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Steve or Chris? to compose Music

I think you guys noticed there wasnt any build buy cas neighbourhood music for showtime , They completly forgot i think...
Who do you want to compose Sims 3 Seasons build buy cas neighbourhood music?
Chris Lennertz? - Sims 3 Pets Soundtrack , Also have worked on Battlefield music or
Steve Jablonsky - Sims 3 - Generations EP , Also have Composed for Michael Bay , Transformers and Desperate housewives :)
So who do you want to compose in game music?


  • Fordee09Fordee09 Posts: 7,341 Member
    edited August 2012
    Steve, Steve, Steve! *Claps*
    He's been on the Sims team for years, I don't know why they got someone else for Pets... :]
  • Tommy92Tommy92 Posts: 230 New Member
    edited August 2012
    I really don't mind as long as they give us new music, but I loved Steve, I didn't get why they replaced him. You can never have enough songs in the game. I mean, I usually play with sound off, but every once in a while I turn it on and the repetition can be super annoying.

    Oh and most importantly: more loading themes!
  • LokendraLokendra Posts: 276 New Member
    edited August 2012
    How bout steve + chris lol :)
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