping looks awesome. I love that pool area with the sunflowers. Love the covered porch area! Lovely place for outside dining. Inside, the kitchen and the double bedroom are my favourites. Good job Glenkarri! A BIG recommendation from me. :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:
  • walkingstickwalkingstick Posts: 4,637 Member
    edited December 2012
    Great build. Love the earthy colour scheme. It really fits in with the natural surroundings. Rec'd.
  • TarynTempestwindTarynTempestwind Posts: 4,438 Member
    edited December 2012
    This is so sweet Glenkarri..just oozes cottagey charm!


  • KLoreleiKLorelei Posts: 7,606 Member
    edited December 2012
    Lovely Glenkarri - the olive and earth tones used throughout are really peaceful and soothing. Rec'd. ^_^
  • GlenkarriGlenkarri Posts: 2,181 Member
    edited December 2012
    Many thanks for your kind comments my friends. Always lots of fun to work with a build and lovely to hear from others as to their opinion. Have a great day everyone :D
  • WildeatheartWildeatheart Posts: 1,785 Member
    edited December 2012
    Great build Lavender Hills. Love the use of the repeated Yellow Flowers and Reversed Pagoda Roof to create a beautiful outside, and the inside looks nice and cosy. Rec'd :wink:
  • GlenkarriGlenkarri Posts: 2,181 Member
    edited December 2012

    Built in various shades of blue, on a smaller lot, with 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms this home will suit a family with many outdoor features for summer fun.

    Rear of home
    Deck and outdoor eating area
    Through to dining
    Simply decorated main bedroom adjoins bathroom and sauna room
    Spare bedroom
    Computer area and indoor stairs.

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