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A Good Time for Flashlights!

I originally posted this in the Supernatural forum, but since I guess they are done with development and probably' haven't made it in Supernatural, I think that this idea is still good enough to go in virtually any future EP coming up!
(This is exactly what I wrote there, but can still carry over all the same! :))

I think that the release of Supernatural is the perfect opportunity to give our Sims flashlights that they can use!
I am not sure if this would work, as I do not know if the game can show a moving light source, inside or outside of a lot. But this feature would be extremely useful in this EP if we had it!

For example, we could light up the area around our Sims with a flashlight in the midst of a zombie apocalypse to hide from the zombies!
Or we can just explore the world at night! Which is something that bugs me a lot.
Every time that I try to walk outside to search for collectibles at night, it is too dark to be able to see anything! This really bugs me.

If it is possible to make flashlights, I think that it would be a wonderful idea to make them in this EP! It's ok if we get them later, though.

Another idea that I had would be to have 2 kinds of "flashlights:"
1) Lanterns: Your Sim would hold a lantern, and it would light up the ground and walls around our Sims as they move.
2) Flashlights: These would light up a circle of ground or wall near our Sims as our Sims move, and perhaps we could select what direction and the location that the flashlight is pointing at!

Suggested ideas:
1) wishinstonez brought up the idea of having actual torches with our Sims, too, to function sort of as lanterns!

2) ezeliastarsong suggested that we could make our Sims make shadow puppets in case we (or they) get bored!
(Posted on this page!)

I know that it is possibly too late to make these, or even impossible. But I was just thinking that this would be nice to have! Something new and fresh, with new gameplay! 8)


  • Bluebeard45Bluebeard45 Posts: 3,448 Member
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    Well there is the collection helper and it never really gets that dark.But keep the ideas coming. :wink:
  • CororonCororon Posts: 2,752 Member
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    Yay! Someone else with a similar idea! :mrgreen:

    Subject: EA, if you make an outdoors stuff pack...

    Please include a headlamp and lanterns! My sims are often outdoors to jog or just stroll around when it's dark, and a headlamp would be great for that! And lanterns that they can bring with them when they are camping or fishing! :D

    I think headlamps are better than flashlights, because then the sims have their hands free and can still do all the normal interactions.

    I don't think I will buy Supernatural (I like my game realistic), but headlamps and lanterns would be great objects for that EP and also for the rumoured Seasons EP. :)

    I would sooo buy a headlamp and a lantern if they were sold in the Store! :twisted:
  • jude72plajude72pla Posts: 784 Member
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    Isn't there already flashlights in the game? When a sim tells a ghost story. So why not give it more options of use.
  • bunbunnynybunbunnyny Posts: 3,678 Member
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    jude72pla wrote:
    Isn't there already flashlights in the game? When a sim tells a ghost story. So why not give it more options of use.

    It's not real - it's only an effect.
    In fact, much of what you think is real in the game is just fake. Again, the flashlight, I believe, is only an effect.

    But I mean like an actual purchasable item for this purpose!
  • jude72plajude72pla Posts: 784 Member
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    Okay gotcha
  • bunbunnynybunbunnyny Posts: 3,678 Member
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    I'm gonna bump this! :wink:
  • Hunter_JinHunter_Jin Posts: 175
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    I wish there were both. Also, aside from headlamps, there should also be chest flashlight. You know, Silent Hill-esque kind of flashlight. It wuld be really good for my horror machinima :twisted:
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